Tabernacle Tavern


The tavern is a large one located in Dragonport Countryside. It is owned by Mrs. Dinklage. The current staff are nameless npcs. The real highlight of the location is Patrick and his Manly Man Soup.


Name Type Source Bonus
Town dmg 2 0
High Risk dmg 2 -4
Investment dmg 2 3
Cost of doing Business dmg 2 -25
Divine Insight insight SpC 15
Universal Aptitude untyped ToM 5
Share Talents (12 Specialists and Familiar) untyped phb 2 26
Guidance of the Avatar competence online 20
item of profession (mundane) circumstance custom 2
Ray of Hope moral SpC 2
Ranks phb 1
Trained phb 3
Inspired DuS 12
Stat Mod phb 12
Familiar Aids phb 3
Take 10 dmg2 10
Specialists Aid dmg2 36 -1140gp
Masochism luck BoVD 11
Total Skill 132
Business Modifier dmg2 50
Profit 5460gp
Cost Per Business dmg2 17000gp
Maximum Area Profit dmg 750000gp
Current Profits -80gp(purchased Wayfinders R Us)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Tabernacle Stooge 04-13-2012 revealed to have a portal to Outer Heaven in the well.
2 Bar Brawl 04-13-2012 A brawl ensured between ??? and Kami.
3 Tabernacle RP 1 04-14-2012 Has an Oak tree out front (top left), Lord Dimitros and Arashi Taikou took refuge here.
4 Tabernacle Plomps 04-16-2012 For reasons unknown a living fusion power kind of pwomped into the location.
5 Destined meeting 04-16-2012 Served as the stage for both Crimson Claw's challenge and Nightmare's would-be planar travel.
6 Crimson Trials 04-19-2012 Both Rayne-Kitty and Nightmare fooled around the establishment before, first, meeting Crimson Claw and then Amaterasu.
7 downtime 05-05-2012 Arashi Taikou buys the location but keeps it the same. (just wanted the room actually).
8 Dustomancy Tabernacle Style! 05-05-2012 The party rid the location of evil dust bunnies.
9 The Tenfold Path 05-10-2012 Andreas Herzog recruited Kamigawa while the latter was resting in the inn.
10 downtime 05-15-2012 Profits are seen
11 downtime 05-25-2012 Profits are seen and a secondary shop is started Wayfinders R Us.
12 The Tears from Beyond 05-28-2012 Nightmare and Arashi revisited the portal (hidden within the well) which led to Shiro's Domain.
13 A tale of a dragon, fox ooze 05-30-2012 Aegis' servant met there with Nightmare to discuss the plan of the former..
14 Planeshaping and ... reforging 05-31-2012 Amaterasu met the team which went with her to the demi-plane which ended up being forged into Nightmare's Domain.
15 Profit check 3 6-4-2012 +5460gp
16 Coiled Impact 06-11-2012 Served as a scene for all sorts of more…or less random happenings.
17 Profit check 4 6-14-2012 +5460gp
18 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Used as a mid-point between the material plane and Nightmare's Domain.
19 Foxy reunion 06-25-2012 Served as the game's setting, for a time that is.
20 The Inheritors 12-21-2012 The event's setting.
21 Cleaning up a God's Mess 02/12/2013 Power cleaned by the adventurers.
22 Tavern RP 04/22/2013 Dinner and Conversation
23 Tavern RP 7/21/13 Mikkail and Xaz meet for the first time. Plans are made.
24 Tavern RP 7/23/13 Mikkail, Saneme, and Seren chat. The first ever game of "Coppers" is played. Mikkail fails to lure the others into helping him in his hunt.
25 Tavern RP 7/31/13 Queyvarex finds Rex, Rex is admired, kitty is bored.
26 Tavern RP 8/13/13 Zombies(?) and Undead(?) attempt to eat/kill/etc the patrons of the Tabernacle but are fought off.
27 Tavern RP 8/16/13 A catfolk, a vampire, and a shooter, oh my!
28 Tavern RP 09/23/2013 09/23/2013 A psychic, fellow in disguise and an elf with wings on fire (and much more), oh my !
29 After-party business 10-14-2013 The event's setting.
30 Tails and More Part 1 11-2-2013 The party's first gain of employment.
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