The "Businessman"

Race: Human (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: "The businessman" happens to be a more than well-versed information broker of unknown origin, working for the highest bidder with ruthless efficiency. It is more than likely that it may be just a yet another branch of his underground empire.


Cult of the Inner Eye


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Aberrant Treachery 02-21-2012 Provided the party with few would-be transaction places between 'the thieves' who have 'stolen' goods from Akrluxis and their 'black market contacts'.
2 The Ultimate Conflict 05-21-2012 Became the target of Aegis's conquest in Dragonport.
3 Assimilation: Part 1 05-22-2012 Was reported to be at 'war' with the Cult of the Inner Eye.
4 Important Destinies, Side-plots 08-03-2012 Captured, subdued and later crystallized by Aegis, his businesses likewise assimilated into the gooey lords growing 'empire'.
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