Island to the Southwest of the Black Marches. Filled with jungles, swamps, and a tribe of green-skinned creatures who call themselves the Kara-Kara. This island is surrounded by a strange fog, and storms are not uncommon. Occasionally a part of the fog will transform into a Kal-Maru


Long ago, Teki-Nira-Ria was inhabited by an ancient race of humanoids of skilled jewelers and artisans who created a temple built into the Volcano and several statues and works as a symbol of their legacy. At one point in time the ancient humanoids and the Kara-Kara both lived on the island. However, for whatever reason the ancient humanoids' civilization declined and disappeared. Since then the Kara-Kara took up residence the in the ancient civilization's land and temples and worshipped their gods. Over the years, the Kara-Kara have forgotten that they are a separate people and now consider the ancient humanoids to be their ancestors.


The island is home to but not limited to: Dire Boars, Giant Horned Chameleon Lizards, Crocodiles, Insect Swarms, Giant Snakes, Giant Gecko Lizards, Stirges, and White Apes.


Nakara Village
Ni-Malowa Temple
Ki-ata Volcano




# Adventure Date Actions
1 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 A group of adventurers kill a few white apes, some spiders, and defeat a group of Kara-Kara hunters. They come to find out that Antonito Radu is controlling the Kara-Kara through the Mist Pendant. They defeat and capture capture him, and transfer the Mist Pendant to a young orcish woman.
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