The Holy Order


The City of Avalon Grew around the worlds first school for Paladins, this school took the name "The Holy Order".
As the city grew it served as a police force a body of Government and military all in one.


ALLIES: The Shadow Hand

ENEMIES: Xanders

Though he does not see himself as an enemy


Arthur Wisemail


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Lich City 05-06-2012 Asked the party to find evidence of Xander being evil
2 Hunting for Holy Flowers 05-07-2012 Asked the party to make a poison that could hurt a lich
3 Cleaning the streets 05-07-2012 Asked the party to clear out a local group of bandits
4 The Seeds of Conflict 07-13-2012 Mentioned by The Bloodhaired One and Aegis.
5 Rokugan Civil War (Preparations Part 1) 12-28-2012 meeting place of Alhrand and Mathias Blizzaia
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