Staff Of Annihilation

Description: A magical staff of power yet to be determined.

Current Owner

Game Mechanics


# Adventure Date Events
1 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 2) 09-11-2012 Kimonto got it as a reward for her exploits during the party's record 'boss rush' through the Gatogpark version of the Nexus of Souls.
2 Pharmakon (part 2) 10-20-2012 One silly fox was lured by the promises of 'fancy upgrades and fanciness and jello' into venturing somewhere into Underport… the very same location which turned out to be a temporary HQ of N.F.F members. Soon it became clear as day that it was all a hoax set-up by a yet to be named villain who sought to steal the staff, assigning few giant mercenaries to ensure it. The confrontation took place within the dwarven ruins with the party emerging victorious, the staff remaining in someone's taily possession.
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