The Cloak (Trent)
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character sheet
Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Human
Class: Swordsage 3
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: He is imposing and intimidating in his black apparel and mask. Outside of costume, he is quite handsome and charming.

Personality: Trent hates criminals and murderers. He is vengeful and merciless in his dealing with underworld crime, but he would never hurt an innocent. In his caped persona he exudes an aura of menace, but his alter-ego is friendly and kind, if a bit eccentric.

Background: When his parents were killed by the mobs for refusing to pay their protection money, Trent was furious. He swore vengeance on not only the group that killed his parents, but against all criminals. He traveled far and wide, learning anything he could from any source, his mission driving him. He returned to the city changed; he was powerful and skilled, and ready to take on the dark underbelly of the city. However, he knew he could not show his true face for fear of retribution. He crafted a dark alias for himself: The Cloak.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/13/2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) -40 Studded leather, shortsword x2
3 Roleplaying 3/20/12 1050 I show the girls how to stop a thief. Disappointed with their weakness, I take them back to the shop and spar. I am very impressed when Flam manages to put me out of commission. (2 hours)
4 Roleplaying 3/21/12 250 I meet another costumed vigilante. He calls himself the Shadow, and helps us put down a malfunctioning warforged. It had the engraving DT on it… (30 minutes)
5 Roleplaying 3/23/12 1350 After being mobbed by a… fangirl… I lose another duel to the girls. They are becoming insufferable; I will have to quit taking it easy on them. We decide to take the day off and visit the park and Dirty Dan's Drinkhouse, where Flam and I scheme to prevent Flim from falling to the charm of some lowlife. Afterwards, she manipulates the fangirl into leaving me alone and creating a fanclub, a fact for which I am eternally in her debt. (2.5 hours)
6 Dirty Dan's Drinkhouse 3/23/12 500 Setting XP
7 Shopping 3/24/12 -783 Two masterwork shortswords, masterwork studded leather Nonmasterwork variants
8 Roleplaying 3/24/12 1300
9 Explosions! 3/25/12 1800 I team up with a few surprisingly capable bystanders to destroy a giant Destructo-bot. The nefarious Dr Trope delivers to us a message… he has 200 Destructos poised to destroy the city unless we can stop them by sundown. Upon arriving at the warehouse location he gives us, we discover they were decoys, set to release a paralyzing gas and explode when they were destroyed. I fall victim to the effect but am saved by my partners.
10 Sparring/Roleplay 3/25/12 1750 I fight Brandt, Shadow, Sami, and Arashi. (2.5 hours)
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