The Dragon Heart


The Dragon Heart is the dimension where the souls of dead dragons go to be reincarnated into new dragons. The three great gods of the dragons, Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat control the distribution of these souls.

There are 3 times when this cycle may be broken:

  1. A dragon voluntarily becomes a lich. The dragon traps its own soul in a phylactery, which separates it from the Dragon Heart until the phylactery is destroyed. A dragon's body that is turned into a lich involuntarily does not have a dragon soul.
  2. A dragon makes a Faustian Pact with a devil, demon, or other powerful being. This is extremely rare and no dragons have made such a pact since The Great Dragon Purge.
  3. A soul within the Dragon Heart can voluntarily attach itself to another soul of any race. The dragon soul becomes an eidolon to that being. These beings are known as Dragon Callers.
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