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Moving to room 'Black Marches: Pregame Chat'..
(20188) Bill Bisco (enter): 16:22
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Many thanks goes to all of those who contributed!
The developers in alphabetical order are:
Thomas Baleno, Andrew Bennett, Lex Berezhny, Ted Berg, Bernhard Bergbauer, Chris Blocher ,Ben Collins-Sussman, Robin Cook, Greg Copeland, Chris Davis, Michael Edwards, Andrew Ettinger, Dj Gilcrease, Todd Faris, Christopher Hickman, Paul Hosking, Scott Mackay, Brian Manning, Jesse McConnell, Brian Osman, Rome Reginelli, Christopher Rouse, Dave Sanders and Mark Tarrabain.
This product is licensed under the GNU GPL License.
(20168) Tark (enter): 16:26
(20168) Tark: so all your games you have to use skype?
(20188) Bill Bisco : I plan on switching to Teamspeak next week
(20188) Bill Bisco : but yes, my games require that my players be able to hear me, it makes the games go much quicker
(20168) Tark: Why do you use it?
(20168) Tark: Ah ok, to keep things moveing smooth?
(20188) Bill Bisco : yeah with typing you usually onlyl get 1 encounter a night, with speaking I can fit around 4-6
(20168) Tark: Thats alright then. Mind if I join in the game then?
(20188) Bill Bisco : You are more than welcome!
(20188) Bill Bisco : as with the rest of the players, you need to edit your profile page according to the template
(20188) Bill Bisco : Also, I did not have Rokugan on the allowed books list
(20188) Bill Bisco : that being said, I love that book and will add it
(20168) Tark: made a character thing on the characters page
(20168) Tark: I dont know how to link my profile like the others though
(20188) Bill Bisco : if you click my account
(20188) Bill Bisco : you'll see your web address at the top, link to URL as normal
(20188) Bill Bisco : you can also find your link under Site Members
(20188) Bill Bisco : on the left hand side
(20168) Tark: Success!
(20168) Tark: Yea there isnt really anything thats op from the Rokugan, if you play soemthing from that book its obviously for flavor.
(20188) Bill Bisco : There's a couple of niceities like the feat that gives Int to Initiative and their Ninja, it's just overall a well made book in my opinion
(20168) Tark: Does that feat stack with the ninja class ability?
(20168) Tark: For their int to initiative?
(20188) Bill Bisco : You'll have to look it up, but I think they're both untyped, so the answer is probably yes
(20168) Tark: It doesnt say one way or the other.
(20168) Tark: They are both untyped.
(20188) Bill Bisco : then they stack
(20168) Tark: Ah ok.
(20189) Sidhe (enter): 16:37
(20189) Sidhe: *looks back behind her to see if anyone is following*
(20168) Tark: You want my Skype name so you can add me?
(20188) Bill Bisco : just add Bill Bisco, I'll get on when it's closer to game time
(20188) Bill Bisco : not from Richmond
(20188) Bill Bisco : also be sure you've read the Black Marches Rules
(20168) Tark: did
(20145) Mali Ohba (enter): 16:42
(20145) Mali Ohba (exit): 16:42
(20172) Vicerious (enter): 16:43
(20188) Bill Bisco : greets
(20145) Mali Ohba (enter): 16:43
(20145) Mali Ohba (exit): 16:43
(20172) Vicerious (exit): 16:43
(20168) Tark: need to switch my skills around then
(20172) Vicerious (enter): 16:43
(20140) Siam (enter): 16:44
(20172) Vicerious: Rawr
(20188) Bill Bisco : ;)
(20145) Mali Ohba (enter): 16:45
(20145) Mali Ohba (exit): 16:45
(20110) Issac (BM) (enter): 16:45
(20172) Vicerious: Looks like we're going to have quite a group for this game tonight
(20188) Bill Bisco : perhaps so
(20110) Issac (BM): I think all the SLAs on the ND should be 1/d if anything
(20188) Bill Bisco : ND?
(20172) Vicerious: Noble drow
(20188) Bill Bisco : what is it now>?
(20172) Vicerious (exit): 16:47
(20172) Vicerious (enter): 16:47
(20110) Issac (BM): some of them dont have a limit stated which is silly
(20188) Bill Bisco : k, add a house rule saying they are once a day
(20110) Issac (BM): its what i was trying to talk to you about last night but you kinda brushed me off :P
(20188) Bill Bisco : sorry I was ingame :)
(20145) Mali Ohba (enter): 16:48
(20110) Issac (BM): its cool lol
(20188) Bill Bisco : having trouble Mali?
(20145) Mali Ohba: just trying to get into both rooms
(20188) Bill Bisco : only room that matters is this one
(20140) Siam: Bill, why do you allow Noble drows to be LA+0 races?
(20188) Bill Bisco : That's RAW, Teven Asked, and I assumed he read the Black Marches rules and will act Gentlemanly :)
(20140) Siam: But RAW wise, Noble Drows with PC classes are CR 3 at level 1
(20140) Siam: Thats way above other races, which are only at 1/2 CR
(20110) Issac (BM): well i am working on getting it nerfed down shh
(20188) Bill Bisco : then I'm sure fighters would love to kill them
(20188) Bill Bisco : since they'd be easier to kill for more xp
(20145) Mali Ohba: lol
(20145) Mali Ohba: I was thinking about drow relations in the world
(20140) Siam: I would love to see them try as they simply levitate away at will Bill.
(20145) Mali Ohba: drow are an enemy race, except for drizzt…he is the man
(20110) Issac (BM): well i am good aligned
(20110) Issac (BM): and racial tension can add some interesting rp :D
(20172) Vicerious: Just like every drow PC I'v eever seen :P
(20145) Mali Ohba: the concern is that you may trivialize encounters, forcing bill the ramp up
(20110) Issac (BM): well id make it evil, but that generally causes problems
(20145) Mali Ohba: which in turn hurts the party
(20189) Sidhe: Good aligned is not necessarily not an enemy
(20140) Siam: I mean this is about balance, not whats written in books =/
(20188) Bill Bisco : I don't think Siam even has a character ready, so I'm not sure why it's a big deal
(20140) Siam: I have two actually.
(20188) Bill Bisco : if it was a big deal
(20188) Bill Bisco : we'd talk about it like gentlemen
(20188) Bill Bisco : and ask for a ramp down
(20145) Mali Ohba: I'd love to actually see it in play before deciding
(20145) Mali Ohba: but it reads like a dream
(20188) Bill Bisco : oh? Add them to the site in the new format :)
(20140) Siam: Could I perhaps play as a Centaur then?
(20172) Vicerious: The best way to deal with it, I think, is with playtesting. Let's see what happens in the game and not be overly concerned with how it looks on paper
(20188) Bill Bisco : probably, come up with some way to convert that to level 1
(20145) Mali Ohba: yeah, I'm probably gonna outshine him at this level
(20188) Bill Bisco : by the way we'll be on Skype tonight, just so you know :)
(20110) Issac (BM): considering im not a terribly experienced player
(20140) Siam: I am still skeptical. I mean whats stopping me from twinking it out since its there
(20145) Mali Ohba: just remember, levitate, fire arrow
(20110) Issac (BM): Lol
(20145) Mali Ohba: i'm hella twinked out at this level
(20110) Issac (BM): I got myself down to 1/d Levitate
(20188) Bill Bisco : You need to read teh Gentleman's agreement and relax, this is D&D, we're all sandbagging here
(20145) Mali Ohba: but it's all downhill from here
(20188) Bill Bisco : *the
(20110) Issac (BM): hey bill
(20110) Issac (BM): i added you to Skype i believe
(20110) Issac (BM): Teven_ellsin
(20188) Bill Bisco : I'll get on in a bit
(20140) Siam: The problem with that is that not everyone is a gentleman, but thats all from me about that.
(20145) Mali Ohba: all my awesome abilities are choice abilities. I did plan on this
(20188) Bill Bisco : If you don't agree or abide by the Gentleman's agreement, then unfortunately, that person will have to go :)
(20189) Sidhe: I am no gentleman. Can I craft myself into unseelie fey at the point LA buyoff would become applicable?
(20189) Sidhe: I am a gentlelady.
(20188) Bill Bisco : I personally am not a fan of LA buyoff
(20110) Issac (BM): siam, how long have you been playign with me ?
(20145) Mali Ohba: lol
(20188) Bill Bisco : as with all things, this can be voted on for the community
(20189) Sidhe: Aww. I want the fey type mainly :(
(20145) Mali Ohba: it was always my original intention on bg to have a tier 3 game and play a PF rogue
(20189) Sidhe: To make feycraft things.
(20188) Bill Bisco : craft something on the requests forum :)
(20206) Bor (enter): 16:57
(20145) Mali Ohba: I think we're fine. It's just gonna be a headache for bill around level 7
(20172) Vicerious: The tier 3 kind of game is my preferred power level. It's a major reason I'm rolling totemist
(20206) Bor: Hello there
(20206) Bor: Why the headache?
(20189) Sidhe: Hey!
(20172) Vicerious: Welcome back, Bor
(20145) Mali Ohba: factotum that I made is borderline tier 2
(20206) Bor: Well thanks
(20145) Mali Ohba: Bor, you cna only stay till 8?
(20189) Sidhe: CL 7 is when I can get my proper familiar. ^^
(20206) Bor: How can she break the game?
(20145) Mali Ohba: lol, bor, 7th level SLAs
(20145) Mali Ohba: spellcasting, even limited, is excellent
(20140) Siam: Anyway, If its alright with Bill, then its alright I guess xD
(20140) Siam: So when are we startin :3
(20206) Bor: I know, but you don't get that at level 7 =P
(20188) Bill Bisco : you need a new character uploaded to the site and managed according to the template
(20145) Mali Ohba: true, I just want to hit stuff with a sword dammit
(20188) Bill Bisco : Start in a bit, let me finish this wiki
(20189) Sidhe: I couldn't remember any notable information about Barby, I apologize
(20206) Bor: Hey Bill, thanks for writing the text for the adventure
(20206) Bor: Feel free to leave it to me next time
(20188) Bill Bisco : yeah we're a bit behind actually
(20188) Bill Bisco : someone needs to update Rollo Bargman
(20188) Bill Bisco : create Maria his assistant
(20145) Mali Ohba: I didn't know about that guy, sorry
(20188) Bill Bisco : and make some kind of mention that the Seafaring Merchants guild has an office in the Merchant District
** (20140) Siam made a catfolk
(20140) Siam: Wait is everyone a female xD
(20206) Bor: Not me.
(20189) Sidhe: ? Just two I think
(20188) Bill Bisco : Your character has to be on the site to play
(20188) Bill Bisco : I'll get on Skype now
(20172) Vicerious: My character is genderless but identifies as male
(20172) Vicerious: I'm going to need Skype contact info
(20189) Sidhe: Your character is sexy.
(20188) Bill Bisco : look up Bill Bisco, not Richmond
(20145) Mali Ohba: oh man, your the dragonforged dude
(20172) Vicerious: Yup
(20140) Siam: Whats your skype Bill?
(20172) Seeker: I am
(20145) Mali Ohba: Welcome my dragonblooded brother
(20189) Sidhe: Welcome you pretty work of art. :P
(20140) Siam: how do you put links in names?
(20187) Tai (enter): 17:05
(20172) Seeker: Yeah, glad I found that piece. Really pulled the concept together
(20145) Mali Ohba: yes
(20206) Bor: Yes
(20168) Tark: got it
(20145) Mali Ohba: yeah, I hear you
(20188) Bill Bisco : I have 4 people in skype
(20188) Bill Bisco : who am I missing
(20189) Sidhe: Me
(20188) Bill Bisco : get on
(20110) Issac (BM): little hard to hear
(20189) Sidhe: I'm on, Kajhera?
(20206) Bor: ok
(20110) Issac (BM): yeah thats better
(20145) Mali Ohba: my microphone keeps defalting to on when you call. it's off now
(20140) Siam: er me :o?
(20145) Mali Ohba: probably a sky setting
(20140) Siam: whats your skype Bill xD
(20110) Issac (BM): i like vent so i can individually turn people up or down lol
(20188) Bill Bisco : need to add so I can see you
(20206) Bor: I put you on the call, Sidhe
(20188) Bill Bisco : I have to add you to the call
(20188) Bill Bisco : vicerious
(20140) Siam: =(
(20188) Bill Bisco : Bill Bisco is my name :)
(20168) Tark: hear you
(20189) Sidhe: Ah good I can hear
(20145) Mali Ohba: hear you
(20172) Seeker: Cool
(20145) Mali Ohba: in the trunk of his car?
(20145) Mali Ohba: explosions
(20168) Tark: I hear someones tv
(20172) Seeker: Kajhera, something's rubbing on your mic or something. You might want to switch to push-to-talk
(20140) Siam: Which one? The one in USA or Richland?
(20188) Bill Bisco : USA
(20188) Bill Bisco : not richland
(20145) Mali Ohba: mythbusters
(20189) Sidhe: That's the sound of a snapped wire
(20140) Siam: Sent
(20189) Sidhe: Apparently.
(20110) Issac (BM): siam you sound totally different than ive always thought hah
(20188) Bill Bisco : The guy with the tv,turn off your Mic
(20140) Siam: I am Chinese
(20188) Bill Bisco : Everyone turn off your mic
(20140) Siam: :D
(20188) Bill Bisco : victor
(20172) Seeker: I can hear everyone clearly so far
(20145) Mali Ohba: wow, you speak really good english
(20188) Bill Bisco : Mali that's you!
(20188) Bill Bisco : Victor too!
(20145) Mali Ohba: what's me?
(20140) Siam: Your you!
(20189) Sidhe: Turn mics off
(20172) Seeker: I'm on push to talk >:(
(20140) Siam: Bill, your voice comes off as words mixed with static.
(20206) Bor: Yes.
(20168) Tark: Wasnt in the last one.
(20189) Sidhe: I believe so.
(20140) Siam: Its good now :D
(20145) Mali Ohba: yes
(20172) Seeker: I can hear clearly
(20168) Tark: I hear you.
(20189) Sidhe: I can hear you fine
(20140) Siam: Me too now
(20145) Mali Ohba: yes, i'm updated
(20206) Bor: !00%
(20189) Sidhe: Yep
(20206) Bor: 100%*
(20172) Seeker: Yes sir
(20140) Siam: Read what?
(20145) Mali Ohba: Yes
(20110) Issac (BM): has it changed
(20206) Bor: I have.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz (enter): 17:12
(20189) Sidhe: I have
(20188) Bill Bisco : Rinzle, are you completely done with your character
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Hello, I went to the wrong room at first
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: yes (more or less) though no ones checked it over
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: do we have Skype tonight?
(20140) Siam: I am done with my level 1 character :O
(20188) Bill Bisco : There is no more or less, are you completely done with your character page, character sheet, languages, stats, etc.
(20140) Siam: With luck she won't get in the way since she isn't at her best yet
(20188) Bill Bisco : Your character has to be uploaded to the site
(20188) Bill Bisco : to play
(20155) Calchexas (enter): 17:14
(20188) Bill Bisco : in the correct format
(20155) Calchexas (exit): 17:14
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: it is, I was just being cautious, like I said I think so but no ones checked it
(20188) Bill Bisco : that's fine, get onto skype add Bill Bisco USA
(20140) Siam: Lemme turn off my torrent
(20188) Bill Bisco : coming?
