Race: Human
Class: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: A swarthy middle-aged man. Svengian is a pimp and entertainment entrepreneur in Badwater Blows. He owns and runs the Sharp & Shank Saloon, a notorious brothel. Single handedly he has kept his home town from becoming a political province of Haven under the Guild of Golded Gambits. His success comes from combining a reputation for brutality with an uncanny instinct for forging political alliances.





# Adventure Date Actions
1 Haven Plots: The Beast of Badwater Blows 06/29/2012 see game summary
2 Haven Plots: Brunch in Badwater Blows 08-09-2012  One of Svengains wagons is ambushed by undead. He hires adventurers to solve the problem.
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