The Doctrine of the Blood God


The Doctrine of the Blood God is Bor Heavychain's believers' code of conduct and beliefs.


  • Living bloodless freaks are an affront to the Bloody Lord and must be annihilated.
  • To feed off plants is to consume the fuel used by pigs to create bacon; as such, feeding off plants is to be avoided.
  • Blood curses manifest on the flesh; afflictions must be treated by bleeding the afflicted subject, so the cursed blood is expelled.
  • Drinking the blood of a powerful enemy slain by your hands grants you his power and a piece of his spirit.
  • Spreading your enemies' blood after a battle is an offering to the Crimson Giant.
  • Followers of the Herald of Bloodshed keep track of their number of slain enemies by carving a scar in their own chest for each felled foe and earn titles based on the ammount of carnage they've spread.
  • The Bloodbathed blesses his followers in combat with great strenght and resilience.
  • The Blood God sits high on his black adamantine throne bloodstained with his enemies' blood, atop a pile of their bones.


0-7 scars: maggot.
8-49 scars: veteran.
50-343 scars: killer.
344-2401 scars: bloodstained.
2402+ scars: harbinger of carnage.

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