(20206) Bor: Rinzle, isn't something off with your hitpoints?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: you are added in Skype, but I don't know how to call you, its asking if I want to call your mobile or landline
(20188) Bill Bisco : I don't see you added to me
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: max level 1 hp +2 for con, is 8
(20110) Issac (BM): did you add the wrong bill rinzle?
(20206) Bor: Wiz HD is d4, is it not?
(20140) Siam: Its D6 in pathfinder
(20172) Seeker: That's right
(20206) Bor: Oh I see
(20206) Bor: Seems fine then =D
(20172) Seeker: The BM houserules listed a level value of a d4 hit die, so I figured we were using the original die sizes
(20189) Sidhe: I don't have ventrillo atm, is it hard to get?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: er, I got it off the pathfinder, should I use the d4 then?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: as for skype its not finding a Billy Brisco
(20140) Siam: Its bill Bisco
(20189) Sidhe: Bisco not Brisco
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: AH
(20189) Sidhe: Bill not Billy
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: sorry about that
(20188) Bill Bisco : Rinzle?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ok, now two Bill Bisco, one in california one not, are you the california one?
(20188) Bill Bisco : California is me
(20168) Tark: good to go
(20145) Mali Ohba: my gold needs an update
(20145) Mali Ohba: on the sheet
(20189) Sidhe: I'm unsure how many spider webs or spike poison I got
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Sidhe, I like your house. Did you hire a home inspector?"
(20168) Ita: (i am sure my asian themed clothing and katana look funny)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (I also have that asian thing going on)
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20168) Ita…
(20110) Issac (BM): sec sudden bathroom break
(20145) Mali Ohba: (gnomes are my favorite race)
(20110) Issac (BM): can i get what i missed in text please?
(20206) Bor: "What's wrong with this tribe? So many women like to adventure!"
(20168) Ita seems to be reguarding the others and sizing up thier strength. He has a funny accent. "Hello."
(20145) Mali Ohba: (Mali Obha, female mostly human. Trying to learn stuff from anyone.)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "We need work ourselves."
(20168) Ita: "I'm looking for adventure."
(20168) Ita steps to the side.
(20235) Sidhe (enter): 17:32
(20206) Bor: "Hey Mali and Sidhe, have you gals heard anything about the Rada?"
(20168) Ita follows.
(20168) Ita goes to the government district with that guy.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "No, I haven't Bor. Hopefully he's in jail"
(20206) Bor: *follows while talking*
(20235) Sidhe: Hmm? The Radu? Not since we passed ways. Oh check out that guy..
(20235) Sidhe: *looks over to the warforged with interest.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "So I heard you bought a house Sidhe."
(20206) Bor: "How can women have houses here?"
(20110) Issac (BM): Hey hey no laughing ive never actualyl done this without text before :P
(20235) Sidhe: *grins.* Yes, very nice to have a place to call my own.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Women are free here, Bor."
(20235) Sidhe: *to bor* Yes, we just buy houses.
(20168) Ita looks at the halfling boy as well.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at boy
(20206) Bor: "I need to visit sometime"
(20235) Sidhe: You wouldn't fit too well .. *quiets down to listen.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at warforged.
(20235) Sidhe: *also looks at warforged, entirely distracted by his presence.*
(20172) Seeker: *Bears the stares with the stoicism of long practice*
(20206) Bor: *pokes the dragonforged*
(20168) Ita: "What do you mean by more sultery?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *thinks she is strangly attracted to warforged*
(20235) Sidhe: So … let's go dragon a wizard…
(20172) Seeker: *Turns to Bor, glances at the prodding finger* May I help you?
(20206) Bor: "It feels weird"
(20168) Ita blinks a few times as the boy doesnt respond and goes to the wizards tower with the other guy.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Rinzle heads to the wizard who has a quest but no time, anyone want to come along?
(20206) Bor: *follows people around*
(20172) Seeker: I was unaware mithril felt unusual
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows warforged*
(20235) Sidhe: Oh are you mithril? It looks very nice on you. *follow*
(20206) Bor: "Is that what that is?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "He's entirely made of magic!"
(20235) Sidhe: And mithril and … *tries to peek between the plates.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "does this robot have a gender?"
(20172) Seeker: *Recoils quickly, put politely from the close inspection*
(20235) Sidhe: Oh, you should get painted.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I think I see a painter over there!"
(20206) Bor: "Yeah, he'd look more manly"
(20172) Seeker: I realize that gender is an important disctinction among the natural races. If you must apply one to me, I prefer male
(20235) Sidhe: *to bor* I meant someone should paint him.
(20110) Issac (BM) being out to learn new things, the mages tower sounds like a good place to go to find books and the like and maybe learn something new
(20145) Mali Ohba: *moves over to painter, tries to drag seeker along*
(20206) Bor: "I know, that's what I mean. A more manly color!"
(20235) Sidhe: *pauses, realizes this is ambiguous and looks around at the painting.*
(20235) Sidhe: Wouldn't he though?
(20206) Bor: "That's really boring."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "He needs flames. Like he's on fire"
(20235) Sidhe: *to seeker* You should do it.
(20206) Bor: "Oooohhh! That would be so cool!"
(20235) Sidhe: *giggles at the phrasing.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "We will wait, I wouldn't miss this for the world!"
(20206) Bor: "You should get painted as payment"
(20206) Bor: "With flames"
(20168) Ita: "I wonder what this wizard wants done."
(20206) Bor: *flexes* "like this"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "no, like Bor!"
(20110) Issac (BM): "No clue how far away is this tower?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Ita are you with Rinzle?))
(20145) Mali Ohba: "That's it! Perfect!"
(20206) Bor: "Better than I thought! Quite manly!"
(20235) Sidhe: *watches with fascination.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Can you paint on him?"
(20206) Bor: *whispers to Mali* "Look at that, he's got real skills!"
(20140) Siam: ((i am done))
(20145) Mali Ohba: *Mali observes painter, tries to learn
(20235) Sidhe: *does so also for once.*
(20206) Bor: (lol)
(20168) Ita: (I went to the wizard)
(20172) Seeker: ((Siam, you need to list your gold in the table))
(20140) Siam: (Owh, alright working on it))
(20140) Siam: (done))
(20168) Ita taps his foot, watching them talk. It would be rude to interrupt.
(20145) Mali Ohba: (yay, gnomish airship!)
(20188) Bill Bisco : ;)
(20140) Riani: ((Wheres the war airship! :S))
(20145) Mali Ohba: (lol, Pathfinder you can)
(20235) Sidhe: *eventually goes to take donkey to graze while waiting for warforged.*
(20206) Bor: *gets bored* "That painting started fun, but it takes too long…"
(20188) Bill Bisco : :)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Sidhe, let's take Bor to your house!"
(20206) Bor: "My thoughts exactly"
(20235) Sidhe: … You realize it's a halfling's house, right?
(20172) Seeker: *Being a construct, Seeker hsa no problem holding perfectly still for extended perious*
(20168) Ita steps in after the other two.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "No, are their special houses for halflings?"
(20206) Bor: *pictures a really small house*
(20249) Mikal (enter): 17:50
(20235) Sidhe: We're a bit short.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *makes note that people of various sizes have differing houses
(20140) Riani: ((Put me in whenever you like xD))
(20235) Sidhe: You'd probably be able to slip in, Mali, but not sure about him.
(20168) Ita bows slightly to the wizard, "Nice to meet you, I am Bayushi Ita."
(20206) Bor: "It's better than standing here, lead the way!"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows sidha to her house*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *on Bor's back…playfully*
(20235) Sidhe: *reluctantly leads them to her house.*
(20206) Bor: *sense motive check*
(20206) Bor: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
(20206) Bor: *follows Sidhe normally*
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *continues riding Bor*
(20168) Ita: (Can you guys see me typing ?)
(20206) Bor: (yes)
(20235) Sidhe: (I can)
(20110) Issac (BM): Knowledge Local [1d20+7] => [18,7] = (25) on the rock?
(20168) Ita looks at the wizard and cleric, "I am a samurai."
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
(20206) Bor: *feels good about having Mali on his back*
(20188) Bill Bisco : You don't know about the rock, it'd be geography
(20235) Sidhe: *The house is simple, with a thatched roof and a door maybe 5' high.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *is unaware of sexual thoughts*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Your house is fantastic!"
(20206) Bor: *Peeks inside*
(20235) Sidhe: Heh, thank you. It's also quite empty right now. *ties donkey to his place outside*
(20206) Bor: "Not bad at all"
(20249) Mikal (exit): 17:56
(20235) Sidhe: *Inside is an empty room with two doors!*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I am not a homeowner, and probably never will be."
(20206) Bor: (I'll leave in 2 hours, so I can't do that today = /)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (genlar temlin?)
(20168) Ita: "I am interested."
(20235) Sidhe: Well come in, but get off each other first, you can get back on inside if you want.
(20110) Issac (BM): (same here)
(20206) Bor: "Me neither, a man lives in the wild!"
(20206) Bor: *tries to get in while staying on four*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I didn't feel like walking. Bor is so strong, I just like being around him."
(20206) Bor: (after putting Mali down, ofc)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *gets off bor*
(20235) Sidhe: *You get inside.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows bor into the house*
(20235) Sidhe: *smirks a little at mali.* I understand that.
(20206) Bor: "Feels like I'm in a wooden cave"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "look at that craftsmanship. how much did you spend?"
(20206) Bor: "Isn't it time to go back to see the painting?"
(20235) Sidhe: The reward money. Yes, let's go see how it turned out.
(20206) Bor: (Sorry about it, but time passed fastly)
(20235) Sidhe: *beckons and goes back to try and catch the painting before it vanishes!*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *makes her way back to painter*
(20206) Bor: *goes along*
(20188) Bill Bisco : * he took it with him
(20168) Ita nods to Seeker, "I am Bayushi Ita."
(20188) Bill Bisco : you catch up to him
(20206) Bor: "Did I hear recruit for a party?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "did somebody say party!"
(20188) Bill Bisco : yes you did
(20206) Bor: *high fives Mali*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "remember that orc party? It was awesome!"
(20235) Sidhe: I thought I heard job. *looks over*
(20206) Bor: "Yeah, awesome music"
(20188) Bill Bisco : Siam, you need to edit your gold and whatnot
(20145) Mali Ohba: *laughs at Bor's awesomeness*
(20172) Seeker: ((dimension door at will))
(20110) Issac (BM): (i can fight, and well i cna also use interdimensional travel…wut lol)
(20206) Bor: "So, did I hear something about PARTY?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "that cute gnome wizard is looking for sell swords"
(20206) Bor: (he can't read = /)
(20235) Sidhe: *runs in and waves!* We are back.
(20168) Ita hmms, tapping his fingers on his katana as he listens to them talk.
(20145) Mali Ohba: (best class feature ever…illiteracy)
(20206) Bor: "Sidhe too, she shoots bright colors"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: sounds good, I think we have a party!
(20206) Bor: "And people fall down"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: who all wants in
(20145) Mali Ohba: (i'd do voice chat, but my laptop is the mic…so no)
(20206) Bor: *goes along*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows*
(20140) Riani: (*fiddles*))
(20206) Bor: "I'm enough alone!"
(20206) Bor: *flexes*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I can vouch for him" *points to Bor
(20235) Sidhe: *raises hand*
(20206) Bor: "Sidhe shoots color beams"
(20145) Mali Ohba: (sidhe saved our buts last game)
(20235) Sidhe: (Whichever xD)
(20235) Sidhe: A sorcerer.
(20158) Karma (enter): 18:05
(20206) Bor: "Does anyone know how to use that map?"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20110) Issac (BM)…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20140) Siam…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20189) Sidhe…
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I am a Knowledge Buster! I swing this katana and get Bor's back"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20172) Vicerious…
(20206) Bor: "Can't you tell? Just look at me"
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20145) Mali Ohba…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20206) Bor…
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz…
(20206) Bor: *flexes*
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20235) Sidhe…
(20235) Sidhe: His skills do not include using a map.
(20140) Riani: ((is my character good yet :3))
(20145) Mali Ohba: "He hits things until they die with that spike chain!"
(20168) Ita: (i accept)
(20206) Bor: "Don't we have to sign those stupid papers?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Sidhe has a donkey. she's alway prepared"
(20235) Sidhe: *coughs*
(20235) Sidhe: Indeed, do you have a contract for us to sign?
(20140) Riani: ((I am good))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: now is the time for good questions if any
(20206) Bor: "I usually do, but I don't really know what's going on"
(20235) Sidhe: *frowns* And breaking a deal with us? I would feel better with one…
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I'm read to watch Bor do his thing!"
(20235) Sidhe: *shakes her head* Very well.
(20206) Bor: *walks off and sits with his back to a wall*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "The gnome is very eloquent. He will get us the best deal. I know it"
(20172) Seeker: ((What's the scale on that map? How many days' travel is it to the Rock? Hours?))
(20140) Riani leans against a wall while the deal is being brokered.
(20168) Ita: "The deal was made, anything extra is just extra."
(20168) Ita: "I am ready to depart at any time."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Hello, I'm Mali" *extends hand to Ita*
(20206) Bor: "Let's go already"
(20235) Sidhe: I need to get drunk and rolled in an alley now that you mention it.
(20235) Sidhe: *goes along!*
(20140) Riani: *follows along*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows Bor to the gates of hell*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz bows and salams in the wizards direction
(20206) Bor: "Let's go through the woods and get food"
(20235) Sidhe: *rides donkey.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at Issac*"I am unfamiliar with your race"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20189) Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
(20189) Sidhe (exit): 18:13
(20110) Issac (BM): "I am a drow, if you must know"
(20235) Sidhe: There should be food along the path.
(20140) Riani: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16) Geography
(20168) Ita: "I have never been in these lands before. I am from far away."
(20235) Sidhe: (was a dead duplicate)
(20235) Sidhe: Welcome then.
(20206) Bor: "You guys bore Bor"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "you seem to be in charge gnome"
(20168) Ita: "Lets just take the path."
(20206) Bor: *hunts*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *waits with sidhe*
(20235) Sidhe: *pauses and looks for the source of the voices.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Typical wizard, paranoid!"
(20206) Bor: (I mean to hunt because I'm faster than most)
(20206) Bor: "Party!"
(20235) Sidhe: Could be. Could be a trap.
(20168) Ita: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16) will
(20172) Seeker: [1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21)
(20140) Riani: [1d20+0] => [11,0] = (11)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
(20206) Bor: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16) +2 v fear (?)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(20145) Mali Ohba: Inspired will save [1d20+12] => [16,12] = (28)
(20206) Bor: *stands in awe*
(20140) Riani stands in awe as well.
(20168) Ita: Init: [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10)
(20172) Seeker: Init [1d20] => [2] = (2)
(20235) Sidhe: *cast nerveskitter on mali.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: down 1 IP, [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
(20235) Sidhe: _ride to speak with them!_ Greetings, hold off one moment fair feathered ones.
(20235) Sidhe: Rushed diplomacy [1d20+9] => [7,9] = (16)
(20145) Mali Ohba: makes knowledge devotion check [1d20+16] => [7,16] = (23), law devotion +3 to ac. free action draws katana.
(20168) Ita darts forward, his blade leaving his sheath in a quick motion as he tries to cut the winged creature down. Attack: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7) (vs flat footed) and Iaijutsu Focus: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
(20235) Sidhe: (Yeah. Naberius.)
