Teatime Log

DMSoft: k, so we'll start…now
DMSoft: *you find yourselves in the water dragon inn*
DMSoft: *griswol and barby are talking about business*
DMSoft: *wedge and biggs are gossiping*
Karma shuffling cards and having a few somehwo floating up waving them about and landing them in the deck again.
DMSoft: *you see a new face*
DMSoft: http:blackmarches.wikidot.com/sally-worth
Sidhe sips a pint of mead, looking over to see what sort of card deck Karma is using.
DMSoft: "Oh my, I hope my sister gets here soon."
Elissa Stormwind: (( brb ))
DMSoft: "I heard the road isn't safe"-sally
DMSoft: "Oh, I heard there's a goblin robbing people on that road"-wedge to sally
DMSoft: *Barby looks at Karma and at his purse*
Sidhe chuckles at the 'robbing' here
Baltasar opens the door, and pauses just inside, looking around.
DMSoft: "I have some money pretty lady, care to loose some?"-barby to karma
Elissa Stormwind: (( Back. ))
DMSoft: "Well, I am sad that my owl is gone."-Sally
Baltasar slips into a chair next to Sidhe and pulls a small paper bundle out of his cloak, depositing it before her.
Baltasar: "There you are."
Beau (enter): 19:33
Karma smiling. "how much?"
DMSoft: (time of day is afternoon)
DMSoft: "Oh, I think I see her!"-Sally
Sidhe: "Ah, thank you." *smiles to Baltasar, accepting the bundle.*
DMSoft: *into the inn steps a girl who looks similar to sally*
DMSoft: "ah, sister, so good to see you!"-Lizzy Worth
DMSoft: "How was your trip?"-Sally
Altharid: (wait is the game already going ?)
Altharid: (… darn it.. is there a way to get spiked chain weapon prof via wepon groups ?)
DMSoft: "Well, I had a nice experience on the road. A mirror came and I was able to fix my hair."-Lizzy
Elissa Stormwind has only recently arrived at the Water Dragon, and sits at the counter next to Karma, though she doesn't seem to know her. She wears a traveler's cowl, which is a bit worn but exceptionally clean. She seems to be thinking about things, while stirring her finger in a small glass of water and it seems to change to a deep purple color and smell of grapes. She watches some of the others around the inn, as if for entertainment.
DMSoft: *the two sisters continue talking. Biggs and Wedge listen in*
Sidhe opens the bundle to investigate the contents.
Altharid: (elissa your link leads to nowhere)
DMSoft: http:blackmarches.wikidot.com/biggs
DMSoft: http:blackmarches.wikidot.com/wedge
Karma looking over at Elissa with a gentle smile. "New around here?"
Elissa Stormwind: (( It should… ))
DMSoft: "I heard a friendly priest of Kord lives in this city."-wedge
Elissa Stormwind: (( Works for me. ))
Elissa Stormwind: (( Do we have to flip to our browsers every time an NPC shows up or can you link them or give a description? ))
Altharid: ((kk its working))
DMSoft: *Gin longfoot enters the tavern*
Baltasar attempts to slide under the table to avoid the halfling's notice.
DMSoft: "Job! I got a fresh Job!"-Gin
DMSoft: "Job, danger possible."-Gin
Elissa Stormwind looks to Karma with somewhat glazed eyes, as if lost in thought before focusing on the woman. "Me? Hmmm, yeah, I suppose you could say that. Just a simple travler." she muses. "And yourself?"
DMSoft: "Move Tea, move tea."-Gin
DMSoft: *gin sees Sidhe*
Baltasar: "Oh balls."
DMSoft: "Oh, I think you know the person giving this job!"-Gin
Elissa Stormwind: (( traveler* ))
DMSoft: *Gin runs over to Sidhe*
Sidhe tries not to look too amused at Baltasar's actions, acquiring the things in her bundle.
Karma smiling a bit giving the cards a bit more shuffling and then getting them up into her palm. She held her hand out to Elissa. "Karma Cooper, Born and Raised in dragonport."
Baltasar swiftly sits upright again, "Ahh, found the bugger."
Sidhe: "Do I, Gin?"
Baltasar brushes his hands off on his cloak.
DMSoft: "oh, Sir Baltasar. Thanks for saving me the other day!"-Gin
Baltasar: "Yes… Pray, don't mention it."
DMSoft: "yes, it's Samantha Smiley-Face"-fin
Baltasar mutters, "Ever again."
DMSoft: "Well, she wants some tea crates moved."-Gin
DMSoft: "but she thinks some evil jets are out to get her."-gin
Elissa Stormwind takes Copper's hand, not in a shake but more of a hold, with her fingers beneath coppers, suggestive of manners held by nobility; though Elissa herself resembles nobility very little in her dress. "Elissa Stormwind." she answers. "Are you a fortune teller?"
Baltasar turns to Sidhe, "Didn't we kill them all?"
Elissa Stormwind: (( Oops, Copper = Karma Cooper. ))
Baltasar: "I swear, they're like cockroaches."
DMSoft: "oh, she says she wants you guys….but I didn't want to bother you."-gin
DMSoft: *gin continues to bother you anyway*
DMSoft: *gin's sister comes into the tavern.*
DMSoft: "Oh, Handsome!"-Sally
Baltasar: "Well, let's hear the details then."
Sidhe: "She requested us specifically?" *Sidhe frowns a bit, remembering a less than exemplary performance*
DMSoft: *Sally runs over to Gin's sister and her owl*
Karma shaking her head as she took a gaze over Elissa. "Oh not really my dear. I'm just a fashionable woman who sometimes has good taste with enjoying a good conversation time to time."
Karma: "Visiting Noble from afar?"
DMSoft: "yeah, she said you guys did well enough."-gin
Elissa Stormwind: "Ah. I saw the cards and wondered."
DMSoft: "Are you gonna play darts or cards or something?"-barby
Baltasar looks incredulously at Gin for a moment.
Baltasar: "Are you sure that's what she said?"
DMSoft: "She said she was happy with the hats."-gin
Altharid finishes his shift and enters the inn via staff door
Baltasar: "Well, I suppose we did manage the destruction portion of that job pretty well."
Sidhe murmurs to Baltasar, "I think her standards for guard duty are more … bloodthirsty than practical…"
DMSoft: "She also said the Minotaur should murder all jets"-gin
Elissa Stormwind: "Noble? Oh, no…just a woman with too much time on her hands." she muses to Karma. "A good bit of conversation is nice sometimes. Care for a drink?" she asks, sliding the glass of water turned wine towards Karma. "I'm not really very thirsty."
Baltasar: "But the first half was a complete debacle."
Altharid: (Altharid … is projecting an unstelling aura around himselft… there is something clearyly amiss about him)
Altharid: "Greetings Baltasar " - says Alth as he's closing in
DMSoft: *gin goes off yelling about his job
Sidhe looks up to raise a hand in greeting to Altharid.
Baltasar beckons Altharid over to them, "Hey, was hoping to run into you."
Baltasar passes him another parcel, larger than Sidhe's.
Baltasar: "All done."
Altharid: "I would like to remind you that our contract will… be fullfilled on (says the date)"
DMSoft: "I can't believe how well you are taking care of Handsome"-sally to gin's sister
Karma just nodding quietly as karma gazes Elissa over. Her sapphire blue eyes gauging Elissa's appearance in tender thought while she took a glass up to accept the companions offer. "I'm a red wine drinker myself."
Baltasar nods amiably at this.
Altharid: "Greetings Sidhe" - bows a little bit
DMSoft: *you hear a crash at the backdoor*
Sidhe: "Good day Altharid." *smiles to him.*
DMSoft: *griswol goes into the back*
DMSoft: *griswol comes out with a note*
Baltasar watches the doorway out of the corner of his eye.
DMSoft: *griswol looks happy*
Altharid: (altharid smiles only during… some bloody … activities… so he does not smile back.. anyway his face is coverd in bandages and cloak)
Elissa Stormwind: "Oh really?" Elissa smirks and runs her finger around the outside of the glass. As she does, the dark purple liquid seems to turn a deep crimson shade. "I think my favorite is strawberry, personally."
DMSoft: *griswol crumples up the note and throws it in the trash*
DMSoft: "So, do you have a home little girl?"-sally to gin's sister
Baltasar is nosy, and uses his Magic Screwdriver under the table to summon the note.
DMSoft: (wisper balt)
Karma smiling quietly as she brought the drink up to her lips in taking a gentle sip. "It seems we both have something in common."
Baltasar smooths it out on the table and begins to read, "You know, I should really just station a construct here to intercept his mail. I seem to read it all anyway."
DMSoft: *Griswol looks busy and doesn't notice*
Sidhe: "Gin was by earlier… said Samantha wants us as guards again for fate knows what reason." *to altharid*
DMSoft: *Sally and Gin's sister continue talking with Lizzy about owls*
Elissa Stormwind: "Oh? Do you mean taste in wine, or magic tricks?" she quizzes Karma.
DMSoft: "it's decided then…you will come work for me at the owlery!"-Sally to Gin's sister
DMSoft: *the trio of girls leave the tavern*
DMSoft: "So I heard there's an owlery. I heard the owls were sick, but are better now."-biggs
Baltasar: (( DM, did you send that whisper yet? ))
DMSoft: (nope
Elissa Stormwind holds out here hand. "If you'll let me see your cards, I'll tell your fortune." she says with a wry smile.
Baltasar: (( k, just checking that i didn't bug out ))
whispering to Ichai, hi
Sidhe looks over curiously towards Elissa, having a minor interest in fortunetelling, from where she sits.
DMSoft: "I heard that a person was abducted…Martini something."-wedge
Karma smiling quietly as she brings the cards up to elissa handing them to elissa. "Here you go."
Baltasar: "So, think we should take the tea job?"
Baltasar: "Ms. Smilewhatsit thinks the Jets are still around."
DMSoft: "Hello pretty ladies"-Biggs to karma and elissa
DMSoft: *wedge seems to be shocked at bigg's forwardness*
Altharid: "Jets…"
Baltasar: (( what's biggs doing hitting on the girls? shouldn't he be chasing Gin? ))
Elissa Stormwind smirks as she looks at the cards carefully. Her eyes glow faintly as she takes the cards and shuffles them, or more specifically, waves her hand across them and they shuffle themselves. She then touches the top card and says "Show us the past…" she muses, as three cards flip up into a line, just as Biggs interrupts. "Oh…" she answers. "Hello there."
Altharid: "I hate those pathetic weaklings…." - broadcasts telepathically with barely contained anger
DMSoft: "Oh, divination."-biggs
Altharid: (gotta check the other room for a moment)
Karma looking to Biggs quietly with a smile as she waved. "Do be polite and let her finish mr Biggs."
Baltasar: "I dunno, they've kinda grown on me."
Altharid (exit): 19:53
Draykken (enter): 19:53
Altharid (enter): 19:53
Baltasar: "Like fungus, I suppose."
DMSoft: (perception checks)
Baltasar: "Anyway, you have to admit, they're a hell of a lot of fun to hunt down."
