The Duratha


The Duratha. Largest -and fastest- ship in the world. Constructed primarily of Bronzewood, Soarwood and Wildwood, Duratha is a small floating city. Weighing 81,000 tons, the ship measures just over 1,000ft in length, 300ft wide, and nearly 100ft from waterline to deck.

With 3,000 crewmen, 200 officers, 70 cooks, and room for nearly 3,000 passengers, she also requires a compliment of 25 weather-mages. (At least 5 of which are on duty at all times, and required on pain of death to waste no spells) With 5 masts normally, and an additional 3 masts on each side, normally lying flat along the sides of the ship, that can be raised to stand at 45* angles to the main deck if required. The ship is large and sturdy enough that the ideal wind for the Duratha, a wind that would stretch the ship's capabilities and prove it to be the fastest ship in the world, would be a storm of staggeringly epic proportions. But for all that, thanks to the efforts of the weather-mages, the ship's normal cruising speed is around 4 knots.


Isle of Kelforg, Halfax


On board the Duratha, it is a small city. It has 7 levels, Work Deck, Open Deck, Crew Level, Passenger Level, The Low Level, And the bottom two are reserved for Cargo.

Work Deck- Sailors hustle about, dealing with ropes and masts and suchlike. Passengers are all but forbidden on the Work Deck.

Open Deck- Slightly shaded by the Work Deck, Open deck is as the name suggests, still open air. Merchants have stalls in the center, with open air games such as tennis, and strolling sections for the passengers to enjoy.

Crew Level- The Crew resides here. It is somewhat difficult to get to from the Passenger level, by design. Typicaly the hired entertainers live here.

Passenger Level- Passenger Quarters of varying opulence.
The Low Level- Dining hall, Library, and indoor entertainments, including a small theater/concert hall.

Cargo- Emergency repair materials and Cargo. A shaft leads up from the cargo bay to the Work Deck, with a cargo lift to facilitate loading. A ship mounted crane can also pick luggage and larger items up directly from shore and lower them down.


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Mr. Chathran, Mr. Pardu, Lerriek, Mozief, and Curly, Captain Jerome Sibthur, Tennek Helgrid, James Turpin, Jedora


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Scrolls part 1 7/10/12 Had a party held in it's honor
2 Scrolls part 2 7/20/12 Was boarded by the party, and almost by pirates.
3 Scrolls part 3 7/20/12 Got haunted
4 Scrolls part 4 8/18/12 Cured of "Haunting"
5 Scrolls part 5 8/18/12 Launched Longboat
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