(20145) Mali Ohba: no
(20235) Sidhe: (Mali you got 11 init.)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
(20145) Mali Ohba: i missed
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d12] => [4] = (4)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (sorry I had instant buffs)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d12] => [11] = (11)
(20168) Ita: (I declare ninja dodge against the closest one)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d10] => [7] = (7)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (i'm actually +5 to hit for future reference)
(20168) Ita moves in at the ungy winged creature and swings his katana again. Attack: [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20172) Seeker: Bite [1d20-1] => [6,-1] = (5)
(20172) Seeker: Tail [1d20-1] => [14,-1] = (13)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(20140) Riani: [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
(20145) Mali Ohba: attacking
(20235) Sidhe: *snarls at this reception and color sprays the harpies.*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: initiative [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
(20145) Mali Ohba: inspired damage [1d8+8] => [5,8] = (13)
(20235) Sidhe: *what of is reachable at least.*
(20235) Sidhe: dc 16 will [2d4] => [4,3] = (7)[1d4] => [3] = (3)1
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+3] => [4,3] = (7)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
(20206) Bor: attack
(20172) Seeker: Bite [1d20-1] => [7,-1] = (6)
(20168) Ita spins around, swinging his katana again at the harpy closeset to him. AttackL [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
(20172) Seeker: Tail [1d20-1] => [20,-1] = (19)
(20168) Ita: Confirming: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23) crit con
(20145) Mali Ohba: crits
(20172) Seeker: Comfirming [1d20-1] => [9,-1] = (8)
(20168) Ita: [1d10+1] => [4,1] = (5) damage
(20235) Sidhe: _crossbows the other one. in melee?_
(20172) Seeker: Hit [1d6+2] => [2,2] = (4)
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)[1d6] => [5] = (5)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d8+5] => [8,5] = (13)[1d8+5] => [1,5] = (6)
(20172) Seeker: 5 foot step back, bringing longspear to bear [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
(20145) Mali Ohba: sorry I didn't
(20235) Sidhe: [1d2] => [1] = (1)
(20172) Seeker: Confirming for giggles [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: oh only one
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz shacks her head, and looks annoyed
(20140) Riani rubs her eyes, "What was that about?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Wow, I think that was a harpy."
(20110) Issac (BM) shakes his head clear
(20206) Bor: "Learned some tricks I see, Mali"
(20235) Sidhe: *looks around* How badly did they wound you?
(20168) Ita sheaths his blade after cleaning it off in the grass. "Was that an Oni?"
(20206) Bor: *loot drools*
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24) dungeenering inspired
(20235) Sidhe: Take off the wing feathers too, they might be useful.
(20172) Seeker: This is a moderate wound ((below half health)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
(20140) Riani: "Distractoins," she says, excited.
(20110) Issac (BM): (searching the body)
(20235) Sidhe: Need aid, seeker?
(20172) Seeker: I would be grateful
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I am onehundred percent sure that was a harpy"
(20235) Sidhe: *takes wing feathers of harpies*
(20206) Bor: "I'm glad there was bloodshed"
(20235) Sidhe: *then heals*
(20235) Sidhe: half [2d8] => [1,4] = (5) heal to warforged
(20172) Seeker: That feels much better, thank you
(20110) Issac (BM) readies his bow in that case
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows the gnome
(20168) Ita starts looking around he could use more money.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: yes, seek the treasure
(20206) Bor: *follows*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "The harpies must be attacking travelers."
(20110) Issac (BM): i have constant detect magic, is the mace magical ?
(20140) Riani: [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9) Survival
(20206) Bor: "Let me teach you something about examining blood"
(20206) Bor: (survival check)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "teach us Bor"
(20235) Sidhe: *viper smells the air while Sidhe looks distant*
(20206) Bor: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *notes bor does not know the skills of a csi
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I agree gnome"
(20235) Sidhe: Let's continue on the trail, it will probably lead us the right way…
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: quick show of hands to leave
(20145) Mali Ohba: "that may attrack more harpies"
(20235) Sidhe: *frowns at this idea*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *hides
(20206) Bor: (so where are we on the map?)
(20206) Bor: *ducks*
(20140) Riani takes out his longbow and readies a longbow.
(20168) Ita: (is there anywhere to hide behind ?)
(20235) Sidhe: *stuffs ears with spider silk cloth.*
(20168) Ita is wearing metal armor so doesnt really care. Hide: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+0] => [6,0] = (6) stealth
(20145) Mali Ohba: *thinks she is hiding
(20110) Issac (BM) finds some leaves and stuff them in my ears :P
(20168) Ita: (I think thats my 3rd 1 lol)
(20140) Riani hides [1d20+12] => [6,12] = (18)
(20206) Bor: *stands in the open*
(20145) Mali Ohba: it's untrained
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20)
(20145) Mali Ohba: about a minute
(20172) Seeker: *Also in the open*
(20168) Ita: (2-3 min)
(20110) Issac (BM) moves back down the trail the way we came a little bit
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (27)
(20168) Ita: Perception: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(20140) Riani: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
(20172) Seeker: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+10] => [5,10] = (15)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: perception [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "You have incredible ears!"
(20110) Issac (BM): "Not nessicarily a good thing atm
(20206) Bor: *hides*
(20172) Seeker: Will [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
(20168) Ita: Will Save: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (that's an SLA for the harpies, right?]
(20140) Riani: [1d20+0] => [14,0] = (14)
(20206) Bor: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28) inspired will save
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: will save [1d20+1+2] => [18,1,2] = (21)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
(20168) Ita: Init: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
(20110) Issac (BM) stumbles around like an idiot
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: init [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) inti
(20172) Seeker: *Is captivated*
(20140) Riani is captivated once more.
(20206) Bor: (I'll trip them)
(20206) Bor: (I can trip 3 of them, how many are coming my way?)
(20145) Mali Ohba: Mali moves in to help bor's AC [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(20168) Ita will draw his blade as he darts forward, trying to cut down the first one he crosses. (Ninja dodge vs the closest, Attack: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10) vs flat footed and Iaijutsu Focus: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
(20206) Bor: (3 trip attempts)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Bor, on your left and right!"
(20206) Bor: (missed first trip)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
(20140) Riani: "bruuhh…" she says, looking at the fight in a captivating stance.
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (bor, your ac is boosted after they go)
(20206) Bor: (those were my touch attacks)
(20235) Sidhe: *eyes glaze over in her hiding spot, smiles*
(20206) Bor: (i'll roll two strenght checks now)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+13] => [1,13] = (14)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30)
(20206) Bor: (i get free attacks for tripping)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: light crossbow attack [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12) if it hits does [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(20206) Bor: [2d20+7] => [1,16,7] = (24)
(20206) Bor: ops
(20145) Mali Ohba: (I assist Bor's AC, like before)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [4,2,7] = (13)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [1,2,7] = (10)
(20168) Ita attempts to attack the one he did last time. Hopefully slashing one of them. Attack: [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
(20206) Bor: (no
(20168) Ita: Confirming? [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(20206) Bor: (24 was a mistake)
(20168) Ita: [2d10+1+1] => [1,6,1,1] = (9) damage
(20206) Bor: (i'll act now)
(20235) Sidhe: *remains captivated*
(20110) Issac (BM): (these harpies have me tripping balls lol)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
(20172) Seeker: Will [1d20+1] => [6,1] = (7)
(20206) Bor: (got 15)
(20206) Bor: (17 then)
(20110) Issac (BM): (yes i made my save)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [5,2] = (7)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(20206) Bor: (17 with the boost)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23) Init
(20145) Mali Ohba: [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14) inspired wisdom.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: light crossbow attack [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10) if it hits does [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(20145) Mali Ohba: fails
(20168) Ita swings his blade around again at the one he struck last time. Attack: [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6) [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6) Damage [1d6] => [2] = (2) [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(20168) Ita: (miss and 5ft step to start going round to flank)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [1,1,7] = (9)
(20235) Sidhe: ((afk for a bit to get dog, captivated anyway))
(20145) Mali Ohba: (knows required save, but chooses to expend luck roll) inspired luck last IP [1d20+11] => [2,11] = (13)
(20145) Mali Ohba: fails again
(20145) Mali Ohba: (I have luck domain)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [4,2] = (6)
(20110) Issac (BM): (im roughly 25 foot behind everyone
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14) [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10) Damage [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3) [1d6+1] => [5,1] = (6)
(20168) Ita takes another 5ft step. (am i flanking with anyone?)
(20206) Bor: (moves 5 foot back)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [3,4,7] = (14)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *is listening to song
(20168) Ita: (with my 2nd 5ft step can i flank one?)
(20206) Bor: (14 damage didn't kill it?)
(20206) Bor: (move 5 feet)
(20168) Ita blade swings again, trying to kill it off.The not stunned one.. Attack:[1d20+3+2] => [16,3,2] = (21)
(20168) Ita: [1d10+1+1d6] => [1,1,6] = (8) sneak attack
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
(20206) Bor: (I moved)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (Ita, Pathfinder katana is 1d8, 18-20 crit)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [6,2] = (8)
(20168) Ita: (19 ac)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d6+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(20145) Mali Ohba: (if you wanted to take that instead)
(20168) Ita keels over after the second hit.
(20145) Mali Ohba: you have hero points
(20168) Ita: (i didnt say dead)
(20206) Bor: (check his pulse)
(20206) Bor: (stop metagaming)
(20145) Mali Ohba: you can't die even if you die right now
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15) Damage [1d6+1] => [3,1] = (4) [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: light crossbow attack at stunned one [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14) if it hits does [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(20206) Bor: (attack)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *listens to music
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [3,1,7] = (11)
(20206) Bor: (11 damage)
(20206) Bor: (non)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16)
(20206) Bor: (mine)
(20206) Bor: ?
(20206) Bor: touch to trip
(20206) Bor: [1d20+13] => [18,13] = (31)
(20188) Bill Bisco : [1d20+3] => [1,3] = (4)
(20206) Bor: [2d4+7] => [2,2,7] = (11)
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19) [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) Damage [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7) [1d6+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(20206) Bor: (11 damage)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: light crossbow attack at prone one [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8) if it hits does [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(20206) Bor: [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
(20206) Bor: (against tripped)
(20206) Bor: *heals dying dude)
(20206) Bor: [2d8] => [1,6] = (7)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at Bor with respect*
(20235) Sidhe: *shakes herself and runs over to healing belt ita.*
(20110) Issac (BM): perception [1d20] => [9] = (9)+10 to make sure there are no more around
(20235) Sidhe: *but is beaten to the punch.*
(20110) Issac (BM): (thats a 19
(20168) Ita sits up. "Ouch."
(20206) Bor: *heals self*
(20206) Bor: [2d8] => [5,3] = (8)
(20235) Sidhe: *remove silk from ears*
(20145) Mali Ohba: (we have 2 healing belts)
(20172) Seeker: *Shakes himself strongly as if the song were mud*
(20145) Mali Ohba: (daily use)
(20140) Riani sighs.
(20206) Bor: *looks for nest to loot*
(20235) Sidhe: Yep. That is smart. Gah, that song…
(20168) Ita gets up and sheaths his katana.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Bor, you are a true hero!"
(20235) Sidhe: *rubs her ears.* We need better earplugs.
(20206) Bor: "I'm getting better at the wolf way"
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19)
(20110) Issac (BM): (searching the dead for loot before we go)
(20206) Bor: "Who's going in?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at cave
(20235) Sidhe: *stuff ears again*
(20206) Bor: "I can't fit there, go ahead"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Bor, was my advice on dodging helpful?"
(20206) Bor: "Yeah, I barely dodged a blow"
(20235) Sidhe: Don't listen for harpies you fools. v.v
(20168) Ita: "I can try to sneak into the cave."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Maybe I will do that more"
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: perception [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
(20140) Riani: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17) Perception check
(20206) Bor: "That'd be nice, altough this new belt does wonders"
(20206) Bor: "So what's in there?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I just don't want to see you hurt"*smiles
(20168) Ita: "I will not strike them, they are helpless."
(20235) Sidhe: Well then.
(20168) Ita: "If you attempt to attack helpless creatures I will have to cross blades with you."
(20206) Bor: "Scars are part of a man, don't worry"
(20235) Sidhe: Let me try -
(20140) Riani: "But they're just younglings," she says.
(20206) Bor: "So what's is going on in there?"
(20235) Sidhe: *go to try and calm the harpies.*
(20168) Ita looks around for loot.
(20235) Sidhe: [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10)
(20110) Issac (BM): "It makes sense to kill them before they grow and kill others"
(20140) Riani: "As a drow, you shouldn't assume so much," she says to Isaac.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Sidhe I'll help you" diplomacy, auto 10 for a +2 to you
(20168) Ita: "If you attempt to kill them that is dishonorable. I will have to strike you down."
(20235) Sidhe: They won't grow up at all if we kill them -or- leave them.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz searches around
(20235) Sidhe: *continue attempting to calm harpies*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Is that a body!?" *screams
(20206) Bor: *goes into the cave*
(20188) Bill Bisco : you'll need more than your last roll
(20145) Mali Ohba: (they're on the edge of the cave, correct?)
(20140) Riani: "Could we try and knock them out?"
(20206) Bor: "What smells is this?"
(20235) Sidhe: You might crush their skuls.
(20235) Sidhe: They are infants.
(20168) Ita puts his hand on his katana handle. "What did I tell you!"
(20206) Bor: (that's not a DM thing, it's a group thing)
(20235) Sidhe: If we leave them here and alive they die.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I'm with Sidhe"
(20206) Bor: (that's not up to the DM to decide it)
(20235) Sidhe: If we kill them they die.
(20168) Ita: "I dont care if we leave them here. If you strike them I will slash you. End of discussion."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Maybe we can take them back to the mages."
(20235) Sidhe: I amm willing to raise them.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I will watch them"
(20206) Bor: *goes deep into the cave until I find the corpse*
(20235) Sidhe: *nods to Mali.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Sidhe is trustworthy. We shall raise them together!"
(20140) Riani: "Well alright, lets spend awhile trying to calm them down. They'll get tired after a bit,"
(20188) Bill Bisco : You find the corpse
(20110) Issac (BM): "Big talk from a wounded man, but I wont cause aggression over this"
(20206) Bor: *drags him)
(20168) Ita: "I have to keep to my code of bashido. Its more improtant to me then my life." To Issac.
(20168) Ita: (bushido*)
(20235) Sidhe: _goes to rip off a piece of the corpse and offer to the harpies, without regard for that.(
(20145) Mali Ohba: "he is a member of the order of the lion guard. Look at that pendant"
(20110) Issac (BM): "Thats fair enough, im just going with logic, do what you wish, but i suggest you find a way to subdue them cause they are trying to attack me"
(20206) Bor: *goes deeper into to cave to look for loot*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at sidhe and thinks "well we are just meat after all"
(20235) Sidhe: *tries singing to the harpies, with her slightly hoarse voice.*
(20168) Ita gets his food out that he has left and goes over to the little harpies. "Here is some food little ones, its all I can do for you."
(20188) Bill Bisco : 80 gp, 700 ep, 400 sp, and 2 50 gp gems
(20140) Riani: "Its still rather disturbing," she says.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows bor with magic torch beads
(20206) Bor: *put them in my sack*
(20206) Bor: (ep = sp?)
(20235) Sidhe: *sings in sylvan to try and make up for it, offering corpse piece.* [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
(20206) Bor: (what's ep?)
(20145) Mali Ohba: *listens to sylvan and thinks it's a nice language to learn
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
(20235) Sidhe: *frowns at the wizard* Let them eat their food.
