The First Nogitsune

Race: Advanced, Mighty Nogitsune, DR 0
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

The very first kitsune who openly severed his ties with the kitsune pantheon. Before such happened he used to be one of the more blessed members of his kind which manifested in his ability to gain more tails over time, but it was true only up to the 4th one. In order to grow more he resorted to consorting with one 'human wu-jen' who brewed strange if potent concoctions from the blood of the dragons he slew. During his quest arrogance slowly clouded his mind, his behavior shifting over time from merely ambitious to power-hungry and such became the reason of his ultimate defeat later.
After growing the 8th tail the fox struggled for ages to get the final one but to his efforts brought no results. Firmly believing in the idea of being in need of achieving a great feat in order to become complete he challenged the kitsune emperor only to be defeated. During the confrontation all of the dormant corruption surfaced, transforming him into a demonic version of himself in the effect. It was revealed that the consort of his was in fact a 'maho-tsukai' (a blood mage) who both seduced him with various promises, power being one of them.
Still, the nogitsune menace was far from over as the 'would-be' nine-tail managed to spawn numerous offspring who later manifested similar traits, their corruptive blood calling them to do the same as their progenitor… of course on a much less direct scale.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 The current kitsune emperor' was no one else but the very First Nogitsune, apparently the ceremony he was about to complete had much more nefarious aims and if not for Nightmare's interruption who knowns what would befall on the kitsune-kind. The demonic fox was defeated by Inari-blessed Nightmare in a confrontation which resulted in a next-to-tall obliteration of the Nine-Tail enclave. In a desperate attempt to cause as much as destruction as possible (when it was clear that he cannot defeat her) he sought to release all of the corruptive maho remaining inside his corporeal form, trying to take slay all in the enclave in the process not caring about his demise. Such never happened as Nightmare managed to warp him to the Nine Hells in time, the denizens of that domain were less lucky though.
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