The Crew's Keep


Towering Keep Located within the center of Dragonport Government District . Serves as the location of elections for The Crew as well as their meeting place for themselves and foreign dignitaries. Heavily fortified, it's also the place where Crew members could defend themselves if necessary.


Following the event's of Ivar Heavychain's abduction and planar maelstrom emergence the keep itself was mostly obliterated by the ensuring cascade leaving nothing but ghastly ruins.


The Crew


Festivus - Scribe of the Crew


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Revolting Deathtrap 03-07-2012 More than few would-be revolutionaries lead by Doppleganger Farris Blackclaw met their end there. The party itself survived which , in the end, turned out to not be true for the shapechanger and most of his allies.
2 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 Lieutenant Grim gathered information in an impromptu office near the keep.
3 The crew's meeting no 1 03-20-2012 The 1st meeting of the new crew was hosted [Duralan's note: technically it happened on March, 5th 2012 in our timeline)].
4 Good Guys 6 03-26-2012 A party of do-gooders fought vicious undead, and found the orb which was the cause of the undead invasion. Edark read some psychic impressions… and discovered few unsettling details.
5 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 04-11-2012 Most likely stormed by the Vorloi after the party left via secret lighting-rail hub so as not to become the first victims of the coup.
6 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Destroyed in the aftermath of the confrontation between heroes Igor Leviedev. The Seeker Base which was placed under the keep's foundation stones imploded…and a chain reaction occurred.
8 Unveiling the Beyond (part1) 09-27-2012 Most of the party members sought to investigate the site, or to be precise the underground portion of its ruins for various reasons. The mysterious complex underneath somehow managed to survive (if only barely) the implosion from over 9months ago.
9 Unveiling the beyond (epilogue) 11-10-2012 A crypt of Alexandrite's was discovered there beneath the ruins, by Garun this time.
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