(20140) Riani puts a hand to her mouth, "Gross…"
(20206) Bor: *goes out of the cave*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *hands bor a torch equivalent magic item that is the size of a sling rock
(20235) Sidhe: Unless you brought meat with you in place.
(20206) Bor: "Thanks Mali, I found some stuff here, show you latter*
(20172) Seeker: *Moves out of the cave to examine the burned clearing*
(20110) Issac (BM): (did you take the backpack from the cave?)
(20168) Ita: (EP = Electrum Peices? )
(20145) Mali Ohba: "you can keep that bor." (it's a liquid sunlight sling stone)
(20206) Bor: *gets out* "So are you done with this? Let's do our job"
(20282) Sidhe (enter): 19:07
(20282) Sidhe (exit): 19:07
(20282) Sidhe (enter): 19:07
(20206) Bor: "what is it for?"
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
(20145) Mali Ohba: "it's a torch that never goes out"
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
(20110) Issac (BM): "Looks like holy water to me"
(20206) Bor: "oh, thanks"
(20206) Bor: "how much did it cost?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
(20282) Sidhe: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17) know arcana
(20145) Mali Ohba: "doesn't matter, it's a gift for my idol"
(20140) Riani: 'So what do we do with this cleric's corpse?"
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: spellcraft [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(20206) Bor: "But I was told men give gifts to women in that tribe"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "We should bring back his holy symbol for his order's records"
(20206) Bor: "not the other way around"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "what tribe? You mean my homeland? Well, I'm trying something new."
(20206) Bor: "I mean Dragonport"
(20282) Sidhe: The custom is it is fair game.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "We should bring it back."
(20206) Bor: "But sure, whatever you say"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "the holy symbol. The treasure is a reward for fulfilling and avenging him!"
(20168) Ita: "Lets just leave his crap in his bag. They might reward us when we have returned him and his posession."
(20206) Bor: "just dig a hole and put him in, this smells horribly"
(20140) Riani: "The Body is too heavy I think, lets dig a grave for him for now?"
(20110) Issac (BM): "I think we should keep anything useful to our quest, and take back anything beloning to the church and order, rings crests holy symbols"
(20283) Terjon (enter): 19:11
(20172) Seeker: *Stand watch outside*
(20282) Sidhe: We are either returning the body for a reward
(20145) Mali Ohba: *pulls a hand shove out of her inquisitive's kit
(20282) Sidhe: Or feeding it to our new children.
(20282) Sidhe: Do not waste.
(20110) Issac (BM) will stand watch with seeker
(20145) Mali Ohba: "True, but his bones must rest"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *gives holy symbol to Issac
(20140) Riani: "We could inform the Lion Guard later and they can come recover it."
(20110) Issac (BM) bows before mali "Thank you"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "You seem like you were looking for this"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "just the flesh. The bones are where the soul is!"
(20206) Bor: "What's wrong with using the body for something useful?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I have misjudges you dark one."*nods to Issac
(20110) Issac (BM): "It seems disrespectful"
(20206) Bor: "Sidhe, what do you say?"
(20110) Issac (BM): "Many do, I'm used to it"
(20206) Bor: (you don't know about them)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: anyone want to borrow a backpack
(20282) Sidhe: I agree with you Bor, better to be useful than not…
(20206) Bor: *kicks the rocks off the body*
(20206) Bor: "I'm not taking orders from you"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I agree with Sidhe." we should bury the bones and use the meat.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *mali starts digging a hole.
(20110) Issac (BM): "Were he not a noble man of the clergy I would be inclined to agree"
(20145) Mali Ohba: iquisitive's kit
(20206) Bor: *nods to them*
(20110) Issac (BM): "But I would rather not incite the wrath of heronius"
(20145) Mali Ohba: hand shove. it's like a one shot gets you a few usful things.
(20282) Sidhe: *smiles a bit sadly.*
(20206) Bor: *helps mali* "leave it to me"
(20140) Riani helps dig a hole.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "We should mark this hole."
(20282) Sidhe: Heronius will not blame you.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks for wood plank
(20110) Issac (BM): "If I allow his body to be stripped of its flesh, he may"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *carves a "here lies Lion Guard" and gravestones
(20110) Issac (BM): "Especially by the creatures that killed him"
(20282) Sidhe: I'll take the blame for you.
(20140) Riani puts a few rocks on it as well.
(20145) Mali Ohba: *puts JE on it
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Well gnome, lead on!"
(20206) Bor: "at last"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: The Rock, it is!
(20110) Issac (BM): (i have about an hour and 30 minutes)
(20283) Terjon: Disconnecting from server…
(20283) Terjon (exit): 19:18
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Bor, how we treat the dead is important. Everyone knows the soul is in the bones"
(20206) Bor: "Sure, but why waste his flesh?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "others didn't understand"
(20206) Bor: (I'm not in the front)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I did not know that!
(20206) Bor: "Crazy people with their weird gods"
(20110) Issac (BM): "Stripping him of his flesh seems disrespectful
(20172) Seeker: *Glances towards Mali* I have no bones as such
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((but I don't have Know, religion))
(20145) Mali Ohba: (agrees with bor out of game)
(20140) Riani: "The soul goes back to the pool of souls is what my people believe."
(20110) Issac (BM): (issac would agree were the person not a cleric)
(20282) Sidhe: Perhaps you have no soul, Seeker.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Seeker, You are special. You are an extension of your creator, a great wizard indeed."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "You share his soul. and his bones"
(20206) Bor: "Makes sense"
(20206) Bor: *looks into the caravan*
(20168) Ita gets out of the way for them to pass.
(20140) Riani moves aside and lets the donkey riding gnome pass.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((stand a deliver!))
(20206) Bor: "Hail! What are you doing here?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Another Gnome!'
(20206) Bor: "Job"
(20140) Riani: "We're heading west, good sir. May I ask if your heading towards Dragonport?"
(20206) Bor: *sense motive*
(20282) Sidhe: *eye gnome distrustfully.*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "what's your name mr. gnome?"
(20206) Bor: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
(20168) Ita stays outside.
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
(20282) Sidhe: I think I'm good.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Glee Thorpes, how is it that you came to be on this road?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: sense motive [1d20] => [4] = (4)
(20206) Bor: (I rolled 14)
(20110) Issac (BM): (19)
(20145) Mali Ohba: senses motive inspirationally [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
(20206) Bor: (lol woot)
(20110) Issac (BM) will follow the gnome to see what there is to buy
(20145) Mali Ohba: "He's cute and cool guys. he just wants to haggle with us over junk!"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: hmmm, interesting stuff!
(20282) Sidhe: sense motive [1d20-2] => [5,-2] = (3) to see how badly I misjudge
(20140) Riani: "Another man's junk," she says, looking through the junk.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "I use the word junk with reverence, not as an insult"
(20110) Issac (BM): (thats with detect magic yeah bill?)
(20282) Sidhe: I am sure it is fascinating.
(20188) Bill Bisco : you detect no magic :)
(20140) Riani picks up a pair of bracelets from a pile and shows it to Glee Thorpe, "How much for these?"
(20206) Bor: *have a look at his wares*
(20110) Issac (BM) looks at the trinkets curiously
(20188) Bill Bisco : 2 silver pieces
(20282) Sidhe: *pace back and look up at the sky instead.*
(20206) Bor: *drifts off uninterested*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Mr. thorpe, what can you tell us about the road ahead?"
(20140) Riani hands over 2 silver pieces, and quickly fastens her bracelets on.
(20110) Issac (BM): "How much for this flying thing here?"
(20206) Bor: *looks for fruits on nearby trees*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Chameleon men?"
(20140) Riani: "How did you pass?"
(20206) Bor: (Bor's leaving in half an hour)
(20110) Issac (BM) hands him a gold peice
(20145) Mali Ohba: "ooh, a collaseum, that's right up Bor's alley."*goes to get Bor
(20145) Mali Ohba: (it's diplomacy)
(20206) Bor: "Hey Mali"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Apparently, ahead there are guys called chameleon men who like to fight in a collesium."
(20145) Mali Ohba: "What do you think bor?"
(20282) Sidhe: Let's stick close.
(20206) Bor: "That's great news! I'm getting bored with these guys and their fancy words and polemic discussion"
(20188) Bill Bisco : The Chameleon men love trinkets
(20188) Bill Bisco : ooh and skype is bugging out again
Game disconnected!
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Game connected!
(20286) Bill Bisco (enter): 19:29
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(20130) hueloovoo (enter): 19:29
(20174) Pheonix (enter): 19:29
(20196) Xaoc (enter): 19:29
(20251) Anemos (enter): 19:29
(20261) Orion (enter): 19:29
(20271) Synjin (enter): 19:29
(20272) Fox (enter): 19:29
(20273) Flamester (enter): 19:29
(20281) Dark_Flame (enter): 19:29
(20185) Athens (enter): 19:29
(20286) Bill Bisco : wow, annoying
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(20286) Bill Bisco : k, I'm back
(20286) Bill Bisco : Alrighty, what next
(20130) hueloovoo: Alright, off to face RL a while.
(20130) hueloovoo: Laters everyone!
(20286) Bill Bisco : mmmkay
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(20286) Bill Bisco (enter): 19:32
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Moving to room 'Black Marches: Pregame Chat'..
(20288) Bill Bisco (enter): 19:32
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(20188) Bill Bisco (enter): 19:32
(20140) Siam (enter): 19:32
(20110) Issac (BM) (enter): 19:32
(20172) Vicerious (enter): 19:32
(20145) Mali Ohba (enter): 19:32
(20288) Bill Bisco : mmkay
(20206) Bor (enter): 19:32
(20187) Tai (enter): 19:32
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz (enter): 19:32
(20235) Sidhe (enter): 19:32
(20158) Karma (enter): 19:32
(20282) Sidhe (enter): 19:33
(20288) Bill Bisco : Alright, Skype is bugging out, next time a different chat program
(20288) Bill Bisco : Finish off in chat, sorry
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Mr. Thorpe, how did you get past the chameleon men?":
(20288) Bill Bisco : just show'em a trinket or 2, they'll be impressed enough
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ok, on we go!
(20145) Mali Ohba: "What did they like, the shinies or the moving ones?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : alright, Gleethropes waves you goodbye
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: hey, thanks for the earrings…and the warning!
(20288) Bill Bisco : *waves and nods
(20282) Sidhe: *to thorpe* You'd best be right on that, and thank you if you are.
(20206) Bor: "That would be no fun, we should fight"
(20282) Sidhe: *to bor* I'm sure they may be amenable.
(20282) Sidhe: *continue on!*
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Thank you Mr. Thorpe, I shall be sure to mention you to people on the road."
(20206) Bor: "Wha?"
(20145) Mali Ohba: *follows party
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: um, we are being paid, I don't think we should fight just for the heck of it
(20206) Bor: *goes along*
(20288) Bill Bisco : you move along the trail
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: onward!
(20206) Bor: "So we can't do fun stuff and get paid, we must do boring stuff to get paid"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The trees of the Western Bough rise up on your right, tall and beautiful. Likewise, Rendwood on your left is filled with color: red and yellow leaves, brown tree trunks covered with green moss, the blue of wildflowers. deep black shadows. After 3 1 / 2 miles, the Westem Bough forest rolls away to the north: one half mile away, across a flat plain, stand tall mountains with snow-capped peaks shining in the sun. Your trail turns south and west, following the edge of Rendwood and heading for a narrow strip of flatland between the woods and the mountains
(20140) Riani moves with the party.
(20172) Seeker: That is the way of the world, Bor
(20206) Bor: "We got paid to fight alongside boars and dance with orcs, that was fun"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: well, no, you can do fun stuff, but if you get killed, you don't get paid
(20282) Sidhe: Wise statement.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz grins
(20288) Bill Bisco : You travel for another mile when, suddenly, 10 strange looking humanoid creatures clamberclumsily out of the brush ahead of you. With awkward swiftness they form a line
(20206) Bor: "I'm not getting killed, I'm not some puny mage"
(20288) Bill Bisco : across the trail, blocking your path. They look like living rainbows. their tall and thin bodies striped with red, blue, green. orange, yellow. brown. black and white. Those closer to the trees of Rendwood are harder to see; they seem to blend right in with the forest. They wear loincloths, and carry long daggers. Each has a very small sack tied to his waist
(20110) Issac (BM) is still playing with his toy
(20140) Riani waves at the strange looking people.
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Please don't pick on Bor, he's the best fighter i've ever met."
(20282) Sidhe: Oh so I am getting killed then -
(20288) Bill Bisco : One of thc creatures holds up his broad hand. In halting Common, he says in a rasping voice, "This place is ours. Strangers pass only by leave of the Lord of Shade.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz readies her crossbow
(20288) Bill Bisco : Surrender and face the judgement of the Omnerubesk, or perish here
(20206) Bor: "You shoot color beams, you're special Sidhe, and you stay behind me"
(20145) Mali Ohba: "Who is Omnerubesk?"
(20206) Bor: "Is that the coliseum?"
(20282) Sidhe: Do we have leave of the lord of Shade? *looks around to those who bought trinkets, curiously.*
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Omnerubesk is the Trials of Battle
(20110) Issac (BM) continues walking mezmerized a little bit by the flying trinket, he stops short only at the word judgement
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: him, surrender or parish…thats an interesting offer…can I add an option though? what if we kill you all instead?
(20206) Bor: *laughs at Rinzle*
(20145) Mali Ohba: *gets bor's back*
(20288) Bill Bisco : * A few chameleon men are distracted by Isaac, but interestingly do not feel able or wanting to stop him
(20140) Riani looks at Rinzle's back with a look of "What have you done"
(20288) Bill Bisco : "Kill us hah, we are trained warriors and many, we are the Chameleon men"
(20288) Bill Bisco : and Isaac goes past them unmolested
(20206) Bor: "Get them, gnome!"
(20110) Issac (BM) as I pass wonders why they let me through curiously
(20172) Seeker: *Attempting to disbelieve*
(20172) Seeker: Initiative: Init [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(20172) Seeker: Will Save: Will save [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
(20288) Bill Bisco : They seem real
(20172) Seeker: Init was wrong
(20145) Mali Ohba: *looks at Sidhe*
(20282) Sidhe: *sighs* Get out the things we just got folks. Anyone got two?
(20206) Bor: "So what's this judgement?"
(20110) Issac (BM): "I only bought hte one im sorry
(20288) Bill Bisco : You will enter the arena and face our greatest warrior, if you win, you will live and be free to pass, if you lose, you will join the Chameleon men forever
(20288) Bill Bisco : escape means death
(20140) Riani: "Do you mean all of us fight, or just one on one?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: tempting, tempting…you seem like a crack squad of warriors!
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Omneruhesk is a fair battle, one on one, choose your champion
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: let me discuss your offer with out leader the Demon Demigod Dragonforged Dormamo….after all he might get mad if I accept your offer
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz walks over to Isaac
(20288) Bill Bisco : * if you aren't wielding a trinket, you will be blocked
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Pleas, oh great one, don't destroy them all, for they know not whom they offend!
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: well, I'll show them my trinket "You mean this?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((the earrings))
(20288) Bill Bisco : a few of the Chameleon men become distracted
(20291) Bor (enter): 19:47
(20110) Issac (BM) notices the ones become distracted, and gets an idea, and plays with his alot more trying to distract the others
(20291) Bor: (back)
(20291) Bor: (did shit hit the fan?)
(20292) Sidhe (enter): 19:48
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I hope this is enough, when he is angered he tends to summon plagues and firy death and ask questions latter…this will do, won'tit?
