The Fighting 54th


The Fighting 54th is a band that was Originally a Regiment of the Dragonport Navy, it went Mercenary after its service was no longer required by the Navy. It now IS the Dragonport Marine Navy.

While being Captained by Tiddles McGrue, the Fleet were essentially Dragonportian Privateers, selling their services to those who needed it while still flying the flag of Dragonport. Tiddles never returned to serve Dragonport due to the will of him & his crew to be more freelance, as most of the crew had come to the fleet from the decks of Pirate ships which now rested on the seabed. While investigating an uprising in The Serpent Mire, The Fleet was called upon by Dragonport to deal with an Ork assault. Sadly, victory came at the cost of McGrues, along with many other of the crews lives. Quickdraw took up the Captaincy, and finally did what McGrue could not, become Dragonports marine navy. Even though the crew protested, none left the Fleet once the deal had been signed, staying loyal to their new Captain.

The Fleet are currently preparing for an assault on the city, which is plagued with undead, under mysterious orders from their Captain.







Rigger O'Toole

Former Captain:
Tiddles McGrue - Deceased

Boarder Corporals
Irthos Lorsvek


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Nature of My Game. (Part 1) 1-3-13 Was docked in the Harbour of Azchir
2 The Nature of My Game. (Part 2) 8-3-13 Set sail from Azchir with new members.
3 The Nature of My Game. (Part 3 : Famine) 14-03-13 The 54th approached a town that had died of Famine due to the actions of Count Schill.
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