Marthalis: (made it, sorry im late son woke up cranky)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [13,-2] = (11)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+18] => [6,18] = (24)
Rydia: (switched alias obn me'
Rydia: Disconnecting from server…
Draykken (exit): 19:54
Karma: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23) perception.
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [15,14] = DMSoft: 15 and over, you notice some of the men in the corner are looking at balt's table.
Altharid: (the whisperer grants me +2 bonus… also has mindsight)
Elissa Stormwind smirks and decides to show off a moment. "Yes, please feel free to sit and watch." she muses. The cards on the table seem strangely blank, white even, like the pictures are gone. Her eyes glow slightly again and three new images seem to appear from the surface.
Elissa Stormwind: (( One moment. ))
DMSoft: *they get up and leave*
Baltasar mentally activates his hat at their retreating backs.
Baltasar: (( detect thoughts, DC 20 to save ))
Altharid: (uses autohypnosis to remember their appearence)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [5,-2] = (3)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [16,-2] = (14)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [13,-2] = (11)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [7,-2] = (5)
Karma gave a very gentle and supple look over them in quiet gaze and contemplation.
Elissa Stormwind: (( [1d20+4 Will save. ))
DMSoft: (they are thinking about hats…fancy blue hats)
Baltasar: (( srsly loving Enhance Item ))
Elissa Stormwind: (( [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24) Will save. ))
Baltasar: (( heh ))
Baltasar: (( elissa, i was just focusing on the jets, not any of the PCs ))
Baltasar: (( though nice save ))
DMSoft: *you all hear sounds of struggle outside
DMSoft: "let go of me!"-gin
Baltasar sighs slightly.
Baltasar: "It's always something."
Karma: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13) will save
Baltasar: "C'mon Al, let's go hurt some people."
DMSoft: "Hey, what's with the hats?"-gin
Sidhe slips down and heads out.
DMSoft: "Job, I got a job here…let go of me sir!"-gin
Baltasar steps outside, lowering his welding goggles to block the sun.
DMSoft: *you see the 4 men…in blue jets hats, grabbing at gin*
Elissa Stormwind: The first of the cards is the Paladin, and image on te card seems to move and depict a knight holding strong behind a shield against a dragon's breath. The next is the giant sky, where birds seem to fly across and infinitely large landscape. The third is the midwife, as an image of a woman wrapping a baby in cloth seems to animate.
Baltasar: "I say, do you have a license to molest that child?"
DMSoft: "Mind your own business!"-blue jet
Altharid follows Balt
Baltasar tsks disapprovingly.
Elissa Stormwind: (( Wait, Jets, what? lol ))
Altharid: "Ohhh picking on a weakling … I see"
Baltasar: "That'll be a 25 copper fine, and it's 10 gold for the license."
Baltasar: "Each."
Altharid: "How fitting of you"
DMSoft: "Tell us where the woman is who gave you this job!"-blue jet to gin
Baltasar unslings his new and improved crossbow, "Now, do be a good little asshole and pay up."
DMSoft: "You seek to challenge the BLUE JETS!"-blue jet
Baltasar rolls init: [1d20+16] => [3,16] = (19)
Altharid: (altharid grows to large size and intimidates)
DMSoft: http:blackmarches.wikidot.com/the-jets
Altharid: (gee init)
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)
DMSoft: (yup initiative)
Sidhe casts nerveskitter on altharid
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
Altharid: (yay 19)
Sidhe: [1d20+9] => [3,9] = (12) init
Altharid: (still I go after Balt… he has greater dex)
Karma smiling warmly at the sighting of the entirety while she gazes onward to the sight. She seems to Ignore the hustle and bustle of the night when she gazes at Elissa. "Now do tell me more."
DMSoft: *the jet cracks gin [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
DMSoft: *gin dodges
Baltasar: (( wow, i think that's the first time the jets have EVER gone before us in the init ))
DMSoft: *the other jets hold actions*
DMSoft: *go whomever is there*
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
Baltasar shoots the gangster holding Gin in the face.
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmmm, what an interesting reading." she muses to Karma. "I see adversity and yet steadfast determination in your past, so strong it is, that it must have been a critical point for your life. The big sky suggests a change for freedom was gained, and the midwife signifies a new beginning…." she says sliding her hand across the desk, as the images fade from view on the cards and their original images return.
Altharid: Expansion (std action) *Altharid for a moment projects crimson aura which envolopes him and in a blink of an eye the character grows to a size rivaling that of the giants*
Baltasar: Heavy crossbow: attack [1d20+7+5+1] => [15,7,5,1] = (Damage [1d10+10
Altharid: (grip of iron linked to …ermm astral construct)
Altharid: (intimidate as a move action)
Baltasar: damage: [1d10+1] => [6,1] = (7)
DMSoft: (did you make the check alth?)
Altharid: (from my armor ability + never outnumbered)
Altharid: (wai a sec)
Baltasar: (( so that's a 7 on my damage ))
Elissa Stormwind: "Perhaps you know what it means?" she muses. "Either way, I can continue your reading, if you'd like." she says, her eyes glowing again slightly.
DMSoft: (jet is hurt)
Altharid: Skills: Intimidate [1d20+17] => [4,17] = (21)
Altharid: (add 4 to that)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [16,-2] = (14)
Altharid: (and +2 from whisperer)
Karma nodding quietly as she does. She gazes at her eyes. "Do continue…."
DMSoft: *the other jets lose their held actions*
DMSoft: *they might run*
Baltasar: (( does that mean they shit themselves? ))
DMSoft: (pretty much)
DMSoft: *gin move away into the tavern*
Baltasar: (( sidhe, i believe it's your init ))
DMSoft: *the other jets attack altharid*
Altharid: (ac 16)
Sidhe moves forward to colorspray them
Altharid: (20ft reach)
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
Sidhe stays in alt's reach
Altharid: (10ft reach with tentacle)
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
DMSoft: you may make aoos
Altharid: (grabs the first one with grapple attempt)
DMSoft: the leader attack balt
DMSoft: you may make an aoo too
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
Altharid: Grapple: /Grapple Intitiation\\\, Grabbing [1d20+9] => [6,9] = (15) melee touch
Sidhe: [2d4] => [1,2] = (3) [1d4] => [3] = (3) 1 for their time if they fail dc 16 will
Baltasar: (( i may? ))
DMSoft: don't you have a bayonet on your thing
Altharid: Grapple: /Grip of Iron (1pp) + Expansion I\\\, (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+22] => [9,22] = (31)
Elissa Stormwind: "Then let us…see your present…" she says and three more cards flip themselves across the table, making a 3 by 2 grid as they fall to the right side of the past. Three new blank cards, with three new budding images. The first is what appears to be a wizard deciphering some sort of code, followed by a woman looking in a mirror and the image stepping out to greet her. The third is a man opening a lock with a key that seems to have no ridges…
Sidhe sculpts to hit if needed, now gin's gone
Baltasar: (( yeah, but unless he's making an unarmed attack, it won't provoke ))
DMSoft: athlarid has the guy
DMSoft: (he moved to you)
Altharid: Grapple: Spiked Armor [1d8+5] => [2,5] = (7)
Baltasar: (( DM, moving into a threatened space doesn't provoke, and my bayonet doesn't have reach ))
DMSoft: (that jet seems hurt)
DMSoft: (kk)
Altharid: (the other have missed me)
DMSoft: [1d6+2] => [4,2] = (6) damage for alth
Altharid: (wait what ?)
DMSoft: he hit you with 18 before
Altharid: (errr how)
DMSoft: k, nevermind
DMSoft: you guys can go
Sidhe continues to spray colorful light while altharid continues to grapple anyone who approaches him
Altharid: (grapple hugs)
DMSoft: how many sidhe?
Altharid: Grapple: (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+22] => [18,22] = (40)
Altharid: Grapple: (x1) Primary Grapple [1d20+22] => [3,22] = (25)
Altharid: Grapple: (x2) Secondary Grapple [1d20+17] => [1,17] = (18), [1d20+17] => [3,17] = (20)
DMSoft: they are not using tactics and are in a clump around alth and balt
Altharid: (one to pin the others to do damage)
Altharid: (astral construct appears)
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmmm…very interesting. The hidden truth card suggests, very strongly, at seeing through falsehoods is critical to your present destiny, and finding the true answer to what you seek. The twin card describes a duality of purpose or identity that will need to be reconciled, and the locksmith shows the correct path to your future follows this transofrmation. Perhaps it is that you will soon need to see through a ruse which will determine which path you will take. Careful that you should choose the correct path."
Sidhe: (I don't know, how many can I catch in 4 10' areas? or a 15' cone? or a 40' cone?)
DMSoft: (that guys guts are spun out like a tube of toothpaste)
Bill Bisco (enter): 20:09
DMSoft: (you can get them all)
Elissa Stormwind: (( Good evening Bill. ))
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [12,-2] = (10)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [7,-2] = (5)
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [17,-2] = (15)
Altharid: (the ac charges)
Sidhe: (okay, dc 16, all were 3 (the time rolls) )
Baltasar fires his grenade launcher straight into the leader's chest: Vial launcher attack [1d20+7+5+1] => [8,7,5,1] = (21), Damage [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3)
Altharid: ([1d20+9] => [9,9] = (18))
Altharid: (that was ac attack)
DMSoft: (the leader dies, 2 are knocked out)
Altharid: (if he hits he can trip like a wolf)
Baltasar takes 1 splash damage
DMSoft: (hit altharid, but they were knocked out by spell)
Altharid: (kk)
Altharid: (so lets finish the job)
Karma nodding very gently in somber silence as she leans back, eyeing Elissa and smiling. "Do continue…what do you generally assume of one of my futures?"
Altharid: "Leave one alive…" - brodcasts telepathically
DMSoft: *biggs and wedge leave the bar out the back entrance*
DMSoft: *gin runs up to karma and elissa*
DMSoft: "Be careful, sir baltasar is fighting bad guys."-gin
DMSoft: (there are 2 jets who are not dead)
Altharid: (but are stunned)
DMSoft: (there is one super dead jet who was toothpasted)
Altharid: (or disbaled in other way)
Altharid: (*disabled)
DMSoft: (yup, they are disabled)
Elissa Stormwind looks at Gins not familiar with him. "Eh?" she muses, looking behind her at the rest of the tavern. (( I may have missed what's going on. I was under the impression the combat was going on elsewhere.))
Farris (enter): 20:12
DMSoft: (they have fancy blue hats)
Altharid: "Lets tie them up…Balt"
DMSoft: (combat was out the door)
Farris wanders into the area
Altharid: "Its going to be… amusing"
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmph, is it some sort of petty brawl?" she quizzes.
Baltasar viciously kicks one in the head before beginning to tie them up.
DMSoft: *you easily tie up the 2 jets*
TheInevitable (enter): 20:13
Farris: ((do you mind if i join in late?))
Sidhe goes to retrieve her raptor, let the other two handle this.
DMSoft: *you find 4 blue hats, 4 mw clubs, 4 leather armors, and 300gp in one club*
DMSoft: (sure you can join farris)
DMSoft: (the evil trio just took down low level jets)
Altharid: (Altharid is large sized now… over 9 feet tall now)
Farris: "More of these guys? Maybe I knew I should have stayed home and done some praying."