(20293) Mali Ohba (enter): 19:48
(20288) Bill Bisco : *The Chameleon men follow the flying trinket, becoming distracted
(20291) Bor: (I got DCed along with multiple people)
(20292) Sidhe: *sneak past then with um mali.*
(20292) Sidhe: *yeah me too.*
(20288) Bill Bisco : One shakes his head, what say you! Go Back or Face the Omnerub esk
(20291) Bor: (You got lucky I DCed, I'd pick a fight)
(20110) Issac (BM) trys to get them to not face the group and look away
(20291) Bor: *does whatever the rest of the group is doing*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You can distract them with the trinket long enough and most of the group can get past
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz chuckles and moves past the distracted chamelion men
(20293) Mali Ohba: Disconnecting from server…
(20293) Mali Ohba (exit): 19:50
(20288) Bill Bisco : Rinzle is the last one left, and with the earrings in hand, they are helpless to stop,
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((darn internet!))
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Chameleon men standing in their wall in a line, sigh, and bow their heads
(20110) Issac (BM) will follow once the others are out of sight
(20300) Mali Ohba (enter): 19:50
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz grins and struts onward!
(20292) Sidhe: *ponders why they are helpless against odd trinkets of all things.*
(20300) Mali Ohba (exit): 19:51
(20288) Bill Bisco : I assume you all go ahead
(20288) Bill Bisco : The land on both sides of the trail is hard and rocky. Jagged boulders and sharp stones litter the ground. The trail remains smooth, however, and you have no trouble riding along it. A swift-flowing river crosses your trail, spanned by a bridge made of dull gray stone. An arch made of the same stone stands at the mouth of the bridge. Odd runes are carved into the arch. The runes are ancient, yet somehow familar. Beyond the bridge the trail leads into a small stand of trees. which blocks your view of the terrain beyond it.
(20291) Bor: (can we get relocated in the map?)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((actually I wonder too…but I won't argue with "winning!"))
(20302) Vicerious (enter): 19:51
Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (20288) Bill Bisco …
(20294) Karma (enter): 19:52
(20292) Sidhe: *deciphers script on them! or know arcana?*
(20300) Mali Ohba (enter): 19:52
(20302) Seeker: ((Did I miss anything important?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : decipher script or linguistics check
(20292) Sidhe: decipher script [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5) know arcana [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
(20294) Karma: Disconnecting from server…
(20294) Karma (exit): 19:52
(20288) Bill Bisco : The land on both sides of the trail is hard and rocky. Jagged boulders and sharp stones litter the ground. The trail remains smooth, however, and you have no trouble riding along it. A swift-flowing river crosses your trail, spanned by a bridge made of dull gray stone. An arch made of the same stone stands at the mouth of the bridge. Odd runes are carved into the arch. The runes are ancient, yet somehow familar. Beyond the bridge the trail leads into a small stand of trees. which blocks your view of the terrain beyond it.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: oh, I see, the runes
(20288) Bill Bisco : The inscription on the Bridge Reads: Let no man cross the bridge without first giving to the water that which is its due"
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(20235) Sidhe (exit): 19:53
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((should we wait a bit for Sidhe?))
(20292) Sidhe: *is these the runes or someone else with actual ranks in deicphr script want to try?*
(20291) Bor: "What does it say?"
(20292) Sidhe: ((that was my double in this case))
(20140) Riani: (nothing happened actually)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((oh, ok))
(20292) Sidhe: Let no man cross the bridge without first giving to the water what it is due.
(20302) Seeker: ((How did we get passed the chameleon men?))
(20291) Bor: "How about a woman or a robot?"
(20292) Sidhe: ((trinket distractions)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: well, first off, I'm not a man….
(20291) Bor: "Damn right"
(20292) Sidhe: *looks to rinzle* Really ma'am?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((they flying toy))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz grins
(20292) Sidhe: *then checks rinzle's gender*
(20110) Issac (BM): (is kinda glad im a curious character)
(20291) Bor: (what's the river's width?)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: second, usually what a man gives to a river is to take a pis in it!
(20292) Sidhe: There are times to be literal and times not to be, I think this is a time … hehe.
(20288) Bill Bisco : 20 feet wide
(20292) Sidhe: *snickers slightly* Not to be.
(20309) Jason (enter): 19:57
(20140) Riani: (Wow my internet is terrible)
(20291) Bor: Ok, take 10 on a jump check
(20110) Issac (BM) casts create water to feed the river
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: wonder if there is a backboneissue, that might be why we lost skype too
(20291) Bor: that's 20
(20292) Sidhe: Though… yeah let's just swim, why use the bridge? *glances down* Ah, right, this donkey.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((oops,thats OOC))
(20302) Seeker: ((How wide is the river?))
(20292) Sidhe: Donkey, can you swim?
(20110) Issac (BM): (i have about 40 minutes)
(20288) Bill Bisco : IF you can make a 20 ft jump you cross the river Bor
(20302) Seeker: ((Oop, saw the answer, nevermind))
(20291) Bor: (so I did)
(20288) Bill Bisco : yeup
(20110) Issac (BM): (did pumping water into the river do anything noticable ?
(20288) Bill Bisco : you cross the river, a few moments pass and you seem no worse for the wear
(20291) Bor: "Just jump across!"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((hey, can we maybe set up another play date for this, or should we press on to the end?
(20302) Seeker: *I'll take a running start and long jump across the water*
(20302) Seeker: Athletics [1d20+14] => [19,14] = (33)
(20288) Bill Bisco : (((you don't have too far to go)))
(20292) Sidhe: *seek to ford the river with … no just swim across myself, also my snake.*
(20292) Sidhe: *pull the donkey across.*
(20292) Sidhe: *let it swim on its own.*
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(20188) Bill Bisco (exit): 19:59
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20302) Seeker: *I'll also glide from the height of the jump to extend the distance if necessary*
(20291) Bor: (DC is 20, not necessary)
(20288) Bill Bisco : with care you ford the river
(20288) Bill Bisco : the river is soft flowing, with a swim check you can cross
(20292) Sidhe: swim speed gives +8 so…
(20292) Sidhe: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: actually, I forgot about Twinleear Frumbletwill McWallobee, my cat, but now I pick him up and walk across the bridge with him in my arms
(20288) Bill Bisco : k, you're able to cross eventually
(20300) Mali Ohba: Disconnecting from server…
(20300) Mali Ohba (exit): 20:01
(20288) Bill Bisco : Rinzle crosses the bridge unmolested
(20288) Bill Bisco : and seems no worse for the wear
(20110) Issac (BM) is gonna cross the bridge as well
(20140) Riani crosses the bridge
(20288) Bill Bisco : Isaac follows suit no problems
(20288) Bill Bisco : everyone is across, all is well
(20292) Sidhe: *shakes self off on the other side.* Well that was nice.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: see, no willy, no worries!
(20291) Bor: "You're not a man after all"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz chuckles at Bor with glee
(20292) Sidhe: No, no she is not. *is soaked however.*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You’re approaching the end of your journey. Jenlar Temlin’s map indicates chat The Rock is less than two miles away. Barring any trouble, you should reach The Rock soon. The trail slowly bends until it is heading due north. About a half-mile from the bridge. the trail ends in a tangle of boulders and rubble. Ahead ofyou lies a land filled with huge boulders and thou-
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: nope, and I have the girls to prove it!
(20291) Bor: (any ideia of time left? I should be sleeping)
(20288) Bill Bisco : ((the boss encounter is next)))
(20292) Sidhe: *checks Rinzle's gender again.*
(20291) Bor: *goes onward*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You stand before a solitary peak in the center of a plain one-half mile square. Your hearts tell you this is your goal, this is The Rock. This mighty pillar of stone is 150‘ tall from the base to its flat summit. Thc base is roughly rectangular, IO’ wide on its
(20288) Bill Bisco : northern and southern sides, and only 11’ wide on the east and west sides. “be Rack hecomes more circular near the summit. The sides of the peak are steep, and it would be difficult to climb them, ifpossible at all.
(20288) Bill Bisco : You are at the Rock, the massive surface is before you
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23)
(20110) Issac (BM): searches around it
(20291) Bor: "So we have to get to the top and that's it, right?
(20302) Seeker: Perception [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
(20110) Issac (BM): "We have to find out its secrets"
(20292) Sidhe: *detect magic on.*
(20292) Sidhe: *wait no someone else has that.*
(20110) Issac (BM): (has constant DM)
(20288) Bill Bisco : K, there's magic on one side of the Rock
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: search (perception) [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
(20110) Issac (BM): im gonna search that side more intently
(20288) Bill Bisco : you touch the side of the rock
(20291) Bor: "take care! it could be a trap!"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The stone is not solid! Anything that touches this side of The Rock passes through as if through air!
(20110) Issac (BM) almost falls through the side
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Ah!, an Illusion!
(20309) Jason: Disconnecting from server…
(20309) Jason (exit): 20:06
(20110) Issac (BM): "Hey guys…this looks interesting"
(20110) Issac (BM) takes a step inside
(20291) Bor: "I'm used to this, let's go"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: walks into the illusionary wall
(20291) Bor: *rushes in*
(20292) Sidhe: *steps through after*
(20302) Seeker: *Follows*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You fmd yourselves in a large hall 380‘ long and 240‘ wide. The hall is brightly lit, as if the light ofithe noon sun were shining down into it. The walls are IO’ high, and from there the ceiling curves upward until it is approximately 350 feet high overhead. You stand in the center of the hall, looking forward. At the far end of the ball you see four raised platforms 00 the floor,
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: you know, if it was me, I'd put a pit in the middle of the wall illusion…
(20288) Bill Bisco : The walls of the hall are made of white marble filigreed with gold and silver in various natural forms: ttees, flowers, wildlife, clouds; and human life: warriors, builders raising cities, market place scenes, etc. Letters of saver and gold are etched into the floor in front of you. They read, HUBRELIS TUMASSEN.
(20110) Issac (BM): (what language?)
(20292) Sidhe: This place is lovely.
(20288) Bill Bisco : you notice that the figures lighting the sides seem to be of grey skinned large and tall creatures
(20288) Bill Bisco : Language is Dwarven
(20288) Bill Bisco : script
(20292) Sidhe: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
(20302) Seeker: *Stays near the group, but eagerly examines the carved figures appreciatively*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You believe the words mean: "The Pride of Tuma"
(20288) Bill Bisco : You h aq uiet voices calling to you. They tell you to look at the glorious side of the hall, saying, “This is Tuma! Thii is the greatness that was once los
(20291) Bor: *stands next to the entrance*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You hear Quiet Voices
(20302) Seeker: ((Anyone have knowledge (history)?))
(20292) Sidhe: *reads them slowly.* Hubris… root for pride… the pride of Tuma…
(20292) Sidhe: *looks that way*
(20288) Bill Bisco : The figures call out saying
(20288) Bill Bisco : Our Civilization has been lost
(20288) Bill Bisco : cursed, driven to be part of the land they once dwelled in and worked
(20288) Bill Bisco : we are powerless and helpless until one mighty and strong can save us and be our king once more
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(20172) Vicerious (exit): 20:11
(20288) Bill Bisco : You notice that the statues start to move
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20145) Mali Ohba' from server… Removing dead client
(20145) Mali Ohba (exit): 20:11
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: oooh, I've heard this story before…we need a HEro!
(20291) Bor: *notices the statues and closes in*
(20292) Sidhe: I think you will have your fight Bor.
(20288) Bill Bisco : One Prominent statue in the form of a mostly naked grey-skinned large humanoid with a Stone Crown on approaches
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20282) Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
(20282) Sidhe (exit): 20:11
(20288) Bill Bisco : "You must save us!"
(20302) Seeker: *Whirls about to watch as the statue moves*
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20158) Karma' from server… Removing dead client
(20291) Bor: "How?"
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20158) Karma' from server… Removing dead client
(20158) Karma (exit): 20:12
(20110) Issac (BM): "How?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: How can we save you? and why should we?
(20288) Bill Bisco : He Draws a Sword of Stone, and speaks "By Defeating me!"
(20291) Bor: "Do I need to take your crown?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : Initiative
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: for all we know you are trapped demons waiting to destroy the world!
(20292) Sidhe: *cast nerveskitter on bor*
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20] => [18] = (18)
(20291) Bor: Whirling Frenzy - > charge with trip
(20302) Seeker: Init [1d20] => [19] = (19)
(20292) Sidhe: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: initiative [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
(20292) Sidhe: *19 for bor*
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(20187) Tai (exit): 20:13
(20291) Bor: (that's with nerveskitter)
(20318) Aiden (enter): 20:13
(20292) Sidhe: *no 14*
(20292) Sidhe: (kk busy with toast*
(20288) Bill Bisco : k go ahead seeker
(20302) Seeker: Move up to front, ready spear against a charge
(20288) Bill Bisco : 2 Stone creatures are coming, attack
(20291) Bor: (how many are there?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : 2
(20288) Bill Bisco : Size: Large
(20318) Aiden: Disconnecting from server…
(20318) Aiden (exit): 20:14
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((can you use action points to maximize your damage?))
(20291) Bor: (attack who?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : sure
(20321) No Name (enter): 20:15
(20110) Issac (BM): "Attack the one with the crown"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The creatures attack
(20302) Seeker: ((No AP on damage rolls, I think))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: attack the one wih the CROWN!
(20288) Bill Bisco : I don't mind it if you use 2
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [6,4] = (10)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [7,4] = (11)
(20291) Bor: (who do they attack?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : that would be against the man in front, seeker, he can attack first
(20302) Seeker: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
(20302) Seeker: And an AoO if they don't have reach
(20288) Bill Bisco : Miss unfortunately
(20288) Bill Bisco : they have reach, sorry, large
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((hmmm, is it worth it to do a guarenteed 4 hps? what does everyone think?)
(20291) Bor: (they are large)
(20288) Bill Bisco : take 10 then 11 damage
(20288) Bill Bisco : now would be a good time for action points
(20288) Bill Bisco : Everyone else go
(20302) Seeker: That puts me at -10 exactly
(20288) Bill Bisco : spend 2 action points to save yourself
(20291) Bor: (then use AP)
(20288) Bill Bisco : raise your AC, etc.
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21) Damage [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3) [1d6+1] => [1,1] = (2)
(20110) Issac (BM): (im standing at the back of the group
(20302) Seeker: 2 AP to avoid death, I'm at -1
(20291) Bor: (whirling Frenzy, Charge with trip attempt, two attacks)
(20288) Bill Bisco : kk
(20291) Bor: (going for the crowned one)
(20288) Bill Bisco : k Seeker
(20288) Bill Bisco : kk roll, everyone else roll too
(20302) Seeker: *Seeker falls to the floor, inert*
(20291) Bor: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
(20291) Bor: (touch)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((what I want to do is use the spell True Strike, then attack with my staff, and use 2 action points to do the full 4 points max for the staff))
(20291) Bor: (now strenght)
(20288) Bill Bisco : touched
(20291) Bor: [1d20+15] => [12,15] = (27)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
(20288) Bill Bisco : success
(20110) Issac (BM): (did I hit ?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : yeup isaac
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [2,3,10] = (15)
(20291) Bor: (15 damage)
(20288) Bill Bisco : damage noted
(20291) Bor: (second attack at him again)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((if I can do that, I will, it adds +20 to my attack roll))
(20291) Bor: [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [4,2,10] = (16)
(20140) Riani: ((Sorry, had to step away for a bit))
(20291) Bor: (16 damage)
(20291) Bor: (will use AP if he is not dead)
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20292) Sidhe: *seeking to keep out of reach of the statues, reach forward to touch Seeker's tail with a healing charge.* half [2d8] => [1,5] = (6)
(20288) Bill Bisco : everyone else go
(20288) Bill Bisco : Seeker regains consciousness
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16) [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21) Damage [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7) [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7)
(20288) Bill Bisco : you already went isaac, one sec
(20291) Bor: (so how many AP I use to what effect?)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: staff attack with True Strike [1d20+21] => [9,21] = (30) 2 action points t max damage to 4
(20110) Issac (BM): oh i though it was next round my bad
(20288) Bill Bisco : True strike takes an action to cast
(20302) Seeker: ((If you have 5+level AP per level, 5 at first))
(20288) Bill Bisco : and lasts 1 round
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: sorry, eyes, having trouble keepiong up
(20288) Bill Bisco : you cast true strike for next round
(20288) Bill Bisco : new round
(20288) Bill Bisco : Seeker, go
(20302) Seeker: D Door away from melee
(20288) Bill Bisco :
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20302) Seeker: 10 feet
(20302) Seeker: Can I stand as part of that?
