The Hatchling

Race: Shinomen Naga (???) Half-Dragon (???),
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: A strange being which hatched from an egg held inside a well hidden chest in the cargo hold of the Dark Remnant I ('present day' version).


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The new wave: *hatch hatch* 09-21-2012 Hatched from its egg and due to the imprinting… saw Kimonto as her mother… and possibly Rick as her … 'papa'.
2 The new wave (Part 5) 09-28-2012 Took a liking to Frozt. Got saved from danger to which the being was oblivious by Rick before the party embarked for Gnome Home. Rick realized that the being might have some draconic traits (breath weapon and a draconic tail).
3 Cursed... blessings (???) 10-04-2012 Was taken care of by Kimonto… as otherwise the over-curious dragonblooded would surely be defeated by her own curiosity… and that near the firearm corner shop of Rick's is not particularly safe nor sane.
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