The Beast Of The South

Race: ???
Class: /Frenzied Berserker ???/
Alignment: ???

Description: Not much was revealed about this particular individual as of now. Some very obscure sources centered around the Bloodstained Age sometimes referred to an user of particularly bestial combat style and equally monstrous prowess which leads to believe that he was a mercenary of sorts.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Coiled Impact 06-11-2012 Allusion revealed his intel concerning the man to Nightmare.
2 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part1) 12-29-2012 The title was mentioned by Lumen few moments before his departure.
3 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, final ?) 03/23/2013 Seren/Ryo overheard a bit of the telepathic conversation between the members of the Zarthian Commando. The team appeared to have been torn between the task of disrupting/capturing the Castle's certain leyline as well as… stalling the beast so that it does not reach it.
4 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Was 'captured' (unknowingly) by the party after the numerous beasts and the humanoid figure leading them was destroyed. For one reason or another Azure Replica sought to see him before the dreamscape would collapse. Later, in the vision of actual happenings, the older version of the 'child' was ended up slaying The Duke of Death along with his vanguard … few critical moments before the Siege of Durge would have been won by the attackers. Some time later the beast was captured by a cloaked being slightly resembling Azure Savant.
5 Crimson lineage 04/03/2013 It was heavily implied that The Bloodhaired One was the very same being as the 'beast of the south', at least during the Bloodstained Age.
6 The Holy Library 04/11/2013 Hauteclere mentioned that Rick had similar 'hands' to the one who handled her merely for a week within the Bloodstained Age, that being a savage warrior known as 'the beast of the south' whom she described as 'immature bodily yet more adept at killing than her very self who was crafted a weapon'. At the very same time the comparison appeared more metaphorical… implying a bit of shared intent as opposed to the merchant's… bodily composition.
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