(20288) Bill Bisco : yeup
(20140) Riani: [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) init :3
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ok, well, I do it in whatever time it takes, spell, then attack, then action points…ok to use the roll? and just have it go off next round? on the crown guy
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
(20288) Bill Bisco : 15 and 2 against Bor
(20288) Bill Bisco : Everyone else go
(20291) Bor: 15 hits
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d8+4] => [5,4] = (9)
(20291) Bor: (2 attacks on the fallen foe)
(20288) Bill Bisco : 9 damage, EVERYONE else go, including seeker
(20110) Issac (BM): want me to reroll next around?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((sorry, is my 4 pnts this round or next?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : yea attack again
(20292) Sidhe: *backs out of melee, pulls out crossbow and shoots at one*
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
(20288) Bill Bisco : you can attack now rinzle
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12)
(20140) Riani: Disconnecting from server…
(20110) Issac (BM): Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19) [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) Damage [1d6+1] => [1,1] = (2) [1d6+1] => [4,1] = (5)
(20140) Siam (exit): 20:24
(20291) Bor: (i'll use AP on those two)
(20292) Sidhe: *are any unoccupied?*
(20322) Siam (enter): 20:24
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20291) Bor: (so add a d6 to each)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) damage [1d4] => [1] = (1)
(20323) Mali Ohba (enter): 20:24
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(20288) Bill Bisco : they are both fighting Bor
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(20292) Sidhe: action point then [1d20+2+1d6] => [20,2,5] = (27)
(20288) Bill Bisco : you hit and do 4 damage Rinzle
(20302) Seeker: I'll Aid Another on attack rolls with Issac
(20291) Bor: (15 against fallen foe)
(20322) Riani: (That was odd)
(20323) Mali Ohba: (that was a bad crash)
(20292) Sidhe: [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(20288) Bill Bisco : those hit bor
(20291) Bor: (hits?)
(20292) Sidhe: *take it are not crittable?*
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [3,4,10] = (17)
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [4,2,10] = (16)
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Crowned Stone Creature crumbles from your 2 attacks, one is left over
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(20288) Bill Bisco : New Round
(20323) Mali Ohba: intitive [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
(20291) Bor: (trip him twice)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
(20291) Bor: (now str)
(20288) Bill Bisco : Opposed Str:
(20292) Sidhe: *shoot just normally* [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)[1d6] => [3] = (3)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+15] => [2,15] = (17)
(20288) Bill Bisco : Miss Sidhe
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20206) Bor' from server… Removing dead client
(20206) Bor (exit): 20:26
(20288) Bill Bisco : tripped
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [3,4,10] = (17)
(20291) Bor: (another attack)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
(20291) Bor: AP
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [5] = (5)
(20292) Sidhe: opposed str [1d20-2] => [1,-2] = (-1)
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [3,2,10] = (15)
(20291) Bor: (32 damage)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: is one still fighting Bor?
(20323) Mali Ohba: *doesn't know order, but is helping Bor's attacks [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
(20288) Bill Bisco : 32?
(20288) Bill Bisco : k
(20288) Bill Bisco : Everyone go
(20288) Bill Bisco : Creature attacks
(20291) Bor: (32 from both)
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(20324) Siam (enter): 20:28
(20288) Bill Bisco : Everyone go
(20302) Seeker: Aid another [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20) on Issac's attacks
(20323) Mali Ohba: I help him again [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20) inspired
(20292) Sidhe: (why did I make an opposed str?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : Isaac gets +2
(20325) Siam (enter): 20:28
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
(20288) Bill Bisco : hit
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I cast Hypnotism on Bor's opponent, DC14 I think
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [2,1,10] = (13)
(20325) Riani moves within point blank range and fires an arrow at the creature [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
(20325) Riani: [1d8+1] => [4,1] = (5) Damage assuming that hits.
(20291) Bor: [2d4+10] => [4,4,10] = (18)
(20325) Riani: Nice damage roll
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20-4] => [7,-4] = (3)
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Stone Creature seems unaffected
(20288) Bill Bisco : 26 hits
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: nuts
(20291) Bor: (isn't it dead?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : Riani's shot takes it out
(20110) Issac (BM): I get +2 to hit ?
(20288) Bill Bisco : the stone creature's head falls to the ground
(20291) Bor: *gets the crown and puts on his head*
(20323) Mali Ohba: *congradulates bor on a job well done*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: All Hail King Bor!!
(20323) Mali Ohba: *bows to the king of the fighters*
(20288) Bill Bisco : As Bor does so, you notice the cave starting to change
(20325) Riani: "A King now," she says, chuckling.
(20291) Bor: *runs like hell*
(20302) Seeker: *Limps back into the group*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Long live King Bor of the Tuma
(20288) Bill Bisco : the stony mists begin to reveal figured strapped in the stone made of stone
(20292) Sidhe: *looks at what is changing*
(20288) Bill Bisco : their jaws agape as if looking in great pain
(20110) Issac (BM): "I dare say the old wizard was onto something
(20288) Bill Bisco : slowly the stone begins to crack, and their arms and bodies are able to move for the first time in hundreds of years
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((er, figures trapped?))
(20323) Mali Ohba: *no longer*
(20325) Riani: "More of them?" she readies another arrow.
(20288) Bill Bisco : This strange race of large grey humanoid figures begin to take shape, surprised, aghast and extremely glad
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: no no!
(20292) Sidhe: Wait no.
(20323) Mali Ohba: "I don't think so"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: don't attack
(20291) Bor: *goes back and contemplates*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: they were trapped here!
(20291) Bor: "Hey fellas!"
(20323) Mali Ohba: "Hello, we are Bor and girls."
(20325) Riani relaxes a bit but seems skeptical, "Alright…"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I think Bor freed them!
(20288) Bill Bisco : In the back you hear a voice call out to you, "Thank you, I'll be taking that crown back, these Goliaths will make good slaves"
(20291) Bor: "I'm your Hero and I think a reward is in order."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: uh oh
(20292) Sidhe: *look to the back!*
(20325) Riani: "Did…you hear that?"
(20325) Riani turns around.
(20288) Bill Bisco : You see Jenlar Temlin, the wizard who hired you begin to reveal himself
(20110) Issac (BM) sighs
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Goliaths are bad news))
(20323) Mali Ohba: *cover's bors back*
(20291) Bor: *turns around*
(20288) Bill Bisco : *He outstretches his arm "Here please"
(20292) Sidhe: ((are slaves legal?))
(20291) Bor: "Ok, here's your crown"
(20291) Bor: *approaches him and trips him*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((does Knowledge-planes cover Goliaths?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : Roll a bluff check
(20302) Seeker: ((Goliaths are monstrous humanoids, so nature or local))
(20323) Mali Ohba: (it should be local)
(20291) Bor: [1d20-3] => [8,-3] = (5)
(20288) Bill Bisco : you tactics do not impress the mage, Roll Initiative
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
(20110) Issac (BM): me stays to the back of the area
(20325) Riani: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
(20110) Issac (BM): [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
(20302) Seeker: Init [1d20] => [12] = (12)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((oh, I was hoping they were from another plane…I just know they are BAD))
(20323) Mali Ohba: [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10)
(20325) Riani: (one cooked party coming right up xD)
(20292) Sidhe: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
(20292) Sidhe: ((how do you know that?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : Isaac GO
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((player knowledge, not character, there was one in a party I was in))
(20110) Issac (BM): (is knowledge devotion standard?)
(20302) Seeker: ((I think you're thinking of something else, Rin. Goliaths are a nomadic race from Races of Stone))
(20323) Mali Ohba: (issac, it's free but on turn)
(20110) Issac (BM): (or swift?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : it's a free action
(20323) Mali Ohba: Let's roll our KD then
(20110) Issac (BM): Knowledge Devotion (local for human) [1d20] => [9] = (9)+7 Rapid shot [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22) [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18) Damage [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7) [1d6+1] => [1,1] = (2)
(20302) Seeker: Bor, the crown! Destroy it!
(20110) Issac (BM): (thats a 16)
(20110) Issac (BM): "Dont try to get them to help)
(20110) Issac (BM): (+2 to damage on hit)
(20323) Mali Ohba: inspired kd [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23), puts up law devotion for +3 ac
(20288) Bill Bisco : I can't read your nomenclature, what's your to hit and damage
(20110) Issac (BM): 22 and 18 to hit would be 9 and 4 damage if both hit
(20288) Bill Bisco : k 13 damage
(20323) Mali Ohba: i forgot the +5 from collector, so i'm +3 to hit and damage
(20288) Bill Bisco : his turn
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((oh, the one in my other campaign was lawful evil, must have just been the player then))
(20288) Bill Bisco : Will Saves everyone
(20291) Bor: "Don't kill him, let's talk"
(20288) Bill Bisco : as a spray of colors stream forth
(20302) Seeker: Will [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
(20292) Sidhe: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
(20291) Bor: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: oops
(20323) Mali Ohba: inspired will (1 ip left) [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32) for spell
(20323) Mali Ohba: ignores iwth 20
(20110) Issac (BM): will [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) 11 spell resist and immune to sleep +2 to enhancement
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
(20325) Riani: [1d20+0] => [13,0] = (13) Will Save
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: [will save [1d20+1] => will save [1d20+1
(20288) Bill Bisco : beats SR
(20323) Mali Ohba: "your spells are laughable"
(20302) Seeker: *Falls to the floor, unconscious for the duration of the spell*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: er. something didn't work there
(20292) Sidhe: *from … color spray?*
(20288) Bill Bisco : just roll it
(20110) Issac (BM): does a 17 beat the DC?
(20325) Riani: (I like how we're all clumped together))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: will save [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
(20291) Bor: (our turn?)
(20288) Bill Bisco : color spray isn't enchantment
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: there
(20323) Mali Ohba: (i got bor's back, as long as teh server doesn't kick me)
(20288) Bill Bisco : DC is 16
(20110) Issac (BM): ah fair enough im a good ways back from the party but ok :D
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: yay!
(20291) Bor: "Your beams aren't as awesome as Sidhe"
(20110) Issac (BM): Effects?
(20288) Bill Bisco : K the rest of you who made the save can go, everyone who made the save, go
(20291) Bor: (Sidhe's*)
(20291) Bor: *sunders his spell component pouch*
(20292) Sidhe: Oh lord that's bright.
(20323) Mali Ohba: attacks with katana [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15) [1d8+4] => [4,4] = (8)
(20291) Bor: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
(20325) Riani: Let me spend an AP [1d6] => [3] = (3)
(20291) Bor: AP
(20110) Issac (BM): (whats color spray do ?)
(20325) Riani: I just barely pass *phews*
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
(20291) Bor: Another AP
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [1] = (1)
(20292) Sidhe: (stun and blind for time)
(20291) Bor: Another one, my last
(20291) Bor: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
(20288) Bill Bisco : K
(20325) Riani: (Color spray stuns, blind and knocks out depending on HD< its deadly if you have low HD)>
(20291) Bor: 14 attack roll on the spell component pouch
(20288) Bill Bisco : Will he falls to the ground
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: light crossbow attack [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) if hits does [1d6] => [6] = (6) damage
(20291) Bor: (hit?)
(20110) Issac (BM): (d8 i assume im just blind)
(20292) Sidhe: *fall unconscious*
(20325) Riani: ((HD, not hit die size xD)
(20325) Riani: (you have only 1 HD, so your knocked out, blinded and stunned)
(20288) Bill Bisco : gone from hp damage
(20110) Issac (BM): (can i ap to avoid that then lol)
(20288) Bill Bisco : The wizard is unconscious
(20291) Bor: "how are we gonna get our reward now?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : hehe, sure
(20291) Bor: *heal check*
(20292) Sidhe: *time would suffice*
(20291) Bor: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
(20323) Mali Ohba: (can you guys hear me?"
(20292) Sidhe: */is uninjured*
(20288) Bill Bisco : yeup
(20288) Bill Bisco : we can hear you
(20291) Bor: *heal check on the mage*
(20333) Melgarthur (enter): 20:43
(20325) Riani: "Was he seriously just following us the whole time?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : roll it he's still bleeding
(20302) Seeker: *recovering from the spell, Seeker staggers to his feet after a few moments*
(20291) Bor: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
(20323) Mali Ohba: "he had nothing better to do I'd bet."
(20291) Bor: "someone help me here"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((Jintar is unconscious?))
(20325) Riani: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) Healing check
(20288) Bill Bisco : -7
(20110) Issac (BM): bounds and gags the mage before they bring him back to conciousness
(20333) Melgarthur: Disconnecting from server…
(20333) Melgarthur (exit): 20:44
(20291) Bor: grapple him and use healing belt
(20291) Bor: [2d8] => [2,8] = (10)
(20291) Bor: (he's grappled)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: hands Bor a CLW potion
(20288) Bill Bisco : he is sufficiently healed but bound and gagged and grappled
(20323) Mali Ohba: "good job bor, but be careful."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: use this, its a cure light wounds potion
(20291) Bor: *strangles him)
(20110) Issac (BM): "Tell me why we healed him again"
(20323) Mali Ohba: "mages are trick, no offense rinzle"
(20291) Bor: (until he is unconscious)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: um, if you kill him, I doubt we get paid
(20323) Mali Ohba: "you healed him to knock him out?"
(20325) Riani: "I doubt we're getting paid anyway."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ok, that works Bor
(20291) Bor: "so he wouldn't die"
(20323) Mali Ohba: "I don't think he'll pay us now, reguardless
(20110) Issac (BM): "I agree im pretty sure hes not gonna pay us
(20291) Bor: *searches for riches*
(20288) Bill Bisco : he goes unconscious due to the barbarian strength forcing him
(20291) Bor: (on the wiz)
(20302) Seeker: *Looks at what the goliaths are doing*
(20323) Mali Ohba: *makes sure he's breathing*
(20291) Bor: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
(20325) Riani: "Well, we now have a small tribe of goliaths here."
(20110) Issac (BM): "He wants to enslave the goliaths, I dont think hes a very good person"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: he owes us, we did the job, he'll lose standing with the ((what was it Order of the Cowl?))
(20325) Riani: "An unconcious wizard, and the rest of us."
