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Name: Squeek
Player: Tark
Class: Archivist 3
Race: Magic Blooded Anthropomorphic Moon Rat
Alignment: Neutral Good

Discription: A 3'4" tall bipedal rat with wavy black fur. His black beady little eyes look around as he sniffs the air about him useually. He is wearing loose fitting grey robes and a crossbow hangs from his thick black leather belt. He useually has a backpack strapped across his back.

Personality: He likes to horde everything, much like a typical rodent. It doesn't matter if its worth anything, just as long as it looks shiney. He keeps calm most of the time and tries to be really nice to everyone. He avoids evil people because he cant stand it when people do evil things but isn't the type to fight them and take them to jail.

History: Squeek was once a normal moon rat, going about the normal life a regular rat has but except on certain phases of the moon him and his kind gained enhanced intelligence from the lunar cycle. One night he snuck into a wizards labratory while following the scent of food. He found strange smelling liquids and saw some on the table. He licked some of it but it tasted horrible so he retched and knocked over the chemical rack. Arcane fluids changed him, made him stronger..bigger…faster and he was smart all the time. He stood and found he had oposable thumbs and was discovered by the wizard who came to investigate the racket. The wizard stuck him in a cage and did experiments on him. He learned how to talk and the wizard was amazed by how much intelligence the overgrown rat had. After teaching the rat how to read and such he found that the rat had found some arcane scrolls the wizard kept around but couldnt use. The rat had converted the scrolls into a spellbook of divine magic. The wizard was amazed and after studying the rat for a few more months let him go out into the world. He now sets out to try and make the world a better place.

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2/11/12 0 200 Robes
2 Character Creation (buying) 2/11/12 0 -56 Heavy Crossbow, 40 Bolts, Backpack
3 Good Guys 5 03-19-2012 2050 1166 Took a stronghold from orcs and when I spared them become an Orc Friend.
4 Masbath 21/06/2012 800 20000 Placed a bet in the arena and won.
5 Guns and... (???) (part1) 11/8/12 1151 0 Helped with train attack.

Profession (Teacher) gold made 2/11 to 4/26 = 544
Scribed Cure Light Scrolls x10 4/27 - 5/7 Cost me 12.5*10 = 125 gold
Scribed Bull's Strength Scrolls x2 11/7 - 11/8 cost me 75*2 = 150 gold

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