DMSoft: "Well, you should take them in the back. I didn't see nothin!"-griswol comes out
Farris: ((derp that didnt come out right))
DMSoft: *these jets don't seem to explode*
Altharid snickers at Griswols comment
Karma looking around at the other people, then back at Elissa. " Oh don't mind them, fights always happen aroun din this tavenr."
Karma: Tavern*
DMSoft: "wow, that guy is super dead."-Gin comes out
Baltasar: "Not only that, but he's on fire!"
Baltasar grins happily.
DMSoft: "Job, I got a job here."-gin runs off
DMSoft: "Hurry up, before Biggs and Wedge come back!"-griswol
Baltasar grabs the dead bodies and easily picks them up, "Al, help me with the live ones?'
Altharid: "With… pleasure"
Farris helps move some corpses
Elissa Stormwind: "Fair enough." she muses to Karma. "As to your question, my gut would tell me that there will be a great temptation, or perhaps a point where you must decide between two great things. Perhaps someone will betray you, or perhaps you will expect someone to, and you must see the hidden signs around you to find the true path that will lead to your success."
Baltasar leads the way behind the inn, into the back door.
Karma nodding very quietly as she agreed with Elissa. "Very well. I thank you for your time."
Baltasar: (( didn't think it quite right to carry dead bodies through the dining room ))
Elissa Stormwind: "Now, perhaps we can divine what your future holds…?"
Altharid follows Balt with a Jet in each of his now giant hands
Baltasar: (( that's what the kitchen's for ))
DMSoft: *Elissa and Karma see balt and altharid dragging boddies)
Farris: ((true))
DMSoft: "Please, nothing to see here!"-griswol to elissa and karma
Elissa Stormwind looks at Balt and Altharid. O.o
Elissa Stormwind: (( What kind of bodies? ))
DMSoft: (people in funny clothes)
Altharid: (they are knocked out… yet alive)
Baltasar: (( very dead ones i my case ))
DMSoft: (humans, 2 are dead, 2 living)
Karma didn't seem as phased as she would assumingly be while seeing the two men taking the bodies. "Again, happens a lot…"
Altharid: (yeah my ones are alive though)
DMSoft: *one of the jets wakes up*
Elissa Stormwind: "Err…isn't something about this situation illegal?" she whispers to Karma.
Baltasar: "Hi!"
Altharid: "Its so amusing Balt… that those wretches still believe in that… narrow-minded concept… of strength in numbers"
Baltasar: "And we thought we'd run out of you fellows."
Altharid grins savagely
Baltasar: "I for one am quite pleased to see you."
Farris starts giving last rites to one of the corpses
DMSoft: "I am a blue jet!"-the jet yells
Karma whispering back over at Elissa. "If you report it then it is…But for all intents and purpos's, the people who are dead started it…"
Altharid: "And… so what ?"
Sidhe seeks to head to the back… with her raptor, not caring to leave her alone. her feet are clean.
DMSoft: *the other jet wakes up*
Baltasar swipes one of the hats, checking it with Artificer Knowledge before putting it on.
Elissa Stormwind: "Who are those people?" she questions, referring to the dead guys and those in funny clothes.
DMSoft: "I am in charge. You must let me go!"-Blue jet 1
Altharid: "You might be a 'crap jet' if you wan't… you are all just a bunch of pathetic weaklings"
Baltasar: (( Arti knowledge is basically an ex version of detect magic ))
Altharid: "Of course… without your limbs… I may add"
DMSoft: (no magic at all…and he doesn't even smell like a normal jet)
Karma pointing them each out. "The jets as assumed. These people are on wanted lists for quite some time, and it would appear that most of them are having some beef with the jets, so to speak."
Baltasar: "Would you care to expand on that concept a bit? Cause I'm not getting it."
Baltasar: "At all."
DMSoft: (knowledge local karma and elissa)
Baltasar: "I need to let you go… because you say so?"
Elissa Stormwind: "Are they some sort of badly dressed gang?"
DMSoft: "yes, that is the way it is. You have to let me go because I am a Blue Jet!"-Blue Jet 1
Karma: "Very badly dressed. THey think it's something that's in season." Rolling her eyes.
Elissa Stormwind: (( Take 10 for 10 since I cannot get knowledge checks higher than common knowledge ))
Sidhe: "Good day gentlemen, sorry I'm late." *dismounts*
DMSoft: (k, good enough to know they are a local gang assumed extinct)
Altharid: "Your magic is as effective as ever… Spealweaver"
Altharid: *Spellweaver
Baltasar turns to Altharid and speaks in a stage whisper, "I think they've taken up comedy!"
DMSoft: "you should listen to him."-blue jet 2
Altharid: "Certainly… possible"
DMSoft: "he's a very tough guy."-blue jet 2
Altharid: "And what would happen… if we do not ?"
Altharid: "He will explode ?"
Baltasar punches the leader in the face.
DMSoft: "well then, I'll have to tell my boss on you."-blue jet 1
Baltasar: unarmed strike: [1d20+10] => [11,10] = (21), damage [1d4+3] => [1,3] = (4)
Baltasar: "How tough is he now?"
DMSoft: *the blue jet spits blood*
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmm, well at least this will be interesting to watch." she muses, turning on her stool and watching the scene unfold. As she does, her eyes glow slightly once again and she lets her consciousness seep out across the room. (( Detect Magic, 60ft cone, on the Jets & everyone around them. ))
DMSoft: "tougher than that!"-blue jet 2
DMSoft: "hit him again!"-blue jet 2
Baltasar does it again
Baltasar: unarmed strike: [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13), damage [1d4+3] => [4,3] = (7)
DMSoft: "no, please dont!"-blue jet 1
Altharid is clearly amused
Sidhe: ((pretty sure we're in the back room, you'll have to leave your eat))
DMSoft: (blue jet 1 is unconcious)
Sidhe: ((seat rather))
Baltasar: "Say, that was fun."
Altharid: "Ahh … already ?"
Elissa Stormwind: (( Ahhh, then screw it. She's not that interested. lol ))
Baltasar: "Let's see if it's as much fun with you."
Baltasar goes to punch the second jet.
DMSoft: "yeah, that's how hard the boss hits. You should have let him go"-blue jet 2
Elissa Stormwind: (( But she'll use detect magic facing the back of the room. :P ))
Baltasar stares at the stupidity of that last statement.
Baltasar: "Eh… what?"
DMSoft: (she sees things light up that pcs have)
Altharid: "Brain damage Balt… brain damage"
Baltasar shines like a christmas tree
DMSoft: "He was the leader, now I'm the leader."-jet 2
Altharid you detect a psionic aura
Elissa Stormwind will just wait 'till she can read the auras and such of them.
Karma looking back over at Elissa quietly with thought. "Well, just leave them be. They're probably going to get blown up with uttercold spells if those jets were magically enchanted to be bombed."
DMSoft: "you have to let me go!"-jet 2
Altharid: (if you have ranks in psicraft you detect psychometabolism)
Baltasar pinches the bridge of his nose and mutters, "I swear, I have the lamest enemies."
Farris is decked out in magic armor with a magic spear, he has a good aura
Baltasar: "Ok, can you gag him whlie I wake the other back up?"
Altharid: "The brain in a Jar is.. not lame… he's a fucking menace !"
Baltasar begins slapping the second jet awake, using minor first aid if neccessary
Altharid: "Sure thing… employer"
Elissa Stormwind: (( Cool, psychometabolism. :D ))
DMSoft: (the jet wakes up)
DMSoft: "oh, why did you hit me?"-jet 1
Baltasar: "Alright, let's start over."
Sidhe takes some of her excess cloth from weaving and gives to alt to gag the other
Farris: "Why is it always torture with you Baltasar?"
DMSoft: "don't you know only the boss can do that!"-jet 1
Baltasar: "Because it's fun?"
Altharid: "…"
Baltasar: "Oh, and it's effective."
Baltasar: "especially when Al helps."
DMSoft: "hrmr mph mph"-blue jet 2
Elissa Stormwind: "I see…" she muses and hads Karma her deck back. "Well I've seen your past and present. I suppose your future is your own, as they say."
Altharid: "Seriously… where did they learn that lack of… common sense"
Altharid: "It cannot be inborn"
Baltasar: "Now, let's start from the top. Who are you people and what relation do you have to the Jets?"
Farris looks disturbed
DMSoft: (perception check alth)
Sidhe sighs. "It is effective… I've seen it help one even."
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [14,14] = (MSoft: "We are the blue jets"-jet 1
Sidhe is speaking quietly to Farris.
Altharid: (+2 from whisperer)
DMSoft: (altharid, you notice he smells of swampside…heavily)
DMSoft: "We are the natural evolution of the red jets"-jet 1
Altharid: "… he smells like that … shithole… swampside" - to Balt telepathically
Altharid: "And heavile at that" - continues
Karma nodding as she took her deck back, pocketing it on her person as she seems to suddenly have a strange stripped cat on her shoulder gazing at Elissa.
DMSoft: (balt notices too)
Baltasar: "And yet, I see you haven't developed spinal columns yet."
Altharid: *heavily
Altharid: "Maybe they have evolved from rats ?"
Baltasar: "So, what are you doing here?"
Elissa Stormwind looks at the cat curiously with her slightly luminescent eyes. "Hmmm…friend of yours, I take it?"
DMSoft: "No, we are superior to the old jets!"-jet 1
Baltasar: "When you compare yourself to shit, you're just good shit."
DMSoft: "We are here to find the tea merchant!"-jet 1
Sidhe: "I do like blue better than brown or red…"
Farris laughs
Baltasar: "Ok, and why's that?"
DMSoft: "to kill her!"-jet 1
Karma: "Yes he is. A dear friend really." Stroking under the chin as the feline leans into it purring. "it's an osirian wise-eye."
Karma: He's an*
Baltasar: "See, now we're making progress, working together, learning from our mistakes."
DMSoft: "This was Slim biggin's last command!"-jet 1
Baltasar: "Isn't it nice to cooperate like this?"
Altharid grins menacingly
Baltasar: "And look at that, you've even answered my next question without me asking."
DMSoft: "hrmph hrmph"-jet 2
Baltasar: "So, is there anything else I want to know?"
Baltasar activates his hat again.
DMSoft: [1d20-2] => [4,-2] = (2)
Altharid: (heh)
DMSoft: (you see in his mind an image of a smaller pigman.)
Elissa Stormwind: "My family never tolerated pets. Said they were worthless." she muses glancing at the cat. "I always thought cats were wonderful though. Yours looks wise, as his namesake."
DMSoft: (the pigman is handing out blue hats)
DMSoft: (the pigman slaps some of the men, but they are just rabble from swampside)
Baltasar: "Ahh, I'm afraid silence was the wrong answer."
DMSoft: "No, that's all you'll get. Now you have to let me go because of the rules."-jet 1
Baltasar: "Altharid, do me a favor and rip his left leg off please."