(20323) Mali Ohba: "this awfully familar"
(20325) Riani: "What was our job again?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : the mage has a spell component pouch, staff, sling, dagger, bullets, and fine noble's clothes
(20291) Bor: "Discover the secret"
(20110) Issac (BM): (i remember in old BM a gnome got the crown and was king of the goliaths lol)
(20291) Bor: *kicks him in the nuts*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: to reveal the secret of the Rock, which we did
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Goliaths greet you
(20325) Riani: "Yeah, only he already knew the secret it seems like>'
(20323) Mali Ohba: "Well met, do you speak common?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : their faces beaming, they turn towards Bor with great admiration and thanks
(20325) Riani: "And just wanted us to get the crown."
(20291) Bor: "Hail!"
(20291) Bor: "I command thee!"
(20288) Bill Bisco : "You have saved us from over a hundred years of turmoil, our old lands have been left untended but our people have returned"
(20110) Issac (BM): Normal staff or magical ? [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8) know arcan if the latter
(20323) Mali Ohba: "to party!"
(20110) Issac (BM): fail
(20291) Bor: "Do whatever pleases you, as long as it doesn't make me pissed."
(20288) Bill Bisco : "And now we have a new and worthy king to guide us to Prosperitiy
(20323) Mali Ohba: "so you speak common!"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: well, from a contractual standpoint, hisprior knowledge or lack there of makes no difference, he hired us, we did what the contract specified
(20292) Sidhe: *smiles*
(20291) Bor: *ponders for a moment*
(20323) Mali Ohba: "Bor is not a king, he's a fighter"
(20292) Sidhe: Bring them prosperity and parties, Bor.
(20288) Bill Bisco : "Aye, it was a tongue we learned after years of captivity and torment"
(20325) Riani: "He can be both," she chuckles.
(20302) Seeker: You could give the crown to them, Bor
(20323) Mali Ohba: "He eats kings for breakfast."
(20291) Bor: "I'm glad you are now safe."
(20325) Riani: "Well, you could simply let them pick their king, but it seems like someone's been chosen already."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: hmmm, how about we let the Goliaths decide this frakkers fate?
(20292) Sidhe: *looks back* Your people created the glories here?
(20291) Bor: "I will guide you to prosperity"
(20288) Bill Bisco : "We are too, we are finally free from the Temlin Clan's tyranny
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20321) No Name' from server… Removing dead client
(20321) No Name (exit): 20:50
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: wow
(20291) Bor: "The way to prosperity is the one which you choose and trail yourself"
(20110) Issac (BM): "Would you goliaths happen to have any, books in our language that I can study?
(20288) Bill Bisco : We were a proud people, until we were enslaved by the Temlins
(20328) Mindos (enter): 20:50
(20288) Bill Bisco : All our knowledge, our society and culture, has been engraved into The Rock
(20323) Mali Ohba: "Issac, you like books? I know a place."
(20110) Issac (BM): "Knowledge is everything
(20288) Bill Bisco : "that is what we know"
(20323) Mali Ohba: *realizes Issac would be a perfec knowledge buster
(20325) Riani: "What language is it written in?" she asks the Goliaths
(20110) Issac (BM): (knowledge buster)
(20292) Sidhe: *looks about.* It would be a great pleasure to linger here and study your engravings for many.
(20110) Issac (BM): ?
(20323) Mali Ohba: (it's a thing i'm doing with my background)
(20288) Bill Bisco : It's written in the Dwarven Script, a writing style we inherited long ago
(20110) Issac (BM): Sadly Im uncapable, of reading your script, you wouldnt happen to have a cipher would you ?
(20291) Bor: "I'm sorry, but could we have some kind of material reward?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: what a story! an evil wizard's family enslaves a race of good giants, and the wizard tries to regain control over them by duping a bunch of fresh adventurers and ends up captures, and the giants freed!
(20323) Mali Ohba: *takes the script
(20323) Mali Ohba: reads dwarvish
(20323) Mali Ohba: *to bor
(20325) Riani: "Indeed, I am glad to be a part of it," she says, swishing her tail happily.
(20288) Bill Bisco : Now that the curse is lifted, much of the Dwarven Script can be read
(20288) Bill Bisco : You hear tales of mighty goliath warriors defending against giants, rocs and similar things larger than themselves
(20110) Issac (BM): (cant read dwarven yet sadly)(20288) Bill Bisco : you get a sense of their laws of marriage and their customs and ways of dividing up land
(20323) Mali Ohba: "this reads like a normal day for bor"
(20291) Bor: "You seem like a manly race full of honor"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I can read it, and will, aloud, to anyone who wants to listen
(20288) Bill Bisco : the tales seem to abruptly stop when it mentions a clan of humans wearing red named the Temlin
(20325) Riani looks a bit peeved at what Bor said.
(20323) Mali Ohba: (rinzle, i've been reading it)
(20110) Issac (BM): "Sounds like this guys family has been torturing this guy for ages"
(20291) Bor: "What is it that you wish for your future?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((oh ok, well, that works too))
(20302) Seeker: *Listens to the stories with rapt attention*
(20110) Issac (BM): "I think we should leave the mage for the goliaths to do as they wish"
(20323) Mali Ohba: *gives the script to Rinzle to see if he can gather anything imporant
(20291) Bor: "What if he recovers?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : "The material reward is our allegiance, our only artifact left is the Stone King's Crown itself and the writing of our history, the passage of time has removed the rest"
(20323) Mali Ohba: "the mage is a citizen of Dragonport"
(20110) Issac (BM): "hes bound and gagged"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Seriously folks, we ned to do something with this guy, that doesn't end up getting us all killed by his family or something
(20323) Mali Ohba: "He has rights."
(20110) Issac (BM) copies down as much of the history as he can while listening"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((SHE))
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20322) Siam' from server… Removing dead client
(20322) Siam (exit): 20:56
(20292) Sidhe: His family imprisoned a proud and artistic race for how many years?
(20323) Mali Ohba: *notes that isaac is doing what she is doing mentally*
(20291) Bor: *approaches the Goliath*
(20325) Riani: "Any of us experts in Dragonport's laws?"
(20291) Bor: "What does this crown do?"
(20325) Riani: "I'd rather not trip over toes over this."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: er, so what rights does he have…is slavery even illegal?
(20110) Issac (BM): "Know Local [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27) on laws
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Temlins enslaved us with their magic many years ago, over the generations we began to rebel, as punishment, they cursed us to become part of the very Rock that was the centre of our lives"
(20323) Mali Ohba: (nobility?)
(20110) Issac (BM): (score)
(20323) Mali Ohba: hope you made the right check
(20288) Bill Bisco : Know Nobility would be fine, I'm tempted to say profession lawyer
(20323) Mali Ohba: that would actually make me suck at
(20110) Issac (BM): (I dunno why know local wouldnt be a right check either since it would be local law)
(20323) Mali Ohba: I think issac naild it tho
(20292) Sidhe: (local seems quite reasonable)
(20291) Bor: "But what does this crown actually do?"
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(20328) Mindos: Disconnecting from server…
(20288) Bill Bisco : agreed on local
(20328) Mindos (exit): 20:58
Server Administrator-> Kicking '(20324) Siam' from server… Removing dead client
(20324) Siam (exit): 20:58
(20323) Mali Ohba: (issac, you are so going to the floating library)lol
(20110) Issac (BM): (lol totally sounds like fun)
(20110) Issac (BM): rolled a nat 20 on that local there bill
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I think killing him is not a good act, he DOES have rights, but just letting him go is gunna get use killed
(20302) Seeker: ((I think it's a question of law vs chaos, not good and eveil))
(20325) Riani: "Well, maybe we could wake him up and see if he's willing to talk?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Stone Crown grants the wielder the allegiance of the Goliaths and the ability to cast stone shape 3/day
(20325) Riani: "Without his spell pouch and hands tied of course."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: thats why I suggest again, let the Goliaths decide what to do, they are the injured party
(20292) Sidhe: No.
(20110) Issac (BM): "That was my decision"
(20323) Mali Ohba: Rinzle, you have taken charge of this entire fiasco, whatever you deside is best, I'm behind you."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I'm neutral good :P ))
(20110) Issac (BM): (course issacs decision may change based on the law)
(20291) Bor: "He deserves death, he forfeited his honor by betraying us and enslaving this mighty race."
(20110) Issac (BM): Never mind im chaotic no it wont but
(20292) Sidhe: I agree that the goliaths are the party with natural right in this situation. If slavery is illegal, is it?
(20323) Mali Ohba: (mali defaults to the authority figure, who is the guy who hired us…rin)
(20325) Riani: "If he were to die, his family and Order's retribution upon this tribe and us would be grave I think."
(20110) Issac (BM): waiting on bill to tell me if its illegal or not
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((is slavery illegal?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : Slavery is not illegal in Dragonport
(20288) Bill Bisco : it's a pirate town
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((thats pretty central to the wholeproblem))
(20288) Bill Bisco : that tries to have a veneer of acceptability
(20292) Sidhe: If he were not to die it may be worse.
(20110) Issac (BM): "Sadly its not illegal, but noone has to know the truth either"
(20291) Bor: "I used to be a slave"
(20291) Bor: "I'm not letting anyone have that same experience."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: so taking him to Dragonport is essentially freeing him
(20325) Riani: "They will find out, its hard to lie to an Order of Wizards."
(20110) Issac (BM): "Do as you wish, but im leaving him here with the goliaths"
(20291) Bor: *goes to the wiz and tries to wake him up*
(20288) Bill Bisco : He wakes up
(20110) Issac (BM): "On their own head be it, if they decide to bring anything upon my head, they will have to deal with the order of apollo"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Are there any among the Goliaths who wish to speak to this matter?
(20288) Bill Bisco : "bah, ;;;;;; what's going on"
(20110) Issac (BM): (hes gagged)
(20291) Bor: "How dare you try to fool us?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : they speak back, it is not for the servants to answer for their mighty king
(20325) Riani: "Yes, you are protected, but what of everyone else?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : "Our King must decide his fate"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((BAaaaa, Waaa, Gooee ow))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: So Bor is the King?
(20291) Bor: "Where's our gold?"
(20110) Issac (BM): "That settles it then"
(20292) Sidhe: *walks over, lets sea snake slither down beside the man, eyeing him.*
(20288) Bill Bisco : "Gold, fhah, you haven't given me the secret of the Rock"
(20325) Riani: "We have found the secret of the Rock. Written in Dwarven script."
(20302) Seeker: Secrets are information, and it lies plainly before you
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: actually we did, just because you knew it already didn't mean we didn't give it to you
(20292) Sidhe: This snake is quite poisonous, do you really wish to answer this way?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: your family enslaved them, mismanaged them to extinction, you hired us to free them, so you could enslave them again…thats the secret
(20291) Bor: "Forget the secret then. Where is our gold?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The fact that the curse required a non-Temlin to break it is of little consequence, the Crown Rightfully belongs to me
(20292) Sidhe: (intimidate) [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Can you offer anything to ransom your life then?
(20288) Bill Bisco : [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
(20291) Bor: "Yeah, rights. Forget about them too, I am King here. Where. Is. Our. GOLD?!"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The wizard is sufficiently intimidated
(20288) Bill Bisco : "Fine, if you spare my life, I will give ye the gold"
(20325) Riani: "Well, your family strongarmed your way into enslaving these people. So we're just strongarming our way to their freedom, they are free now," she says, arms crossed.
(20291) Bor: "How about the other way around?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((if you can kill him and he can't stop you, I'd say he's defacto "intimidated" :P ))
(20291) Bor: If you give us our gold, we will spare your life."
(20288) Bill Bisco : "very well, you will have to take me back to Dragonport, safe and sound
(20291) Bor: (who's here?)
(20323) Mali Ohba: (me)
(20292) Sidhe: Well looks like he is a reasonable enough person, your fangs will have to wait to be milked my friend. *gathers snake back up.*
(20302) Seeker: ((Me))
(20291) Bor: "Mali, look him in the eye and see if he is saying the truth."
(20325) Riani: "I think thats the best we're getting."
(20291) Bor: (sense motive check)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I'm here too…))
(20291) Bor: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
(20110) Issac (BM): (peace guys gotta go)
(20291) Bor: (cya)
(20323) Mali Ohba: sense motive [1d20+9] => [12,9] = (21)
(20110) Issac (BM): Wheoevers doing a writeup of the events
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((later Isaac, nice meeting you))
(20288) Bill Bisco : He seems like he is sufficiently scared to keep his word
(20291) Bor: (I shoudl have gone more than an hour ago, what am I doing…)
(20323) Mali Ohba: "he will obey his new king"
(20110) Issac (BM): on returning home to town Im returning the symbol to the temple of heironius and bringing a copy of the manuscript to the temple of apollo to be archived)
(20110) Issac (BM): (you too rinzle)
(20291) Bor: "And repercussions to us?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: er, before we let him go or anything, take off all his rings, amulets, headbands, belts, boots, gloves…all that wort of thing
(20291) Bor: (too fancy word for me, damn)
(20323) Mali Ohba: "He may decide revenge a much later date"
(20291) Bor: "Like he's got any chance against me."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((I will return the amulet of the Lion Order when we get back))
(20292) Sidhe: He would be quite unwise to act on that decision.
(20291) Bor: "He's not that stupid."
(20323) Mali Ohba: "if we let him go in town and do that rinzle, it's called mugging"
(20292) Sidhe: *chuckles.*
(20291) Bor: "alright, it is settled."
(20291) Bor: "we'll take him back"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: er, do it NOW, so he doesn't escape…and I think its a fair forfit for his life
(20323) Mali Ohba: "Agreed"
(20291) Bor: "Now, Goliaths"
(20325) Riani: "Alright then," she says, wiping her brow
(20323) Mali Ohba: "oh yeah, you're their king now."
(20291) Bor: "This crown dominates you."
(20323) Mali Ohba: "let's take them back to town and give them a bath"
(20291) Bor: "So it should be destroied."
(20325) Riani: "I agree," she says to Bor.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz starts looking for anything that might be magical on the bad guy
(20291) Bor: "The new king is to be decided in combat"
(20302) Seeker: *Seeker nods*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: and takes it off
(20292) Sidhe: *sighs.*
(20323) Mali Ohba: "did sidhe look at it for magic?"
(20291) Bor: "The mightiest of you shall be the new king"
(20292) Sidhe: It's magic.
(20302) Seeker: *Seeker places a palm over his face*
(20292) Sidhe found the F10 macro key
(20288) Bill Bisco : The Goliaths speak out, if the crown is destroyed, who is to lead us?
(20292) Sidhe: *doesn't have to look*
(20288) Bill Bisco : You are our rightful king, stay with us and lead us back to prosperity
(20291) Bor: "The mightiest of you."
(20323) Mali Ohba: "You must lead yourselves."
(20323) Mali Ohba: (conflicting philosophies)
(20302) Seeker: I think the magic of the crown is making them resist the idea of freedom
(20292) Sidhe: Your wisdom and knowledge should lead you, but your king says what he says.
(20291) Bor: "The one who can best the others should be the king."
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: and when I get everything I THINK is magical, I ask someone to detect magic on him
(20288) Bill Bisco : You see a few goliaths shuffle their feat and a few volunteers go forth
(20323) Mali Ohba: "in non-mortal combat?"
(20302) Seeker: Bor, show them. Fewer words, more deeds
(20325) Riani: "I would think so, or it would be a kingdom of himself."
