The Eye From Beyond

Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ??? Evil

Description: A shard of a being beyond this realm…appears to act as a sort of otherworldly counselor for the Seekers.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Appeared in the planar maelstrom, the result of Igor's "suicide" and the destruction of the complexes databank.
2 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 06-12-2012 Its existence made the Prophet not eager to reveal all to those who sought his counseling. It is unclear if the being is a threat to him…
3 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 While looking for what disturbed her 'matron' enough to create her, Aegis gains knowledge of this terrible being, no matter how small it may be
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