Altharid laughters
DMSoft: "hrmph mrph"-jet 2 wets himself
Karma smiling a bit at that. Her feline seems to give a rather…cheerful look to his face for some odd reason.
DMSoft: "no, you must let me go."-jet 1
Sidhe groans. "Do you know how much legs bleed?"
Altharid: "Shall I cook it… and force-feed the other one with it ?"
DMSoft: "that's what Junior Slim said. Blue Jets are special"-jet 1
Baltasar: "I'm afraid not. I don't know the rules, so I am sadly unable to follow them."
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmm. So what do people do in this hovel for fun? Just watch gangs fighting?"
Altharid: "Or ram it up his throat…"
Karma: "Well Most people here wait their turn to hear about job offers and the ilk. I tend to stay around hearing rumors and Gossip that swing around in the air."
Altharid: (the ripped leg)
DMSoft: "Oh, we gamble"-barby to elissa
Sidhe is apparently getting tired of magically cleaning up blood.
Farris: "That we do Barby"
DMSoft: ((did you rip his leg off?))
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmmm…gossip…such a quaint thing, gossip." she says with a smile. "I hope it is good gossip at least."
Altharid: ((not yet))
Farris giving last rites to the other dead guy now
Baltasar: "Oh, I suppose I do have two more questions."
Baltasar: "First one, how many people were ordered to kill the tea lady?"
DMSoft: "well, you understand the rules then."-jet 1
Altharid: "Ahh so the ripping part will have to wait…"
Baltasar: "And secondly, what are the rules?"
Karma: "Sometimes good. Sometimes bad. Sometimes unfortunate. But there are also times when gossip is beneficial…"
DMSoft: (you see in his mind 7 people total plus the pig)
Baltasar: "Feel free to answer them out of order."
Altharid is overly amused at the concept of mutilating the Jet
DMSoft: (you see in his mind the pigman is explaining rules. He isn't grasping them)
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmmm. Gossip is beneficial?"
DMSoft: "The rules are that the blue jets cannot be harmed."-jet 1
Baltasar: "Well, we already broke that one."
Altharid: "Ohh… my… do you feel violated ?" - telepathically to the Jets
Baltasar: "Pretty badly too."
DMSoft: "I don't make the rules, but I follow them."-jet 1
DMSoft: "oh, he is fine. Look at him."-jet 1 notions to the dead bodies
DMSoft: *jet 1 now wets himself due to the telepathy*
Baltasar: "well, since we broke the rules already, better to be hanged for a pig than a jet."
Baltasar nods at Altharid, "Ok, you take that one, I'll take the gagged one."
DMSoft: (you see a vision of a brain in a jar raising dead jets)
Altharid: "He smells…"
Farris turns away and frowns
Altharid: "Pathetic… weakling… utterly… ridiculous.. and you dare to call yourself a man ?"
Elissa Stormwind sits at the counter chatting with Karma for a while.
Baltasar: "Oh, and we'd better dispose of the bodies better this time."
Baltasar slits the gagged man's throat.
DMSoft: "job, I got a job here."-gin returns
Altharid: "Hmm I wonder"
Baltasar: "Does Griswol have any spare canvas around here?"
DMSoft: (yes you may easily dispose of bodies)
Farris goes to chat with gin and to get away from the wanton murder
Elissa Stormwind: (( aren't we in a city? ))
Farris: "what job?"
DMSoft: (farris understands they were going to murder gin and the tea lady)
Baltasar: (( elissa, think tortuga in the early 1600s ))
Karma smiling while conversing with Elissa. "It depends on what kind of gossip you hear about otherwise that make things more beneficial. You see, the more gossip you hear, the more you're informed. The more you're informed, the more you benefit."
Baltasar: (( that's the quality of law we have ))
Sidhe: "I feel like we should just burn them… but that's a little… public? Smelly."
DMSoft: "the tea lady wants somebody to move her tea. Possibly jets are involved."-gin to farris
Baltasar: "Nah, we can wrap them in canvas, and sew a bunch of rocks into it."
Elissa Stormwind: (( Do you mean Tortuga in Haiti? ))
Baltasar: "Dump them in the harbor and the lobsters will dispose of them eventually.
Altharid: "I can create a dispossble flying creature… that will drop them into the ocean"
Baltasar: (( yes I do ))
Farris: Well its going to take more than just me, lets wait for those er, gentlemen to finish up back there"
DMSoft: "so you'll do it!"-gin seems excited
Altharid: "But that would deplete my mental reserves… too much"
Altharid: "They are not worthy of such effort"
DMSoft: "maybe these ladies would like to help"-gin to elissa and karma
Baltasar slips the last jet into the canvas, and uses Fabricate to sew it completely shut.
Baltasar: "We'll dump them on the way to the warehouse."
DMSoft: (you have body burritos)
Elissa Stormwind: (( You do know a lot of pirate locals weren't actually badly policed, right? ))
DMSoft: (it's still daytime however)
Baltasar: "Let's get some extra hands though, in case it's more than just a few attacking."
Sidhe: "Still a little… intact but alright."
DMSoft: (yes, I am aware)
Baltasar: (( ok fine, tortuga in the fictional 1600s ))
DMSoft: (however, swampsiders aren't loved)
Sidhe: (( :( ))
DMSoft: (especially the gang kind)
DMSoft: (sorry sidhe)
Baltasar steps back into the main room, wiping his hands on a rag.
Sidhe: ((it's true I know))
Altharid follows Balt
Baltasar appraoches Gin and Farris, nodding hello.
DMSoft: "So, is everything okay?"-Griswol
Elissa Stormwind: (( So how does one go about disposing of a corpse in this place? ))
Altharid: "The job… is finished"
DMSoft: (wait until night and dump in harbor)
Baltasar: "Everything is beautiful, my good man."
DMSoft: "good, I like the way you wash dishes lad"-griswol to altharid
Baltasar: "Do me a favor though, and keep that canvas bag in the back for a few hours?"
Farris: "the tea lady needs help moving some tea."
DMSoft: "of course, those dishes need intense washing"-griswol
Elissa Stormwind: (( Good thing corpses don't smell bad in heat or humidity or anything. lol ))
DMSoft: (lol Elissa)
Baltasar: (( that's why they're wrapped in sailcloth ))
Altharid: ((they are not gonna decompose that fast in here))
Sidhe: ((What did you think 'smelling of swampside' was? xD))
Baltasar: (( 6 or 7 hours isn't gonna be an issue ))
Elissa Stormwind: (( I figured bog smells, honestly. lol ))
DMSoft: "So, I was saying there's a job helping at the tea warehouse. I can take you to Samantha."-gin
Sidhe: ((bogs full of bodies smell more.))
Baltasar: "So Gin, when's Miss Smileyface need us?"
Elissa Stormwind: (( So if these guys are wanted, why not just turn them over to the authorities? They would probably like to question the corpses. :P ))
Farris: "I am always happy to help."
DMSoft: "Right now I'd say!"-gin
Baltasar: (( because we're not on particularly good terms with them either ))
Altharid: ((hehe))
Elissa Stormwind hands the barkeep a couple of coppers as a tip for the water she ordered earlier.
Baltasar nods, "Alright, give me a second. Let's try and get some help this time."
Farris: ((those guys and me are bff's))
Karma smiling to Elissa. "You happen to have a place of residence to stay at in DragonPort?"
DMSoft: "thank you my good lady"-Griswol to elissa
Baltasar glances around the room at the various customers, before calling out.
Baltasar: "Excuse me everyone. May I have your attention please?"
Baltasar: "My friends and I need a little help this afternoon with a job moving some tea. We don't have quite enough hands."
Baltasar: "Anyone who decides to come with will get an equal share."
Altharid: "Or limbs" - Altharid adds
Elissa Stormwind: "Not a problem sir. You run an…interesting place here."
DMSoft: "Thank you. I hope to see you again"-griswol to elissa
Elissa Stormwind: "So what do people do for fun around here?" she asks the Barkeep.
DMSoft: "they do gin's jobs I guess. Also they throw themselves off of ledges I hear."-Griswol
DMSoft: "oh, and they read books."-Griswol
Sidhe facepalms at Griswol's descriptor and looks to see who is interested.
Elissa Stormwind: "…….."
DMSoft: "I heard Larry Dotter is supposed to be good!"-griswol
Elissa Stormwind: o.o
Sidhe: "They're tied to ropes Elissa."
DMSoft: "you could always start a business."-griswol
Sidhe: *Ma'am.
DMSoft: "just not bartending"-griswol
Sidhe: (why aren't people titled by their descriptions)
Elissa Stormwind turns to Sidhe and smirks. "Hmmm, I'm not a master of anatomy or anything, but wouldn't that cause severe spinal injury?"
DMSoft: "That's what I say!"-griswol
Sidhe: "Do I appear to have any?"
Elissa Stormwind: (( lol ))
Karma just shakes her head rubbing her eyebrows. "Well…I think it'll be stupid to try and point this out."
DMSoft: "stupid people want to kill themselves. They should just wear fancy hats and attack innocent people if they want to die so quickly"-griswol
Baltasar looks around to see if there are any takers.
Baltasar: "Hmm, looks like it's just us then."?
Baltasar: (( -? ))
Farris: "oh well"
Altharid: "More rewards for us then…"
Elissa Stormwind: (( Say what Baltasar? ))
Farris: " a little hard work never killed anyone"
DMSoft: (baltasar made a job offer to the bar patrons including you)
Elissa Stormwind: (( Oh, you made an announcement about tea. ))
Baltasar: (( there's been at least 2 minutes of conversation since balt asked the room ))
Baltasar: (( so he figures no one else is coming ))
DMSoft: "I'll show you where Sam is."-Gin
Elissa Stormwind looks at Baltasar. "After what I just saw, I must ask for a clarification. When you say moving tea, you don't mean stealing it, do you?"
Baltasar: "Surprisingly, no."
DMSoft: "Moving it! Crates for the tea shop!"-gin
Baltasar: "Also, odds are it'll be less about moving tea, and more about stabbing people."
DMSoft: "Yeah, those gang members are mean, but you dealt with them Sir Baltasar."-gin
Baltasar: "But they're Jets, so they don't count as people, per se."
Farris: "With our luck"
Elissa Stormwind: "I…see…" she mutters. "And how much does the job pay, again?"
DMSoft: "She said a fair wage."-gin
Baltasar: "No idea yet, Gin was not forthcoming on that information."
DMSoft: "the more the merrier"-gin
Baltasar: "But we've worked for this woman before, and she's fairly generous."
Farris: "Sam is a fair employer, she even paid us when we let her be blown to bits."
DMSoft: "oh, I just announce the job, she gives the pay."
Elissa Stormwind: "Hmmm, what is the worth of a life, I wonder." she muses poetically. "Probably not much here, I'd reckon."
Baltasar: "Besides, it's not like you can't just walk away if you don't like the money."
Sidhe facepalms again as farris says what she is thinking.
Sidhe: *Her ears seem reddened under the scales.
DMSoft: "I'll lead the way!"-gin starts out the door
Farris: "Onward!"
Baltasar: "Lead on, young master Gin!"
DMSoft: (who is going?)
