Terror Knight

Race: Fear Spawn/Nameless fear (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: An unique entity among the nightmares-given-flesh inhabiting the haunted (?) confines of a parallel dimension linked to Dark Remnant I. Its form is much more solidified than of any other fear spawns and resembles that of a knightly figured clad in jet-black heavy armor with some crimson highlights here and there. The being kept employing a blade made from pure darkness highlighted in similar fashion to its armor.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Dark Current (part3) 09-07-2013 Was encountered by the party in the nightmarish equivalent of Dark Remnant's dining hall. Appeared to be mostly focused on slaying and … assimilating other beings of its very own kind ? Managed to warp away moment's before being struck by Irthos' edge.
2 Dark Current (part4) 09-12-2013 Appeared in the nightmare realm inside Dark Remnant I after the party defeated numerous haunting presences which operated the otherwise nonfuctional golem suits. The battle (?) is yet to be resolved.
3 Dark Current (part5) 09-18-2013 Was ultimately forced off in spite of sporting quite a strength in numbers when combined with the other 'nightmares' under his command.
4 Dark Current (part6) 09-26-2013 Appeared alongside with his own entourage of lesser nightmarish beings during the confrontation with whatever was possessing 'Captain Coltrane'. Initially inclined hostily to both the other nightmarish entities as well as the party… however, in a stroke of inspiration, Rick Dodger managed to temporarily convince him to join the party's cause during those few moments where vestiges of sanity returned after having been disarmed of his blade by Seren. Was seen chasing after a …nenngar moments before the nightmarish realm dissipated.
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