The Dragonport Informer


The Dragonport Informer is the go-to source of news in the city of Dragonport, it is a weekly publication, each week it has the top stories, usually an opinion piece, coverage of local politics, foreign affairs, and advertisements and missing persons on the back page.
The Dragonport informer is often filled with lurid tales of dubious factual content, its front page almost always has a violent or provocative illustration on it.


The Dragonport informer is run out of a small office located just inside the merchant district. The papers themselves are hawked by underpaid young boys all over the city.


1 Editor: Expert 5
1 Illustrator: Expert 5
4 Writers: Expert 3
10 Paperboys: Commoner 1


# Adventure Date Actions
1 RP Forum 4-4-2012 Filled with the exploits of the party, announced the death of Mack the Knife in custody
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