The Gibbet


Bar and popular location for underground gambling games within the Port District of Dragonport. Popular spot for gunslingers, card-sharps, bounty hunters and criminals. The only two drinks they serve are "Rotgut" and a beer nicknamed "Horse Piss"


Owner: Unknown

The Blood Brothers
Loose Lorna


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Shootist 01-22-2012 Visited by a group of adventurers, who killed regular Dirty Dan
2 Blood in, Blood out 04-02-2012 Visited by several slumming adventurers, who were hired to foil the Blood Brothers plans to rescue their members from a public execution the following afternoon.
3 Birds of a Feather 04-06-2012 Preacher contracted the party here.
4 Return of the Bloods 4-09-2012 The party fought Mack the Knife and some of his stooges here.
5 Blood in the Water 6-05-2012 Preacher recruited the party to investigate the death of one of his men.
6 Blood in the streets 7-6-12 The party was contacted here.
7 The Professional 7-8-10 The party met Preacher here.
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