Temple of Olidammara

Little is known about this temple, as it is kept a secret by those who inhabit it. They say that temples of Olidammara are dens of thieves, and this one may be no different.


The Temple is approached via a forested mountain trail, and is well hidden. The right side of the temple is actually under the mountain, hewn from the rock. It is overgrown with ivy, further camouflaging it. The outside seems made of stone brick, and has many windows along the upper reaches.

The front hall contains a loft ringing the south side, about 15 feet above the ground level. Here, there is plenty of room to fire projectiles or spells from the windows that light the room, in case of invasion from outside. The left and right of the entry hall lead to connecting hallways, which adjoin a number of private bedrooms. It has a number of tables and seats about it.

The main chapel is more of a mead-hall than a chapel, though it has an altar, which doubles as a Bier of Resurrection. It is full of fine, polished tables, and has comfortable seats. The chapel connects to a kitchen, which is staffed by a pair of Unseen Servants, and has its own oven and larder. The kitchen includes a waste disposal chute, which ends in a Bag of Devouring. The chapel and kitchen are both under the effects of Magic Circle Against Law.

The basement's main room is protected by large steel doors. Inside is a lot of storage, as well as a large, permanent portal, unusable by Lawfuls or Evil. It leads to a hidden safehouse in Dragonport's seaside district.

Nobody seems to know the identity of any of the occupants of the temple, and very very few know the way. However, it seems a lone patron is reviving the temple, after hiring adventurers to drive out the devils who had lived there.

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