Baltasar retrieves his Jet cane from his belt, promenading with his new blue hat.
Elissa Stormwind just orders another water and begins changing the colors of it again. She has no reason to go kill people over some tea leaves.
DMSoft: (you may also explore the city if you wish)
Karma shrugs a bit. "The worth of a life is dependant on how far that life has gone…"
Sidhe: (Sidhe, Balt, Alth, Farris…)
Altharid follows the rest laughting telepathically in maniacal manner for a short while - yes he likes bloodshed that much
Elissa Stormwind: (( brb, gonna fix some food and such. ))
DMSoft: (kk)
Sidhe follows after rubbing her ears at the telepathic laughter.
Farris sings a hymn out loud as he strolls after Gin
DMSoft: *gin leads the gang to a house near the tea warehouse*
Altharid: (your hearing cannot be damaged by that …. I guess)
DMSoft: *he opens the door and you see samantha inside*
DMSoft: "here they are!"-gin says and leaves
Sidhe: (my hearing is alredy damaged by voices in my head)
Altharid: (heh)
DMSoft: "Ah, do you have any more jets hats for me?"-sam
Farris: "Good evening."
Baltasar doffs his new hat in greeting.
Altharid: "Greetings…" - bows a little bit
DMSoft: "hello, noble knight."-sam to farris
Baltasar: "Yes, I believe we have three for you."
DMSoft: "hello mr. cook"-to alth
Baltasar: (( *sigh*brb ))
DMSoft: "Well, I need you to go to my warehouse and move 4 crates to a location in the noble section"-sam to all
Farris: "hopefully they arn't full of screaming tea?"
Altharid: (btw if less than 60 minutes passed from the jet fight I'm still Large-sized)
DMSoft: "no, that tea is gone as far as I know. Also my best tea was stolen"-sam
DMSoft: (you are large)
Altharid: (kk)
Farris: "If I find out the culprit I will be sure to turn him into the city watch ma'am"
DMSoft: "Please do that sir knight!"-sam
Farris: "Or just spear him full of holes"
DMSoft: "that would also be acceptable."-sam
Farris: "How heavy are these crates?"
DMSoft: "oh, 500 lbs each."-sam
DMSoft: "they need to go uptown about a half mile."-sam
Farris: "Do you have a cart perhaps?"
DMSoft: "see, that's gonna be hard."-sam
DMSoft: "my horses were killed"-sam
Sidhe: "Sounds like a job for a strong cleric of Kord…" *musingly*
DMSoft: "by that gang I assume"-sam
Farris: (Sidhe your character sheet says you have a donkey which might come in handy)
Farris: "Ugh"
Farris: "well, nothing worthwhile was ever easy."
Altharid: (I am large)
Sidhe: (not anymore, now a troodon, also medium and stronger)
Altharid: (let me check my carring capacity now)
Sidhe: "Mekila, think you can drag a cart?" *sidhe questions the clawfoot affectionately.*
Altharid: (532 lbs for light load)
Farris: (oh well its up to you)
DMSoft: "I can give you 100gp each."-sam
Altharid: (if you multiply it x4 after a size increase)
Sidhe: "We can probably rig the cart to her saddle."
Farris: (I could move the cart if there were only 2 in it…)
DMSoft: "extra if you don't mess up."-sam
Altharid: (133 lbs for medium altharid)
Farris: "Well why don't we get the cart loaded and then get this job done right?"
DMSoft: "I have carts, go look in the warehouse."-sam
Farris walks towards the warehouse
Sidhe goes with Farris.
Altharid follows Farris
DMSoft: *sam remains in the house and shuts the door as you leave*
Farris: ((that seems sketchy))
Farris: ((is the warehouse lit up on the inside?))
DMSoft: (it is very open, no light inside)
DMSoft: *you see 2 massive doors and the door to the office*
DMSoft: *it is less scary during the day*
Farris: "anyone got a light? of course today would be the day I didn't prepare the right spells."
Sidhe takes out a liquid sunlight bead
Baltasar: (( sorry about that, back now ))
Farris: (oh i guess i should ask what time it is))
Altharid: (my psicrystal can see in the darkness just fine 40ft range though)
Farris: ((i just assumed it was night))
DMSoft: (it's afternoon still)
Farris walks into the warehouse
DMSoft: *the door is open. Inside you see 4 crates marked to be moved*
DMSoft: *you see 2 carts….without wheels.*
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Baltasar raises an eyebrow at this.
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [2,14] = (16)
Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+18] => [14,18] = (32)
Altharid: (whisperer)
Altharid: ([1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23))
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [2,-2] = (0)
Altharid: (hehe)
DMSoft: *there are tracks leading out of the warehouse. look to be 3 humans)
DMSoft: (and 4 cart wheels)
DMSoft: (carts are 2 wheeled)
DMSoft: (er, were)
Elissa Stormwind: (( Back ))
No Name (enter): 21:13
Baltasar sighs.
Farris: ((sorry i was looking at my sheet))
Baltasar: "Balls."
Altharid nods in agreement
Farris: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
Farris: "Balls what?"
No Name (exit): 21:14
DMSoft: *farris see the same things, the wheels were taken*
Altharid: (mae some macros in the future Farris)
Farris: "damn"
Baltasar: "You know, screw 'em."
Baltasar: "I need some wood."
Farris: (i dont know how :( ))
Baltasar looks around for any source of wood he can scavenge.
Sidhe looks for spare wood.
DMSoft: *baltasar sees wooden planks*
Altharid: (I will send you my character sheet… modify it… delete the grapple section)
Hephaestus Cave Johnson (enter): 21:15
DMSoft: *you see general warehouse containers that are empty*
Farris: ((thx))
DMSoft: *a carraige goes by the warehouse*
Baltasar: "Excellent, me grabs a couple planks and casts Fabricate on them, creating appropriatee wheels for the carts."
Elissa Stormwind nods to ol' Griswol and fastens her cowl as she stands. She turns to Karma. "It was good meeting you. Perhaps we shall again in the future. I'm still curious what your future holds." she says. "In the meantime, I need to be moving on I think."
Baltasar: (( err, that should have been two lines ))
Baltasar: (( made of fail ))
Elissa Stormwind: (( Well, I think I'm going to go back to the lobby. :) ))
DMSoft: (you fabricate wheels, now attach them)
Elissa Stormwind: (( Thanks for the game. ))
DMSoft: (see ya elissa)
Elissa Stormwind: (( Toodles. ))
Elissa Stormwind (exit): 21:17
Baltasar begins repairing the carts with the new wheels. Craft: [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
DMSoft: (you attach the new wheels easily)
DMSoft: *another carraige goes by, with horses*
DMSoft: *this road seems to be high traffic*
Baltasar: "Sidhe, can your dinosaur haul these?"
Farris: "Altharid would you help me get the crates into the cart."
Altharid: (I can push/drag 2000lbs when large)
Altharid: "…"
Altharid helps Farris
Baltasar begins mentally plotting a route to the noble district, one that reduces the risk of being ambushed.
DMSoft: they weight 500 each
Sidhe seeks to fasten cart to saddle
Baltasar: (( soft, would that be a know:local or know:geography check? ))
DMSoft: *make a whatever use ropes is now check*
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson walking quietly down the street and staring intently at two liquid filled beakers in his hands as he goes, this pinkish purple kobold, with his large aqua marine colored hat, seems almost devoid of the realization that he's outside until he dodges this or that along the way. standing only 2'7 he would be easily overlooked if not for his bright scales, large pointed hat, and finely crafted breastplate. Below this he wears fine slacks of blueish black color. As he walks along in his own little world, passing by the group, he tilts one beaker over the other and lets the liquids mix together causing a violent explosion sending the kobold flying backwards like a purple arrow at Elissa
Baltasar: (( whoa, wall of text ))
Sidhe takes 10 for 14.
Baltasar: (( also, elissa ain't here anymore ))
DMSoft: (for what balt)
DMSoft: (change elissa with sidhe)
Baltasar: (( for a route that minimizes our chance of being ambushed on the way ))
DMSoft: *there is a kobold on you*
DMSoft: (local)
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson: (there's a kobold flying at you giggling madly)
Baltasar: (( basically, i'd rather not have a firefight in either the middle of the main thoroughfare, or get jumped in an alley ))
Baltasar: know:local: [1d20+12] => [5,12] = (17)
Altharid: (grabs him with his 10ft long tentacle)
DMSoft: *sidhe barely manages to finish her task*
Farris: "How many of those little lizards are running around here?"
Sidhe turns startled to push away the kobold.
DMSoft: *balt knows that a strait line is the best*
Baltasar helps Farris finish loading the last crate.
DMSoft: *road is from 9 to 19 north
Altharid speaks to the kobold telepathically "State your intentions… lizard… or perish"
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson gets up as soon as he shakes the ringing fom his ears after being shoved away by sidhe, with only the mouths of the beakers left in his hands, "Well damn, now I have to get new beakers." turning to sidhe as if it was a secondary thought, "Thanks for breaking the 'fall'."
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson looks around for the voice he hears only in his head, "Hey now… Who or whatever is in my head get out. It isn't polite."
Sidhe: "It's my … erm… don't let it happen again."
DMSoft: (so you have the crates loaded and a dinosaur + tentacle guy to haul them)
Altharid: "I am not bound to what you narrow-minded ones call etiquette…. well only females deserve it…. intentions lizard…" - continues telepthically
Baltasar: "Ok, keep an eye out while we're moving. Sidhe, you want to ride on top, just in case?"
Farris: "That sounds like a good plan."
Sidhe: Yeah. *seeks to do so.*
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson pulls out a small notebook and looks at sidhe a moment, now distracted from the voice, "Could you answer some questions for me real quick?" his eyes seem alive with pure joy at the moment, the oceanlike color seeming almost to ebb and flow. "Oh are you going somewhere interesting?" now addressing the entire group again distracted
Farris: "Hey lizard you want to make a quick buck?"
Altharid: "…" - gives up… and qualifies the small creature as not-hostile… in his mind
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson: "And don't call me lizard. You could atleast have the decency to refer to me as Kobold." snickers to himself as if there were a joke in all that
Farris: "Help us move these crates and Ill cut you in on my share"
Sidhe: "Going to be riding but I'm not one of those best keeping watch."
DMSoft: *another cart goes by*
Baltasar: "True, but on top you'll provide excellent overwatch."
DMSoft: "nice wheels"-cart driver
Altharid: (Altharid does not care… he just simply detected your int score along your creature type… dragon… or humanoid (reptiliant) ?)
DMSoft: "be careful, there's thieve around."cart driver
Baltasar eyes the driver suspiciously.
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson: "Ok. I'm Hephaestus Johnson by the by… You can call me Cave if you like though. Thats what everyone else used to call me."
DMSoft: *the cart he's riding has busted up wheels*
Sidhe: "Sure."
Farris: "ok cave"
DMSoft: *the cart rider moves on*
Farris: "Keep up if you can."
Baltasar nods a greeting at the kobold.
Farris looks to Balt for what to do next.
Baltasar: "Ok, Farris and Cave take the flanks, Al will obviously be helping haul, Sidhe's riding, and I'll be in the air."
