The Blood Brothers


An outlaw gang outfitted with the latest technology in firearms, they are known to pull off bank heists, caravan raids, black mail and extortion. The only thing that makes this gang more dangerous than their guns is their brazen courage and utter defiance of the law. The Blood Brothers are known to use high-tech firearms, black powder bombs, and even a wagon mounted Ballista to pull off their criminal enterprises.


A cave somewhere in the Krayzen Outscapes


Dirty Dan Blood: Youngest Brother (Deceased)
Maddog Martin Blood: Middle Brother, Mack's Twin
Mack Blood aka Mack the Knife: Middle Brother, Maddog's Twin (Deceased)
Black Bill Blood: Oldest Brother, Half brother to the rest
Preacher Strategist and Cleric
Anders New Member
Chongo Enforcer and Bodyguard

15 Gunslingers
10 Rogues
4 Clerics


Low ranking members of The Dragonport City Guard
Dahlia Blood
Loose Lorna


Dragonport City Guard
Dragonport Thieves Guild


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Shootist 2-22-2012 Member Dirty Dan was run through by Quinn
2 Blood in, Blood out 04-02-2012 Mack the Knife and his posse tried to stop a public execution, but due to Preacher's forewarning, lost several men and ended up captured instead.
3 Birds of a Feather 04-06-2012 Preacher hired a group of adventurers to capture some giant eagles.
4 Return of the Bloods 4-9-12 Dirty Dan and Mack the Knife return, they didn't last long.
5 Blood in the Water 06-04-2012 Preacher had the party investigate the death of one of its members.
6 Blood Money 06-11-2012 See game summary.
7 Blood in the Streets 7-6-12 The shadow war between the bloods and the wu played itself out in swampside
8 The Professional 7-8-12 Preacher hired Travex to kill a rival
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