The Abyss, Layer 456


One of the layers of the supposedly infinite Abyss. A crimson moon is the only source of the illumination while the terrain is as if 'wounded' with the effects of the Blood War sorties from the days long gone. At times a barren wasteland, at times a jungle filled with corruptive plant life, at times a fog-filled gorge… the landscape is truly varied which only complicates the already problematic navigation throughout the plane. Even magic itself is known to run wild and unrestrained hellbent on destruction not very unlike the forces warring there though it is yet to be determined if there is any greater purpose behind it.




# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Sublime way (part1) 09/04/12 The game's setting. It appears that after the hundreds if not thousands of years the plane once again became a battlefield of the Blood War. Such was only confirmed when Kamigawa and Kilroy managed to uncover and reactivate a perfectly preserved and functional hellfire engine. The party then ventured onwards in order to reunite with Hans Liechtenauer and his companions stumbling upon on an elite Baatezu unit composed mostly of veteran legion devils, dubbing themselves "Hell's Wall".
2 The Sublime Way (part 2) 10-12-2012 Soon after the events of the previous part the team engaged in an initially 3-way battle between 4 hellfire engines and the 'Doomhorn' horde full of demonic orcs. The heroes emerged victorious in the end ENDING the horde in an exquisitely epic manner.
3 The Sublime Way (part3) 12-28-2012 The party took shelter from hellfire trebuchet bombardment in some abandoned barracks but planar anomalies ensured shortly thereafter. During such Kilroy was warped somewhere while his place was taken by Mathias Blizzaia of the Ergothian Empire who later shared his own intel with the heroes though the exchange was rather limited. The team learned of there being a great magical barrier surrounding the sublime shrine that was their destination and, coincidentally or not, the greatest concentration of both abyssal and hellish forces. In order to reach the site they've flew through a great storm full of… storm elementals only to later recover one 'soul gem', apparently one of the power sources of the great barrier.
4 Sublime Echoes 01-30-2013 The event's setting.
5 Unconventional Interrogation (part2) 06/16/2013 The site was a setting of a vision where The Voice of Chaos awakened Mathias Blizzaia from his slumber (death ?). The warrior was hardly content with such a state of affairs. Before the vision ended the party managed to notice a strange, disembodied shadow observing the whole happening.
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