Sunless Kobolds


The Sunless Kobolds are a group of some 100 Kobolds that used to live within The Sunless Citadel, although they now live at the Kobold Settlement. They tend to be eccentric, and impatient. They are devout and fanatical worshippers of Tiamat. They have been known to capture other races intending them for slavery, but often end up sacrificing them instead due to their impatience.


formerly The Sunless Citadel
Kobold Settlement


Yusdrayl - Resident head kobold priestess of Tiamat and leader of the Sunless Kobolds
Meepo - Resident kobold and best warrior of the Tribe
100 other kobolds


# Adventure Date Actions
1 There's a Druid in my Citadel 11/2/2011 The adventurers slaughtered several shambling mounds as well as Belak the Outcast and his Fleshraker and made friends with the Sunless Kobolds who rewarded them with gold dragon statues for their help
2 The Veiled Society Part 1 11-30-2011 Roc manages to convince a group of kobolds who believe he is the Champion of Tiamat to sacrifice animals instead of humans and they become his devoted fans, wanting to follow him about.
3 Roc Visits Kobolds 2-17-2012 Moved to the Kobold Settlement, and gave Roc leadership of their city.
4 Gathering Allies 2-22-2012 Tried to stop the party, before Roc stepped in.
5 Pull the Bull's Tail 1 4-12-2012 Hosted some adventurers
6 Pull the Bull's Tail 2 4-13-2012 Failed to defend the lonely tower from the forces of the glass Bull goblins
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