Race: Forged Human
Class: Mech Pilot 1/Factotum 5
Alignment: Neutral

Description: This member of N.F.F in particular appears to owe his nick to the fact that the majority of his bodily parts (including the titular spine) was augmented or simply replaced with forged bits. Due to sheer character incompatibility appears to be not on the best terms (to say it lightly) with another member of the organization, that being Varek.

N.F.F Rank Unknown


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Webs of vanity (part4) 08/28/2013 Participated in the sabotage mission which induced great deal of confusion for the imperials suddenly caught in crossfire. Rappelled down together with Varek and certain female shinobi into the Giant Catacombs while battle raged on the surface. Ended up being beguiled, knocked out and mind-bended by Yagiuma and her minions.
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