The Bloodthirster

Race: Soul-infused, Lost Warforged Titan
Class: RHD 16
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: Tis not clear how this strange amalgamate of machine and flesh came into being, yet few other things are clear: Bloodthirster (as nicknamed by its owner, Raital) is a being infused with strands of incarnum which results in its mind being pretty much consumed by bloodlust.

Current Status:
Charmed by Raital's magic (?)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Deposit Investigation (part 1) 07/11/2013 Encountered for the first time by the party.
2 Deposit Investigation (part 2) 07/18/2013 Ended up charmed by Raital's magic after being subjected to the will-robbing aura of Charlinia's.
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