Terry Totkligne

Terry Totkligne

Neutral Good

He appears like a peasant with a difference. His long black-luster hair covers his back like a shadow, and his dark eyes make it appear sinister. But his smile is his natural expression, and he is often told that he appears cute, even though in his opinion, he just looks darn ugly.

Terry Cares a lot about the people around him. That is one of the many reasons he has joined to fight. But his morality on life and death holds him still, and as a result cannot attack unless something is attacking others. He comes from a long bloodline of Bladebound Magi, and being the new kid around, he'll have to follow the traditions of the bladebound. He also has a tendency to bring out CRAAAAZZZY TEEERRY, which is his competitive and aggressive side, who is also a pyromaniac.

Four-some = had the best gift ever: 3 girls.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 11/06/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Issues with Goblins 10/6/12 1300 2000 He tried to be as kind and flowing as he could be when he saw a man in distress, but when he faced bad creatures that he failed to kill, CRRAAAZZY TERRRY CAME AND KILLED A CROCODILE IN ANGER! Unfortunately, his craziness was controlled when he was prompted in his mind to set a fire at the merchant's house.
3 Merchant's Casino 1 12/06/12 700 0 Terry entered a casino, had food, got a gift with a serving girl, dealed some chips, and almost like obtained 2 bigger gifts with 2 ladies. HE'S A MAN NOW, PROBABLY. NOT SURE, EXACTLY.
4 Merchant's Casino 2 13/06/12 3000 1000 virginity TERRY IS AN OFFICIAL MAN. Unfortunately, he lost an urn, so he had to find a way to find it. and he did. He went inside the kitchen and made a crappy version of the human torch.
5 14/06/12 5000 friends Terry followed the magic trail to a fountain, removed the water from that good luck fountain, which made the pit lord take him in, lost his pants, fell in love with multiple people who gave him the serious face, and set the casino on fire.
6 6 DM points, 1000 gold Feat Obtained: Extraordinary artisian, Gunsmithing 2 scrolls of dispel magic
7 Masbath -- Outlands 24/06/12 1000 1000 Hand Crossbow Terry was randomly put into a weird area where he met some old and new friends, and some asswholes who brought CRRAAAAZZZY TEEERRRRY! He killed a drow and got a hand crossbow. So proud *sniff*
8 Haven Plots - The Journal of Dr. Newt 01/07/12 4550 5000 Terry found a dead body, deciphered a journal which lead to a really cool crypt and he killed monsters.
9 07/07/2012 mithril light armour Terry has made mithril armour
10 The trappings of ... (???)(part1) 11/16/2012 500 0
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