The Bauss

Race: Brain in a jar
Class: Telepath 3
Alignment: ?

Description: The Bauss was plotting all the time…in order to take over THE WORLD ! Fortunately for the city no of his plans worked.

Nameless Minion x X


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Cheesy Plots 01-16-2012 Tried to use his army of super-gnomes to conq… but the party forced him to escape.
2 Sweet Revenge 01-24-2012 Blackmailed the party into accepting his demand - making fools out of the Nyu Sentai. It was revealed the the Bauss was just a remnant of "Yukari" and that he was … "she" back then. Who knows where her formed body resides ? And what exactly happened between 'her', Karen and Nameless Employer in the past ? The adventurers succeeded in their task thus saving the city from wave of explosive rune detonations.
3 There's a portal in my wardrobe ! 01-31-2012 Tried to take over the world by grafting himself and taking the control of "the pet's" body which he recovered in a mysterious way. After being presented 'his' former body the brain in a jar fired all his minions and was reverted to her former self AKA Yukari.
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