The Ergothian Empire


As the name suggest, a nation ruled by an emperor (currently his 'magnificence' Blutvess Argersar).
If 'Black Marches' by themselves occupy a moderately large part of the southern hemisphere of the world of Arkus then the Empire itself might be considered an equivalent as far as the north western parts is concerned.
The imperials, as they are commonly called around the world of Arkus, are mostly known for their great open-mindness when it comes to the use of (even dangerous) be it magical or mundane technologies and their unfailing belief in what their 'divine emperor' preaches or rather 'gently commands' to the point of being frequently accused of blind zealotry with little to no tolerance for the outsiders.

At the very 'top level' the country is a monarchy … but at the same time it is in fact composed of more than few semi-independent kingdoms/duchies/oligarchies and even few examples of a sort of parliamentary monarchies.
Still, the discrepancy between its parts does not impact the empire's growth in power and wealth the least because of one deciding binding factor - that being the faith shared by the majority of citizens, from the lowest peasant to the emperor himself.

The tenets of the 'holy way' could be summarized (more or less) in five points:

  • The world itself (and by extent, the lands of the Ergothian Empire) used to be a chaotic, violently unstable place where what is of the 'corruption' dwelled and thrived. The taint was driven off by the divine-inspired ones who retook the lands, brought order and liberated the oppressed mortals from what is unholy.
  • The 'ideal of Law' (the actual worshiped 'force') is not truly perceivable by any other mortal save for the chosen of the divine-blessed ones (the Emperor in other words), and as such it would be foolish to rely on the guidance of those outside of the imperial bloodline. The other beings who follow the tenets of what is lawful are not to be considered enemies but at best they are following an imperfect version of what is truly of the Law, but a reflection of its.
  • The Emperor (and his dynasty of course) was blessed,anointed to rule over the empire by the divine. The Emperor's might, wisdom and sense of justice is the peak, epitome of what an Ergothian Citizen can aspire to. The divinely-inspired monarch's words are the law not to be disputed but to be fulfilled. In a way the Emperor is also a central figure of the 'holy way'.
  • In order to 'redeem' the world of Arkus one must forge himself/herself into an armament to be guided by 'Emperor's Will'. Of course the extent of the 'reforging process' can wary between individuals greatly. For some it might simply mean learning one's trade and cultivating it for the others joining the priest caste, imperial army or whatnot. The zealots themselves are more often than not undergoing a more literal application of this 'procedure' acquiring the Forged Creature template in the process in order to preserve themselves in their prime for the empire's benefit.
  • The lands not yet 'protected' by the Holy Emperor's will are to not to be considered safe by any standards, especially when it comes to one's faith for the maladies of what is considered 'pagan' are far more dire than any weapon known. The 'pagans' within the empire's lands are not trusted nor allowed to occupy any position of greater importance but at the same time also not openly persecuted.

Emperor's Hand
Ergothian Inquisition
Seven Lances

Blutvess Argersar
Kriegov Streingauss
Inquisitor Ferdinand Revanov
Mathias Blizzaia
Beatrice Erisdotr
Johannes Kaiserhand

Andergard the Capital
Embassy (Doomcape)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pharmakon (part 2) 10-20-2012 Mentioned for the very first time by Gonvirn. The dwarf had tried to make a sort of deal with the so-called 'imperials' but it appears that the whole business venture went… awry (to say it lightly).
2 Pharmakon (part 4) 10-26-2012 The party was attacked while taking a moment of respite within the dwarven ruins by what appeared to be a squad of imperial troopers… with peculiar traits (anarchic and fiendish that is).
3 Guns and... (???) (part2) 11-09-2012 The team confronted a group of Erythnull-worshippers employing Ergothian equipment.
4 Excavation (part 1) 11-19-2012 Rick and the party met some heretics from the Empire beneath the Gemlake Mine.
5 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 Kriegov Streingauss, one of the Imperial ambassadors, was almost assassinated onboard Progenitor by a group of chaos cultists let by the Voice of Chaos.
6 Excavation (epilogue) 12-17-2012 The party accomplished their rather impromptu mission involving the protection of one imperial ambassador for which they were offered citizenship, nobility to be precise. Rick Dodger accepted the offer.
7 Doomcape exploration (part2) 02-07-2013 More than few Ergothian officials participated in a masquerade ball taking place in the embassy located in Doomcape.
8 The Holy Library 04/11/2013 Rick Dodger was one of the first citizens of non-Ergothian descent to visit its capital, that being Andergard.
9 Webs of Vanity (part3) ~ 08-20-2013 Yagiuma managed to arrive first at the meteor crash site which the Ergothians sought to excavate.
10 Webs of vanity (part4) 08/28/2013 The imperial's job was disrupted due to the infiltration of N.F.Fians who turned against the front ranks of the excavating convoy.
11 Collaboration. 09/21/2013 The imperial ploy which pretty much boiled down either slow assimilation/conquest of many lands, including the Black Marches, was revealed by Garvik Stonebound, the founder of N.F.F.
12 Re-recruitment 10/02/2013 A grand ceremony during which the only daughter of the Emperor would be officially announced betrothed is going to take place relatively soon, according to the invitation sent by the Ergothian Court which that was delivered to Rick by Beatrice Erisdotr.
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