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Race: Psychoactive-skin turned Advanced Maenad
Class: Egoist 18
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Nightmare's living tattoo that she has gain and been slowly developing seeming to have a mind as well as abilities of it's own

Nightmare - 'host'


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 The Masked One forged a link between the …lifeform and its host.
2 A fox and her mark 06-26-2012 Finally interacted with its host. It was revealed that the 'symbiont''s favored meals consist of… lizards of various kinds. It so happened that Nightmare stumbled upon a huge crocodile while she was looking for … smaller game in the Serpent Mire. Demonstrated its ability to augment hosts form… and more.
3 Foxy planning 07-09-2012 "Defeated" by Amaterasu after the 9-tail got a bit unnerved by its behavior. Later made a part of the collective dwelling inside Nightmare.
4 Foxypotheosis (part 3&4) 09/04/2012 Got separated for a longer while from her host and assumed a kitsune-like form when in more "dormant" state.
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