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson nods back to balt, "Sorry again about the flying act. I didn't think those chemicals were that volatile."
Baltasar: "Keep your eyes sharp, and let's move quick."
Farris: "Sounds good."
Farris takes the left
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson: "Can do."
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Altharid "Why are we teaming up with the reptilian one ?…Ahh I see … living shields" - to Balt telepathically
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson takes the right
Baltasar takes flight, activating his Invisibility cloak.
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [17,14] = (31)
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson: [1d20+12] => [19,12] = (31) perc)
Baltasar: Perception: [1d20+18] => [19,18] = (37)
Altharid: (+2 extra from whispererer)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [17,-2] = (15)
Altharid: (*whisperer)
Baltasar: (( cave, nice bonus ))
Farris: [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14)
DMSoft: (you see some suspicious characters not but 100' from the warehouse)
Bill Bisco : Disconnecting from server…
Bill Bisco (exit): 21:31
Altharid: (tell me when they are in mindsight's range)
Baltasar whisks over to them (still invisible)
Baltasar hits them with Detect Thoughts.
DMSoft: *they smell like swampsiders*
Baltasar pinches his nose.
DMSoft: *they are watching the warehouse*
DMSoft: *there are 3 of them*
Sidhe is a swampsider… who swims in the bog… but can clean herself with a spell. still..
Baltasar uses Prestidigitation to change their hats to a flaming orange color.
Altharid: "They smell the same as those … 'Blue Jets' " - to Balt telepathically
DMSoft: *they lack hats*
DMSoft: *and weapons*
Baltasar uses prestidigitation to change their hair to a flaming orange color.
DMSoft: *they seem to have tools*
Farris: ((ha))
DMSoft: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: "magic…someone's doin magic!"-swampsider
DMSoft: "cheese it!"-swampsider
Baltasar decloaks above them.
DMSoft: *the swampsiders begin running*
Baltasar: "Hello there."
DMSoft: *they don't even stop to look back*
Baltasar fires a tanglefoot bag at the lead one.
Altharid: (you are flying Balt ?)
Baltasar: ini: [1d20+16] => [2,16] = (18)
DMSoft: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
Baltasar: vial launcher: attack [1d20+7+5+1] => [9,7,5,1] = (22)
DMSoft: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
Baltasar: (( 22 touch attack ))
DMSoft: you stop one, the others run
DMSoft: "oh no, magic!"-stuck swampsider
Baltasar easily catches up to them, landing a dozen feet ahead of them.
DMSoft: (the two others run the other way)
Baltasar calls back to the group, "Can I get a little help here?"
Farris: ((balt is now officially spider man))
DMSoft: "he's a vampire!"-swampsiders
Altharid: (heh you've got 60ft base speed aren't ya :P)
Baltasar shoots another one with a tanglefoot bag
Baltasar: touch attack, [1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30)
DMSoft: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
Baltasar: (( actually, i have a flight speed of 90 ))
DMSoft: "Vampire!"
Baltasar: (( and a base land speed of 60 ))
Baltasar: "I am not a vampire! It's broad daylight!"
DMSoft: "it's a twilight vampire!"-swampsider
Farris runs over
Baltasar chases them down again, attempting to herd them back to the group.
Sidhe waves to the swampsiders and calls out "Get back here" with a command spell on any in Close range
DMSoft: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
Baltasar thinks for a moment, before using Prestidigitation to make himself sparkle.
DMSoft: he gets back there
Farris covers the first one with my spear
DMSoft: "vampire!"-the other two who are stuck scream
Baltasar: "Thank you Sidhe."
Altharid stands guard near the cargo
DMSoft: "twilight vampire!"-swampsider
Altharid: (lulz)
Baltasar grabs the stuck one who's further away and begins hauling him back to the group.
Baltasar: (( grapple check? ))
DMSoft: nope
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson stays with altharid taking notes
DMSoft: commoner 1s
Sidhe: (any one that is.) "Heh. Good lad." *grins down at the swampsider she lured back*
DMSoft: "um, you are one of us."-swampsider to sidhe
Baltasar whispers to Sidhe, "You want to take this round? Try the nice approach?"
DMSoft: "let us go, life is hard. I have a family"-swampsider
Farris: "shut up."
DMSoft: "we only wanted the rest of the carts."-swampsider
Sidhe: *looks down at them* "Mm, what are you after?"
DMSoft: "wheels."-swampsider
Sidhe: "Ferris, let me speak with them a moment."
Farris: "Go for it."
Altharid: "…"
Sidhe: "What did you need wheels for?"
DMSoft: "we sell the wheels."-swampsider
DMSoft: "to the local wheel maker."-swampsider
DMSoft: "cartwright."-swampsider
Sidhe: "Heh… hehe. That's … that's a bit backward you realize?"
DMSoft: "he pays 1 silver piece per wheel."-swampsider
Sidhe: "He can make wheels out of wood…"
DMSoft: "I don't know his business, I only know how to take wheels."-swampsider
Sidhe: "And then sells them so you can steal them again, making gold in the process."
Sidhe: "I see, very lazy of him."
Sidhe: "Surely you have other talents."
DMSoft: "please, I have a family."-swampsider
Sidhe: "Rather than being scammed by a cartwright?"
Farris walks back to the cart shaking his head.
DMSoft: "I am good at taking wheels, but vampires are a different matter."-swampsider
Sidhe: "Heh. If you think stealing wheels is going to help them my good man, you're very wrong."
Hephaestus looks at farris as he comes back, "So whats going on?"
DMSoft: "If I had known a twilight vampire was the protector of wheels."-swampsider
Farris: "Just some poor theives."
Altharid still stands guard near the cargo
DMSoft: "I would not have left swampside."-swampsider
Baltasar: (( you know, tanglefoot bags can be one of the most hilarious alchemical items ever ))
Sidhe: "You need to learn a better trade, that can be done with the resources of the swamp…"
Hephaestus "Cave" Johnson (exit): 21:44
Hephaestus: "Oh… What are we hauling anyways?"
Farris: "Tea"
Baltasar: "Yes, like fishing."
DMSoft: "please, tell me what I should do oh servant of the twilight vampire."-swampsider
Baltasar has a thought.
DMSoft: "the twilight vampire has told us to fish."-swampsider
DMSoft: "we will do that!"-swampsiders
Hephaestus: "What a silly thing to steal." chuckles, "Can I ask you another question?"
DMSoft: (sense motive)
Baltasar: (( soft, knowledge nature to determine if there's any good venoms that can be harvested from the swamp ))
Sidhe: "Fishing would be a good idea. Tell me where your family lives, I can introduce mine to you. My mother is excellent at fishing."
DMSoft: (sense motive first)
Altharid: [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
Baltasar: (( knowledge:nature [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19) ))
DMSoft: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: (there are venoms yes)
Baltasar: sense motive: [1d20+13] => [12,13] = (25)
Farris: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
DMSoft: (they are not gonna do it)
DMSoft: (they aren't telling you something)
Farris: ((wait im not there))
Baltasar: (( figures ))
Farris: ((nvm))
Baltasar floats into the air again.
Baltasar: "Hmm, somehow, I don't believe you."
DMSoft: "oh no! Twilight vampire!"-swampsider
Altharid: "The same here" - adds telepathically in menacing manner
Baltasar activates Detect Thoughts again
DMSoft: "please don't turn us into twilight vampires!"-swampsider
Hephaestus pokes farris in the thigh, "Can I as you one more question real quick? What was your first reaction to seeing a purple kobold launched through the air?"
Baltasar also uses Alter Self to subtlely change his appearance to look more like a vampire.
DMSoft: (balt sees them being turned into vampires, by balt)
DMSoft: (that's all they are thinking about)
Farris: "Ive seen weirder shit around here"
Farris: "Spider ghouls and exploding ice rats being amoung them."
DMSoft: *they seem to be super scared*
Hephaestus: "Interesting." marks that down in his notebook, "So no surprise or humor in the moment? Just casual acceptance?"
Baltasar: "Well, if you tell me why you were actually here, I won't turn you into my slaves."
Baltasar: bluff: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
DMSoft: "we are taking wheels!"-you see them taking wheels
Farris: "it was pretty suprising"
Baltasar: "Why?"
Sidhe: (aid 20 just for … something)
Baltasar: "The truth."
Sidhe: (er 19)
DMSoft: "you see them paying money to men in strange uniforms*
Farris: ((i think that was the truth they were lying about getting straight jobs))
Farris: ((shit nvm))
Hephaestus nods, "Thank you. Oh and what's your name? I have to keep track of even inadvertant test subjects like yourself."
Baltasar: (( them paying money? ))
DMSoft: "to pay the…the…protectors
Baltasar: (( and do i recognize these uniforms? ))
DMSoft: (one of the uniform is lionguard)
Farris "Farris Blackclaw"
DMSoft: (the others are unknown, you may make a knowledge history)
Baltasar shares the information in a quiet whisper to Sidhe.
Hephaestus marks that down under fariss' responses and nods, "A pleasure Farris. Would you be willing to participate in future experiments?"
Baltasar: know: history [1d20+14] => [7,14] = (21)
DMSoft: (dragon slayers)
Farris "umm maybe"
Baltasar: (( those are the dudes who tried to genocide dragons, right? ))
DMSoft: (yup)
Sidhe leans down and whispers, "She also knows some more lucrative trades. With less risk … of getting arbitrarily captured or slaughtered. Please do let me stop by."
DMSoft: "please, let us go home to our families. we will never touch wheels again and become fisherman."-swampsiders
Altharid: "I do not see the reason why you would show… pity … to those weaklings" - telepathically to Sidhe
DMSoft: (now you see them in the swamp fishing and getting eatten by a black dragon)
Hephaestus marks that down aswell and says under his breath, "A tenative reply… good sign." then looks back up to farris, "Thank you again." with a big toothy grin, "So how long you think til their done with the thieves?"
Sidhe: "Tell me where you live."
DMSoft: (he describes your neighborhood)
Baltasar: (( ok, so they're scared of the lion guard and dragon slayers, as well as the black dragon who runs the lizardman cult ))
DMSoft: (he lives on your block)
DMSoft: (yup, pretty much)
Farris "Don't rush them they are very… thorough"
Baltasar: "Tell, me what are your names?"
Baltasar focuses on their thoughts as they speak.
DMSoft: "Leroy Jenkins"
Hephaestus: "Thorough is a good thing to be." nodding knowingly
DMSoft: "Ian Holmes"
DMSoft: "Jethro Tull"
Farris: ((lol))
Altharid: (O_O)
DMSoft: (they all have families)
Baltasar: (( do their thoughts match up? ))
Hephaestus: (ha)
DMSoft: (yup)
Baltasar: (( kk ))
Baltasar nods slightly at Sidhe.
