The Mortician

Race: Human
Class: Dread Necromancer 12
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: The Mortician (the only name he is known by) is the longtime groundskeeper of the Dragonport Graveyard. He speaks very slowly trying to edge in dry humor if his audience is still awake. As a respected public figure, he ensures that all Dragonport residents (with the proper amount of gold) have pleasing ornamental coffins, gravestones, and adorned keepsakes for their departed loved ones; as a long-time member of the College of Necromancy , he ensures that all corpses that enter the Dragonport Graveyard join the ranks of the undead.

In private circles he is known to favor ghouls and ghasts as his favorite undead pets and is currently training an apprentice.

Membership College of Necromancy - Rod of Nerull


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 5 12-28-2011 Fought a group of adventurers who invaded the Graveyard and retreated to safety underneath the graveyard.
2 The Black Lions 2-16-2012 Greeted a group of adventurers and suggested they visit a clerk in the Government District to find out who paid for a plot which had the bodies of several thieves dumped into it.
3 Blood in the Water 6-04-2012 Gave the party an autopsy report.
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 08/09/2012 Another 'victim' of Nightmare's divine fox-fire. His dust (if it was left at all) the only reminder of his try at slaying the party within the Nexus of Souls.
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