St Laraine Estate

The St.Laraine Estate is located in the mountainous regions outside the range of the city of Dragonport. It is private property owned and occupied by Ophelia St.Laraine who lives there with her familiars Kiyomi and Feyla as well as her head maid Maria. It is here that she manages to keep the secret of her vampiric nature a secret and where she manages every bit of research that she can find. Alchemical labs, Crafting tables, Libraries, tomes upon tomes of research. The mansion is akin to a castle of course and has quite a few fields of flower decorating it as well.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A mysterious visit 11/26/12 One fox messed hard with Ophelia there~.
2 Trouble at the Laraine Estate 11/28/12 Valcon and Nil are assigned to guard duty here.
3 Mysterious Gift and Revisit 12-16-2012 Azure delivered Dreamer's Memento to Ophelia St. Laraine before the Rokugan civil war occurred… whereas Ayano messed with Ophelia again.
4 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part1) 12-29-2012 Visited by Charlinia in order to recruit Ophelia for the upcoming conflict taking place in Rokugan.
5 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part2) 01-01-2013 Charlinia snatched Ophelia from there in order to later negotiate a possible contract with Siegfried de'Carde.
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