DMSoft: (balt can see them imagining returning home and locking their doors)
DMSoft: (forever)
Baltasar: (( i'm not particularly inclined to kill them, and if they pose a problem in the future, we have their real names ))
Baltasar: (( and can hunt them down ))
DMSoft: (lol, commoner 1s dude)
Baltasar: (( that's why i don't want to kill them ))
DMSoft: (you can let them go)
Baltasar: (( but if, say… they decide to help the pigman or something… ))
Baltasar: (( it's a backup plan ))
Baltasar: (( sidhe, this is your show though ))
Sidhe: "I'll stop by. Here's a loan." *Sidhe picks out a gold each and hands to them.* "I'll expect it repaid with interest… after I instruct you in a safer trade. It will keep you from stealing for now."
Sidhe: "I'm sure your families will be glad of the change."
Altharid is stunned
Altharid: "I will never… understand… females" - Altharid thinks
Farris grins
Johnnyirish (enter): 21:58
DMSoft: "Oh, thanks be to you oh thrall of the twilight vampire!"-all the swampsiders
Baltasar stifles a smirk.
DMSoft: *they take your money and leave*
Farris: "shall we continue onwards?"
Baltasar: "Indeed."
Altharid: "It is.. about time"
Hephaestus scratches his chin, "Whats a twilight vampire? Oh yes lets move on."
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Baltasar: "Don't worry Al, we'll let you deal with the next muggers."
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+16] => [4,16] = (20)
Hephaestus: [1d20+12] => [18,12] = (30)
Farris: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [14,-2] = (12)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [18,14] = (32)
DMSoft: (anybody who is literate may make a knowledge local check for twilight vampires)
Altharid: (+2 from whisperer)
Baltasar: (( eh,why not: [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21) ))
Altharid: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13) knowledge (local)
Farris: knowledge local [1d20] => [2] = (2)
Farris: ((derp))
DMSoft: (you know that the Larry Dotter books have twilight vampires in them balt)
Baltasar: (( oh god ))
DMSoft: (twilight vampires are like the IRL ones)
Baltasar: (( /me feels the need to toss Mali into the harbor ))
Baltasar: (( but can't, because he doesn't know :( ))
DMSoft: *you see some suspicious guys in blue hats on the road*
DMSoft: *between 8 and 20
DMSoft: *jets, definatly jets*
Baltasar steps behind the cart and activates his Invisibility
Baltasar takes off and gains 20 feet of altitude.
Farris casts prayer
Hephaestus looks at their hats and scoffs, "I don't mind people trying to copy my style but atleast get the color right if not the hat type."
DMSoft: *the jets seem to not notice you guys*
DMSoft: *they seem more interested in a game they are playing*
Farris: ((how far are they?))
DMSoft: 100' off
Altharid regains his psionic focus
Altharid: (I'm still large… right ?)
DMSoft: *you see them using their canes to hit a small ball between some metal hoops in the ground*
Baltasar swoops down and speaks quietly, "So, how do we want to play this?"
Farris: ((I doubt this stacks with all your guys' bonuses but you were all in range of my prayer spell))
DMSoft: *sure alth)
Hephaestus looks at the others, clearly lacking knowledge of something that they know
Altharid: ((kk))
DMSoft: "It's simple my good sir."-jet
DMSoft: "just hit the ball in between the hoop."-jet
Farris: "Hey Cave, those guys up ahead are undesirables."
DMSoft: "wait..who said that?"-jet
Farris: "Shit."
DMSoft: *the jets begin to scramble*
Hephaestus: "Undesirables? They look like fitting test subjects to me." grins
Baltasar cuts them off, decloaking in front of them.
Sidhe (enter): 22:05
Sidhe (exit): 22:05
Sidhe (enter): 22:05
Sidhe (enter): 22:05
Baltasar: (( double move action if i have to, to catch them ))
DMSoft: *you catch one of the 4 that were there
Altharid shrugs after hearing the words "test subjects"
Baltasar: (( le sigh ))
Baltasar: "Get them!"
Hephaestus: (how far are they again?)
DMSoft: they were 100', now 2 are within 30' of you
Farris: init?
DMSoft: one is 160' and the other is balts
Baltasar: (( err, did they run towards us? ))
Altharid rushes towards jets (has 40ft speed and 10ft reach with tentacles)
DMSoft: *they scattered*
Baltasar: init: [1d20+16] => [18,16] = (34)
Farris: Charges the jet Alt isnt after
DMSoft: *2 ran toward the party
Baltasar: (( dayum ))
Altharid: Initiative: [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (ephaestus: [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19) init
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
Altharid: (hell yeah)
Farris: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
DMSoft: everybody go
Altharid whispers telepathically to Balt "Do we need them… alive ?"
Farris: Charge attack [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (1d8+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Baltasar slams his cane into the side of the jet's head: [1d20+10] => [11,10] = (21), Damage [1d6+3] => [4,3] = (7)
DMSoft: those 2 jets are injured
Altharid adds after Baltasar's action "I guess… not"
Farris: ((sorry that should have been 9 dmg))
Altharid: Grip of Iron (imm action) *You can hear within your mind sound of metal bars bending under someones superior grip*
DMSoft: he's still up farris
Altharid: Astral Construct (1 round) *Altharid leans back and spits a small globe of glowing ectoplasm which instantly takes a shape of humanoid figure with glowing red eyes and hair*
Altharid: (linked)
Altharid: (charge against jet… with guisarme)
Altharid: (20ft reach)
Sidhe is apparently distracted because that took quite a while and does not know what is going on
Baltasar: (( are you trying to puree him? ))
Altharid: Attacks: Expansion I +1 Guisarme [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (27), damage [2d6+8] => [1,4,8] = (13)
DMSoft: (initiative sidhe)
DMSoft: altharid's jet goes down
Farris: (we ran into jets and decided to proactively f them up)
DMSoft: *the 4th jet runs for his life*
Altharid laughts savagely … via telepathy… the jets should hear it
Sidhe: [1d20+9] => [18,9] = (27)
DMSoft: go sidhe
Beau: Disconnecting from server…
Beau (exit): 22:11
Baltasar: (( oops, i've got a full attack ))
DMSoft: sidhe, there is 1 jet you can finish off
Baltasar: (( since the round isn't over, mind if i make my second? ))
DMSoft: farris'
DMSoft: sure
Altharid: (*laughs)
Baltasar: club attack: [1d20+7+3+1-5] => [4,7,3,1,-5] = (10), Damage [1d6+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Baltasar: (( sucky roll ))
Sidhe: (27)
Altharid: (why -5 ?)
DMSoft: yeah, you missed his ff
Farris: ((I cast prayer too so you get +1 to everything unless you have other shit it dosent stack with))
Baltasar: (( iterative attack, i have a high BAB ))
Altharid: (its a luck bonus… from prayer that is)
DMSoft: sidhe, attack farris' dude or spell him
Altharid: ((kk))
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [13,3] = (16) farris
DMSoft: the jet swung at you farris
Farris: "Youve got nothin little man
DMSoft: miss then?
Sidhe takes out her crossbow and shoots at his hat. wait, I need a feat to ranged disarm. just shoot. [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
Farris: (ya)
DMSoft: damage?
Farris: (he missed)
Sidhe: [1d6] => [2] = (2) damage whoops
Farris: (oh you are talking to her hurr)
Sidhe: (okay soft)
DMSoft: that jet's hat is skewered…and his brain too
Baltasar: (( guys, i'm gonna have to leave in ~10 minutes :\ ))
Baltasar: (( just a heads up ))
DMSoft: (almost over balt)
Baltasar: (( oh, ok ))
Sidhe: (2)
DMSoft: the other jet is running into a building
DMSoft: balt's jet surrenders
DMSoft: or tries to
DMSoft: go guys
Baltasar abandons his Jet, taking off to catch up with the runner.
Baltasar: "Al, get him!"
Altharid: (astral construct with 50ft chases down the escaping jet)
Baltasar points back at theone he left
Baltasar moves 90ft, and uses a charge on his Bracers of Battle to move another 90ft
Altharid follows the construct (alth has 30ft speed now)
Baltasar: (( am I within range? ))
DMSoft: (sure)
Hephaestus: who's where and what now?… i saw so many actions i got lost lol)
Farris moves towards the surrendered jet
Baltasar slams his cane into the runner's head.
DMSoft: *they are chasing down 1 jet and another surrendered
Baltasar: attack: [1d20+5+7+1] => [14,5,7,1] = (27), Damage [1d6+3] => [6,3] = (9)
DMSoft: the jet is almost knocked out
DMSoft: "please don't kill me."-jet to farris
DMSoft: *he slowly takes off his hat*
Farris: "I won't"
DMSoft: "I'm not really in this gang, I just wanted to play the game"-jet
Johnnyirish: Disconnecting from server…
Johnnyirish (exit): 22:17
DMSoft: balt you may attack him again, he's trying to open a door
Farris: spearbutt to the face (nonlethal): [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15) [1d8+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Altharid: (the construct follows the last instruction and mauls the Jet if he is still standing)
Baltasar: Club attack: [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21), damage [1d6+3] => [4,3] = (7)
Altharid: (charge)
DMSoft: farris knocks the jet out
DMSoft: balt kills that jet
Altharid: (ohh so the construct does nothing)
DMSoft: there is 1 knocked out jet. construct was unnecissary
Baltasar: (( err, 7 damage would not be enough for -10 ))
DMSoft: npcs don't go to -10 imho
Hephaestus merely gawks at the effectiveness of the group
DMSoft: depends if htey have a name
Baltasar: (( heh, fair enough ))
Farris: ((he had a heart condition))
Baltasar grabs the corpse and flies back to the group.
DMSoft: *there is one knocked out jet*
Baltasar: (( err, did al take care of the one i abandoned? ))
Farris: "Do we even question this one? I think we can leave him in the gutter."
Altharid: "Seriously… I am getting… annoyed… by their weakness…. aren't there any other … stronger gangers…to slay ?" - telepathically to Balt
Farris: I knocked him out
DMSoft: (farris did)
Baltasar grins at Altharid.
DMSoft: (sidhe killed farris' one, and the first one was instantly killed)
Baltasar nods emphatically.
DMSoft: *the jet is comming around*
Baltasar: (( ahh, there we are ))
Baltasar dumps the body in front of the remaining live jet
Sidhe: (I feel really weird killing someone with 2 damage.)
DMSoft: "oh no, I should have never tried to play that game!'-jet
DMSoft: "darn my luck!"-jet
Farris: "He's my prisoner Balt. No throat slitting this time."
Baltasar nods in agreement.
Baltasar: "Your catch, your kill."
Altharid: "…"
Farris: "Do you have something to write with?"
DMSoft: "hey, look, I just wanted to play their game. they said I could join if I put on a hat and clothes"
Altharid: "I agree"
Altharid: (sense motive ?)
DMSoft: sure
Farris: "Give me your cane, and your hat."
Altharid: ([1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6))
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
Farris: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
Altharid: (heh)
Baltasar: sense motive: [1d20+13] => [1,13] = (14)
DMSoft: (he dropped them farris)
Baltasar: (( wow, fail ))
Altharid: (the whisperer)
Altharid: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
DMSoft: (he's lieing, really bad)
Farris: (okay)
Altharid: (heh mega fail)
DMSoft: (really really lying that one)
Baltasar whispers loudly to Farris, "Break his legs and he might start telling the truth."
