Spaulders (which almost always come in pairs) are components of a full suit of plate armor, and cover the wearer’s outer shoulders and upper arms. They are built out of interlocking plates that allow a person full arm mobility, and are either
bolted directly into armor or attached to a doublet through a number of eyelets. Some adventurers who prefer not to wear heavy, cumbersome armor attach
spaulders to leather or hide tunics.

If worn over another suit of armor, the armor bonus for spaulders stacks with that of the original piece. An enchanted tonlet is stackable with enchanted armor, although the enhancement bonuses do not stack, only the armor bonuses. Spaulders cannot be added to heavy armor.

If stacked with other armor:
• -2 to max Dex bonus of original armor; can’t go below 0
• -1 to armor check penalty of original armor
• +10% to arcane spell failure chance of original armor

Spaulders: 10gp, 20% arcane spell failure, +1 Armor Bonus, -1 ACP, 3 lb.

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