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It is owned by Rick Dodger and Airy. As bound by the salesman orb contract, this is a store to sell bilogical/magical enginering. The purpose is to change ones race. a quite unique bussiness indeed.


Name Type Source Bonus
Town dmg 2 0
High Risk dmg 2 -4
Cost of doing Business dmg 2 -25
Divine Insight insight SpC 15
Guidance of the Avatar competence online 20
item of profession (mundane) circumstance custom 2
Ray of Hope moral SpC 2
Ranks phb 7
Trained phb 3
Fox Cunning phb 2
Stat Mod phb 8
Crystal Aids, Rick Aid phb 2
Take 10 dmg2 10
Guild PoF 3
Specialists Aid dmg2 36 -1140gp
Rick's contacts(leadership) dmg 75
Airys helpers (turn) phb 14
Total Skill 135
Merchant Profit 9241gp


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Creation 1-09-2013 Creation.
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