Farris: "I know you are lying little man."
DMSoft: "please, take me to the lion guard or the town guard or whoever."-jet
Sidhe: [1d20-2] => [13,-2] = (11)
Hephaestus comes scampering up to the rest now, keeping quiet and allowing them to handle things
DMSoft: (he's lieing sidhe)
Farris: "Does anyone have rope?"
Baltasar pulls out his frequently used rope.
Hephaestus: "No but I have seen a spear used as a leash once."
Baltasar: "I should really invest in some manacles."
Farris: "Can I have enough to tie him?"
DMSoft: (you tie him up, he doesn't struggle)
Hephaestus: "You just have to get it through the right spot."
DMSoft: "I am telling you, I just wanted to play Croak-It"
Farris lifts him up and puts him on the wagon
Hephaestus: "With a name like that you should have known nothing good would come from it."
Farris: I'll deal with you later
Farris: spearbutt to the face
Sidhe giggles at the kobold's words.
Karma (exit): 22:27
DMSoft: you find 4 clubs (not masterwork) and no armor or gold. the 4 hats seem shabby
Farris: ((is he out again?))
DMSoft: he's knocked out
Farris: "Ill bring the rope back after I drop him off to biggs and wedge"
Altharid: "… Shall we continue ? My gold supplyl… would like to see some more… company"
Baltasar glances at the sun to determine the time.
Farris: "but first thing's first"
Altharid: *supply
Baltasar: "Eh, when you get the chance."
DMSoft: *still afternoon*
Farris: (brb baby needs a bottle)
Baltasar: "Let's just get this delivery over with."
Baltasar doesn't bother to take flight again, helping push the wagon instead.
Hephaestus: "You're very confrontational people. Anyone ever tell you that?"
Baltasar: "Yes, actually."
Baltasar: "And then Bor ate them."
Farris: (back)
Altharid: "…"
Farris laughs
Hephaestus: "Bor?"
DMSoft: *if you continue on, perception checks*
Hephaestus cocks his head to the side slightly
Baltasar: "He's a mutual friend of ours. Minotaur."
Hephaestus: [1d20+12] => [6,12] = (18)
Baltasar: perception: [1d20+18] => [8,18] = (26)
Farris: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
Altharid: Skills: Perception [1d20+14] => [18,14] = (32)
Farris: (fuuuuuuuu)
Sidhe chuckles again. [1d20-2] => [19,-2] = (17)
Hephaestus: "Oh I imagine being eaten by a minotaur isn't pleasant… Worth study though."
Altharid: (heh its a lucky day for my perception checks)
DMSoft: *at the warehouse, you see a medium sized pigman in a buisness suit
Baltasar: "The study isn't that pleasant either."
Baltasar infuses Bane(whatever pigmen are) on his crossbow.
DMSoft: *it is not the same pigman from the vision*
Baltasar: (( don't care, don't like pigmen :P ))
DMSoft: "Oh, I see you have arrived."-pigman
Baltasar: (( ahh, crap, brb ))
Farris: "and you would be?"
DMSoft: *the pigman calls out across the street
DMSoft: "I am Porkins. Perhaps you know my friends, biggs and wedge?"-porkins
Altharid "…" - regains his psionic focus
Farris: "In fact I do."
DMSoft: "I am here to recieve the tea from Samantha Smiley-face"-porkins
DMSoft: "I'm starting a tea shop."-porkins
Farris: "Do you have a writ or a bill of sale I could examine perhaps?"
DMSoft: "for the nobles, you know they like tea."-porkins
Hephaestus: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20) sense motive, *distrusts pigs instinctively*
DMSoft: *he hands farris a paper*
Farris: "Of course they do."
Farris reads paper
DMSoft: [1d20+16] => [6,16] = (22)
Altharid: "Should we… 'roast some bacon' ? … he can be a spy … of sorts" - telepathically do Balt
DMSoft: he is truthful and diplomatic
Altharid: sense motive [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
Farris: sense motive [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
DMSoft: *the paper is evidence to his claims. It's a bill of sale for 4 crates of tea.
DMSoft: *he is telling the truth*
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking 'Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
(0) Server Administrator-> Kicking 'Sidhe' from server… Removing dead client
Sidhe (exit): 22:34
Farris: "Well mr. Porkins"
DMSoft: "so, what is your story, my good sirs and lady?"-porkins
Farris: "unless anyone else has something to add I will be taking my unconscious ne'r do well and leaving you with the tea"
DMSoft: "you don't seem to be typical transporters."-Porkins
Farris: "we do odd jobs."
Farris: "very odd ones"
DMSoft: "oh my. that looks like a noble boy. Why is he tied up?"-porkins to farris
Altharid: "…" - is reluctant to discuss with the pigman
Farris: "He has an appointment with the guard."
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
DMSoft: "why, that's one of those radu cousins…what's his name"-Porkins
DMSoft: "You should be careful with them, the Radu are bad people."-Porkins to Farris
Altharid: "… are they … powerful ?"
Farris: "I will take that under consideration."
DMSoft: "The family is…rich, but not friendly to trade with."-Porkins
Altharid snickers telepathically - everyone … except for the pig can hear it
DMSoft: *Porkins begins inspecting the tea.*
Farris: "If you are looking for trading parters I know a shifty elf you might want to talk to."
DMSoft: "yes, this will do. Please take it inside."
DMSoft: "ah, and elf you say?"-porkins
Farris: "yes by the name of three, lives in the Tamlin manor
DMSoft: "what is his or her name?"-porkins
DMSoft: "ah, three. Tamlin manor you say?"-porkins
Farris: ((anyone have anything to add or do we take it inside?))
Farris: "Yes"
DMSoft: "Three, hmm, is he a temlin?"-Porkins
Tai: Disconnecting from server…
Tai (exit): 22:40
DMSoft: "i thought they were humans."-porkins
Farris: "No, just an entrepreneur."
Baltasar: (( back ow ))
Baltasar: (( now ))
DMSoft: "Ah, so a servant to the Temlins."-Porkins
Farris: "The Tamlin Manor recently, changed hands."
DMSoft: "I will have to explore this further."-Porkins
Farris: "leave a message with Harjeeves."
DMSoft: *you take the tea inside and he goes about setting up shop*
Farris takes my jet and heads off to the lion guard.
Sidhe studies the captured one for familiar things
DMSoft: *at the lion guard headquarters, they take the radu cousin.*
Sidhe: (before depart)
DMSoft: *they offer Farris 10gp for him, but say he wasn't in a gang. He was playing noble games.*
Farris: "keep your money."
Baltasar beckons Cave aside once they leave Porkins
DMSoft: *he is wanted for peeping*
Farris: "If I see him with the Jets again I will be forced to kill him."
Hephaestus sighs then upon being beckoned by balt steps aside with a curious look
DMSoft: "wait, what jets?"-lionguard
Altharid grins… (heh nothing can beat Altharid and his Touchsigh at peeping :P)
Farris: "he was with the jets, wearing one of their hats."
Baltasar: "So, we didn't really get a chance to speak earlier. You are an alchemist?"
DMSoft: "I just told you , he was playing noble games"-lionguard
DMSoft: "you know, Croak-It"-lionguard
Hephaestus: "No I was just curious what those chemicals could do."
Farris: "Of course…"
Baltasar: (( ok… i think i know where that's going ))
DMSoft: "I thought you brought him in for the peeping."-lionguard
Baltasar: (( and i find it HILARIOUS ))
Hephaestus: "I'm an inventor."
Farris: "I'll be on my way now."
DMSoft: "Thanks!"-lionguard
Baltasar: (( am i getting this right, that wearing the jets' hats is the game, and all those dudes we killed were just noble youths? ))
DMSoft: (yup)
Farris really hopes that the lionguard is dirty not that they just murdered the shit out of some nobles
Baltasar: (( AWESOME ))
Sidhe looks over curiously. "What have you inved?"
Baltasar: (( Al, i think we're already pirates ))
Hephaestus: ((lol the game was croak-it… you stand around in a way that would provoke others to kill you))
Baltasar: "Oh really? I've a bit of talent for it myself."
DMSoft: (yup, you guys approached them)
Altharid: ((nah we do not have a ship ))
DMSoft: (they were radu, so no loss)
Baltasar: (( yeah, but the nobles are gonna be PISSED ))
Sidhe: *invented
DMSoft: (sure enough)
Altharid: ((hehe))
Farris is a tad bit disturbed as he walks back to Tamlin Manor
DMSoft: (don't worry about it farris, tis all in good fun)
Hephaestus: "Well I clearly came up with a high explosive earlier. I just haven't refined it yet." chuckles, "Other than that I haven't done much but make 'trinkets'." air quoting the word trinkets
Sidhe: ((I really don't expect to kill things with 2 damage))
DMSoft: *you get paid by samantha, 150gp each for not messing it up*
Farris: ((its cool, Farris dosent care about the law, but he doesn't want biggs and wedge to rip him a new one.))
Baltasar also offers the hats and canes we took, except for the one he's taken as a trophy.
Hephaestus: "Inspiration has yet to truly come in my works."
DMSoft: (they're more interested in the twilight vampire rumor)
Farris: ((lol makes sense))
DMSoft: (she gives money for the real jets hats)
Baltasar: (( how many would that be? ))
Farris: 0
Baltasar: (( cause weren't all the jets we killed today fake? ))
DMSoft: (yup, the 4 were fakes)
Baltasar keeps the fake hat as a trophy anyway.
DMSoft: (bluff her if you want)
Farris: ((you guys already turned in the hats from the tavern))
Baltasar: (( oh, cool ))
Baltasar: bluff: [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21)
DMSoft: (she buys them)
Baltasar: (( heh, didn't even need to buff for it ))
Hephaestus: (lol)
DMSoft: so, how much money did you guys get?
Baltasar: (( ok, so we gave her 3 from the inn, and 4 from the street? ))
DMSoft: yup, and she paid 150gp each for the job itself
Baltasar: (( i'm taking the value of my trophy out of my share, don't worry ))
DMSoft: also, masterwork canes were gotten and armor, etc
Baltasar: (( and assume we just fence those as normal? ))
DMSoft: (yup)
DMSoft: experience will be 1000 for killing nobles and starting shit
Baltasar: (( i wasn't able to keep count this session, what all did we get? ))
DMSoft: I'll look in the log
Farris: ( I wasnt here at the beginning…. :/ )
DMSoft: don't matter
DMSoft: don't count karma or undead girl
DMSoft: they'll get 500xp
Altharid: (wait… those fakes…were… all … nobles ? Thought that they would be pissed for handing over that one… to the Lion guard)
Altharid: (hehe)
Baltasar: did all the 'jets' have canes and armor?
Baltasar: and what was the armor?
Baltasar: also:
DMSoft: (the real jets yes, and they had leather armor and 300gp)
Baltasar collects his bundle of bodies around midnight, and dumps it into the harbor.
DMSoft: (I really didn't care about that btw)
Baltasar is a completionist
Baltasar: (( i still need to succesfully dispose of 10 more bodies for the achievement ))
Baltasar: and i forget from last session, how much does samantha pay for a hat?

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