The Gambler

Race: Human (???)
Class: Factotum 8/Gambler 10/Fortune's Friend 2
Alignment: ???

Description: A mysterious individual who has become a de-facto controller of a substantial part of the trade between Namano and the 'barbaric' lands in spite of being a foreigner. Perhaps his overwhelming confidence backed up by tremendous force of personality helped a bit, just a bit.

Western Ravens - founder, owner


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons ! 06-29-2012 Made a deal concerning his missing caravans with Bayushi Ita.
2 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 The party was rewarded by the man for the accomplishment of their part of the deal.
3 Foxy Gambit 07-05-2012 Chatted for a bit with Nightmare, leaving the fox with …ambiguous impression of himself …and his plans.
4 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part1) 07-14-2012 Amaterasu, who accepted Nightmare's request for working - disguised of course - as a part-time maid of his cast, discovered that the man was playing a very dangerous game. After all more than few spies of both mundane and supernatural origin were implied to exist within the ranks of his servants.
5 The Seeds of Conflict 2 08-26-2012 Was revealed to be another "Seed of Conflict" planted by The Bloodhaired One. Apparently the tyrant grew a bit unsatisfied with the route chosen by the luck blesses one which is why he asked Charlinia Coaldragon to either "remove him" or make him return to the "right path".
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