(20288) Bill Bisco : you see the two biggest goliaths, claiming they have the proper bloodline to lead their people rise to the center of the room
(20291) Bor: *takes of the crown*
(20291) Bor: "Now fight till surrender or unsconciousness"
(20291) Bor: *breaks the crown*
(20288) Bill Bisco : the two Goliaths fight each other in a brutal fistfight, smacking, hammering, and clotheslining each other
(20292) Sidhe: *murmurs* Better they would have a law formed from what led them to make this glorious place, that would guide them to the prosperity they know how to earn, and the glory they have made, and the revelry they deserve after long ages bound…
(20291) Bor: *turns around*
(20288) Bill Bisco : As strong as your fingers try, you cannot seem to be able to make a dent in the crown
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((wow, thats pretty cool! but I think it was the major magic item too…oh well))
(20288) Bill Bisco :
(20323) Mali Ohba: (knowledge arcana or umd on crown?
(20292) Sidhe: But I have not yet been one marked to lead.
(20288) Bill Bisco : Arcana
(20325) Riani: "I think it is best we take it best to town and find some means to rid of its enchantment."
(20323) Mali Ohba: inspired ka [1d20+14] => [5,14] = (19)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: arcana [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
(20288) Bill Bisco : One Goliath stands victorious, " I GROMTHAGAR, AM THE STRONGEST! WHO DOUBTS THIS!"
(20323) Mali Ohba: (good one rinzle)
(20288) Bill Bisco : Rinzle is able to understand the properties outlined in the Wiki
(20339) Mindos (enter): 21:18
(20325) Riani: "Long Live the New King Gromthagar," she says.
(20291) Bor: (what does stone shape do?"
(20288) Bill Bisco : The other goliaths, clap and cheer, even the little small goliaths
(20323) Mali Ohba: Rinzle, tell us what the crown does if you would
(20288) Bill Bisco :
(20291) Bor: *goes away while hiding the crown*
(20302) Seeker: ((As the spell, it lets you morph the shape of stone objects. CL defines sixe))
(20292) Sidhe: May your rule be prosperous and joyful.
(20339) Mindos: Disconnecting from server…
(20339) Mindos (exit): 21:19
(20291) Bor: (the goliath already told us what it does)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: did I also get the way to destroy it?
(20288) Bill Bisco : yes
(20325) Riani: (*hurl it into the mouth of a tarrasque*))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I relay that knowledge
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Destruction: To destroy the Stone Crown requires that it be completely immersed in the Arevila River for 10 days.
(20325) Riani: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11) Knowledge geography.
(20302) Seeker: Water erodes stone. Appropriate
(20291) Bor: "that's too much work, I'll keep it"
(20291) Bor: "joke, let's find that river"
(20323) Mali Ohba: "I can spare the time."
(20325) Riani takes out a map
(20292) Sidhe: You could take a ten day long bath. *grins wryly*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: was that the river we crossed?
(20323) Mali Ohba: "man, you had me there bor!"
(20325) Riani: "Hold on. We can use this."
(20302) Seeker: Yes
(20325) Riani takes 10. Getting a 16 on the check.
(20291) Bor: (alright, anything as long as it doesn't take too long, I need to wake up in 6 hours)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: no, if we keep it, someone will eventually enslave the goliaths again, I vote we give it a 2 week bath
(20288) Bill Bisco : yes it was
(20291) Bor: "I doubt someone will take it from me."
(20323) Mali Ohba: "We need to find a trunk or something"
(20325) Riani: ((The river is the Kremvilan River. not the Arevila)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: thats how the Temlin enslaved them in the first place
(20291) Bor: "If they do, then they are worthy leaders."
(20292) Sidhe: Or you have died of old age. Or to a bear.
(20323) Mali Ohba: "so are we going to drown the crown or use it?"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: or poison…or a dancer with a knife
(20291) Bor: "Bears will never kill me, I learned a trick to play dead with them."
(20323) Mali Ohba: *remembers that came up last game
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: so you never get lap dances? you really ARE noble
(20325) Riani: "That…actually works Bor?"
(20291) Bor: "Women can't kill me"
(20292) Sidhe: I think we should probably drown it.
(20323) Mali Ohba: "it's because we like him so much" *hugs bor
(20291) Bor: "I like being a barbarian king"
(20325) Riani: "Oh, you just haven't found the right woman yet, haha"
(20291) Bor: "I'll keep this for a while"
(20291) Bor: "Maybe I'll change my mind later"
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Well, I still vote we deep six it
(20291) Bor: *puts it in the sack*
(20325) Riani: "Well its your treasure, King Bor."
(20292) Sidhe: We do need to find where this river is.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz shrugs
(20292) Sidhe: Before we can really think of going there.
(20325) Riani: "Lets head back to dragonport and think find out then."
(20325) Riani: ((and think about it then*))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: well then, lets go get our gold and see what happens then
(20288) Bill Bisco : the river is intended
(20323) Mali Ohba: "who's caring the wizard?"
(20291) Bor: "That is something for our next (session) adventure"
(20323) Mali Ohba: carrying
(20288) Bill Bisco : to be the river south of the Krayzen mountains
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz shrugs as if to say "I tried" **
(20288) Bill Bisco : k, you all make it back to Dragonport
(20325) Riani: ((where Isaac. I wanted to tell him he couldn't carry all his stuff without being encumbered)
(20292) Sidhe: ((oh that changes things if it's what we just crossed. ah well.))
(20291) Bor: *Unties the wiz before arriving*
(20292) Sidhe: ((I would have said different things is all. :P))
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: did I get anything off Tamlin (or whatever his name is?)
(20291) Bor: (We had already searched him, nothing fancy)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((sigh, we are going to die, you know that right?))
(20288) Bill Bisco : just what I told you earlier
(20292) Sidhe: (noble's clothes)
(20323) Mali Ohba: "sidhe, you sure put the fear of the gods in that guy."
(20325) Riani: ((You could say that about every adventure)
(20288) Bill Bisco : dagger, staff, sling, stone, spell component pouch and fancel noble clothes
(20288) Bill Bisco : *fancy
(20302) Seeker: ((It's getting pretty late here in Eastern time. Could we expedite things a bit?((
(20288) Bill Bisco : I'm done with my part, calculating xp
(20291) Bor: (it's 2:28 AM here)
(20325) Riani: ((yea we're headin home, giving the medallion to the Lion Guards. Then getting our gold :D)
(20292) Sidhe: *nods to mali.*
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: do we get the 500 gp each or not?
(20292) Sidhe: *glance down trail through forest on way back.*
(20323) Mali Ohba: *looks at sidhe and winks*
(20291) Bor: *goes to party with Mali celebrating the victory*
(20288) Bill Bisco : If you need to sleep the gold and xp will be posted
(20325) Riani: ((kk))
(20288) Bill Bisco : Pleasure gaming with you all, give me some feedback on what you think I could do better. Thanks
(20323) Mali Ohba: *trys to learn how to dance with Bor
(20291) Bor: I'll brb, gotta eat befora I sleep
(20325) Riani: "Tonight we feast," she says.
(20291) Bor: Great session again Bill
(20323) Mali Ohba: (noble elf didn't seem to be too bad.)
(20302) Seeker: Ah, ok. It's been fun, everyone. Looking forward to the next session! Goodnight all
(20292) Sidhe: *does a mental check on location of harpies.*
(20288) Bill Bisco : night night
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: if I can see better in the next couple of days, I'd be glad to write up what happened
(20291) Bor: Just wanted to point out that combat without grid is both faster and more confuse
(20302) Seeker: Disconnecting from server…
(20302) Vicerious (exit): 21:30
(20292) Sidhe: (( Good night ))
(20291) Bor: Night!
(20325) Riani: ((yeah I hate how we all got color sprayed XD)
(20325) Riani: ((nite guys)
(20323) Mali Ohba: I missed a fight in there
(20325) Riani: I am hoping I get enough xp to level :o
(20323) Mali Ohba: because I got dropped hard
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: what should we call this adventure?
(20292) Sidhe: (( Good session though I am annoyed by the internet at times these things xD ))
(20325) Riani: Secrets of Tamlin's Crown?
(20288) Bill Bisco : aye
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ((yeah internet was annoying today))
(20288) Bill Bisco : you can rename the adventure when I'm done editing
(20323) Mali Ohba: Foray into dragon port part 2 was the calendar
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: great!
(20325) Riani: Hey Bill
(20325) Riani: Can other people DM for this game?
(20323) Mali Ohba: I'm really diggin this Bor, Mali, Sidhe thing
(20325) Riani: Like in the old Black Marches?
(20291) Bor: Yeah, it is awesome
(20325) Riani: I find it cute.
(20323) Mali Ohba: I have some ideas for the floating library, minus my character of course
(20291) Bor: Hopefuly the gang will get bigger
(20325) Siam: hur
(20288) Bill Bisco : sure, but I have some strict wiki editing demands
(20325) Siam: If my elf barb came in, he would be butting heads with Bor most of the time
(20292) Sidhe: Mali, you're not half bad for a good lass
(20325) Siam: since he is extremely proud.
(20323) Mali Ohba: Is their a manual of sytle?
(20325) Siam: Nothing I can't learn really.
(20323) Mali Ohba: I'm more lawful than good and look for a leader who sounds like they know what they are doing
(20288) Bill Bisco : It is somewhat formalized, but basically if you look at the wiki there is a log everywhere, the logs are intended to be filled every time someone interacts with those NPCS, locations, organizations, etc.
(20292) Sidhe: Hehe.
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: SO bILLY, HOW DO YOU THINK WE DID? IN GENERAL
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: oops, sorry for caps
(20288) Bill Bisco : Also, every organization and NPC met and mentioned needs to be added in
(20323) Mali Ohba: I tried today
(20323) Mali Ohba: alot of what you saw was me
(20323) Mali Ohba: hence the missing dudes
(20288) Bill Bisco : I think you all did fine, I forgot again at the beginning to request people to Edit the Wiki
(20323) Mali Ohba: I like how you have a gnome junk salesman. I have a gnome not junk salesman in mind
(20288) Bill Bisco : The following needs to be added: The Cowled, Jenlar Temlin, The Rock, Gleethropes, Advertising Boy
(20325) Siam: I think I have an idea on how to use the Lion Guard
(20288) Bill Bisco : Government District
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: I will do what I can, as soon as I can…I hope we do more with the Order of the Lion or whatever it was actually called
(20288) Bill Bisco : and the Dead Cleric being added to the Order of the Lion Guard
(20291) Bor: noted
(20292) Sidhe: I will add what I can remember that's not there sometime tomorrow
(20325) Siam: Yea, that was an Order me and Debo cofounded back in the day. Glad to see its still kicking.
(20288) Bill Bisco : Also, Temlin's manor, butler and 2 fighter servants need to be added
(20323) Mali Ohba: (how much is a healing belt sidhe?)
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: did we get names on them?
(20292) Sidhe: (750gp)
(20323) Mali Ohba: (my next purchase will be a wand of lesser vigor then)
(20323) Mali Ohba: same price
(20288) Bill Bisco : you can make up names for the fighters and the butler
(20325) Siam: Ah good purchase
(20292) Sidhe: (you who hath UMD go for it :P)
(20291) Bor: But you can use Healing Belts in combat!11!!!11!
(20323) Mali Ohba: i think i can cleric use it
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: can I buy some scroll making gear? for level 1 spells? ((ie, 12.5gp each)
(20325) Siam: You can use the wand in combat too
(20325) Siam: It just takes awhile. It also works 100% for the Warforged.
(20323) Mali Ohba: except it's not for combat
(20291) Bor: I was joking, really
(20323) Mali Ohba: wands and belts really free up the clerics
(20291) Bor: hence the !!!111!!!
(20325) Siam: lol
(20325) Siam: I really need to get to know most of these people here a bit better
(20323) Mali Ohba: I have never ever been in a game with a magic mart that I didn't dm
(20325) Siam: In character I mean
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: do I need permision to scribe scroll?
(20291) Bor: Just read their pages on the wiki
(20292) Sidhe: Are you the person I was startled to see had a tail?
(20292) Sidhe: @Siam
(20323) Mali Ohba: Bill, we were discussing haggling from Complete Adventurer
(20323) Mali Ohba: in or out?
(20325) Siam: Yeah, Riani has a tail
(20288) Bill Bisco : If it's a rule it's fine, although my instincts tell me that high level npcs would have a decent diplomacy check
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: cool, I love tails…I want to pull it!
(20325) Siam: She won't be amused
(20323) Mali Ohba: Have you seen mine and Sidhe's?
(20325) Siam: Mali and Sidhe have tails?
(20292) Sidhe: Yeah I was worried about the potential ramifications of trying to haggle with a high level mindbender myself… yes, he has
(20325) Siam: :D
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: tails MUST be pulled, its aGnomish law
(20323) Mali Ohba: no, we have diplomacy out the ass
(20292) Sidhe: No I do not, I have wingfins
(20292) Sidhe: And only +9
(20325) Siam: Owh :(
(20292) Sidhe: That failed mostly
(20323) Mali Ohba: lol, for now
(20325) Siam: Well I guess I am the only tailed one then : )
(20323) Mali Ohba: I suggest we rethink the diplomacy mechanics when it inevitable comes up
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: Bill, scroll stuff, do I need a DM to approve Scroll Scribing?
(20288) Bill Bisco : if you have good enough spellcraft, I'm not worried about it
(20292) Sidhe: I'm probably not going to maximize diplomacy so it may not be a huge worry :P
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: if you answered, I missed it…ah great, I infact DO :P
(20292) Sidhe: Considering I am the one binding the silver tongue
(20323) Mali Ohba: Oh, can we use linguistics for descipher script, languages, forgery, like pathfinder?
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: my eyes are really hurting lazer surgery is NOT pain free
(20292) Sidhe: Aw. :(
(20323) Mali Ohba: Sidhe, everytime I take factotum, I maximize skills by default…cunning knowledge
(20325) Siam: Yeah, burning off the extra muscles around your lenses aren't really pain free
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: eh, I have pain killers, I just need to take one
(20288) Bill Bisco : 2370 XP each and 500 GP Each
(20325) Siam: :D I level
(20288) Bill Bisco : this is not including the other items discovered along the way
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: this was closing abnormal blood vessels, took FOREVER
(20291) Bor: Level 3 =D
(20292) Sidhe: Haha Mali just don't let me corrupt you too far. You start binding Naberius, even by feat and… whoa is that a level I see?
(20325) Siam: Alright, so what do we call this adventure?
(20325) Siam: Foray Into Dragonport Part 2?
(20323) Mali Ohba: yeah, i now know how to deal with magical traps…yay
(20288) Bill Bisco : you can edit the titles
(20288) Bill Bisco : and in fact, go ahead and do so
(20291) Bor: how much is an ep?
(20288) Bill Bisco : Siam, Mali, Bor, and Rinzle, please edit the wiki with the appropriate entires
(20288) Bill Bisco : 1 EP = 1/2 GP
(20288) Bill Bisco : or better 2 EP = 1 GP
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: will do, will also try to be crative and interesting
(20323) Mali Ohba: Bill do you have the transcript to send
(20288) Bill Bisco : Anyway, I am out please add in the appropriate wiki entries and put in the appropriate Adventure details
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: ok, are we basically done? I need to log if we are
(20292) Sidhe: Ahkay umm transcript would be nice.
(20292) Sidhe: I can't scroll up here
(20291) Bor: I shall, just don't do it all before I am able to look" ;D
(20288) Bill Bisco : hmm, is there a convenient way to select all
(20325) Siam: Alright let me try.
(20292) Sidhe: Chat - Save chat Log?
(20291) Bor: Alright folks, I'm out
(20209) Rinzle Ranzibitz: save the chat buffer, on the far right on the toolbar

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