Thanais Selir
Character Sheet: Link
Player: Ruduen
Race: Raptorian (Advanced)
Class: Fighter 3
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Thanasis is a healthy-looking female, usually wearing a few pieces of light armor. She usually has a sharp look in her blue eyes, and her body is usually in good shape. Most of the feathers on her head have been died blonde, with the exception of a few that she leaves white. Her wings are usually covered in a cloak, and her bow and arrows are stored in a compartment build into that.

Personality: Thanasis is very blunt and direct. She's focused on her training and on maintaining her weapon if she has time. She's usually practical about what she uses and the allies she keeps, but tries to be self-reliant in many regards.

Background: Thanasis was an unusual only child, born to a hunter and a druid. She was spoiled a bit, but took up hunting at a young age after her father. She did well enough to continue training through her life, focusing on it for her future. Before she left her home, as customary for all Raptorians, she was given her family's bow along for good luck. Since then, she has been on the road, focusing on honing her skills and training her wings enough to fly.

Membership: None.

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