Race: Human (?)
Class: Egoist 8/Ghostbreaker 3
Alignment: Neutral
Deity: ???

Description: Few may be aware of it but the being known 'currently' as 'Soleit' did not have a name per se till Ivar Heavychain awoken him from his quintessence-induced, death-like slumber…deep within the abandoned research complex. Subject no 15 - such designation the Seekers gave him… long time ago. Shortly after being released the egoist swore fealty to his benefactor and from that moment acted as the pharaoh's personal advisor, assistant.


The Crew -Fomer Mate (aka da boss)
The Lost City - The Pharaoh's personal advisor


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The New Crew 03-04-2012 Became the new head crew member AKA 'mate'. Consulted various plans with Mali Ohba and the others, warped all to Ivar's secret room.
2 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 Chatted with Mali Ohba for a moment and reminded her about the next crew meeting.
3 The crew's meeting no 1 03-20-2012 Reminded again about the meeting, performed his duties, used his right to postpone one issue to the next meeting.
4 Those Who Seek (Prologue) 03-23-2012 Asked various individuals for help in confirming the intelligence he received (unknowingly for Soleit) from D.E.I.M.O.S…or was that really it ?.
5 Those Who Seek 03-30-2012 Sent various individuals though some forgotten smuggler's tunnels to investigate the caverns under the Crew's Keep.
6 Those Who Seek (part 2) 04-05-2012 Augmented the party with his mental prowess before they have descended into the great unknown.
7 crew vs college 1 4-9-2012 Attended a secret meeting with some crew members concerning Mali Ohba's disappearance and the college of necromancy.
8 Those Who Seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 Helped the party slip past the newly improved security at the Seeker Base so that they could continue their search for the documents.
9 Find the Crew! 04-14-2011 The crew guessed at his locations and determined he wasn't a traitor.
10 Those Who Seek (part 5) 04-22-2012 Acted as a 'bait' for the main forces of the complexes warforged regiment. In the end… succeeded.
11 The Disgraced Pharaoh's Tomb 04-25-2012 Accompanied his overlord during the venture into the old tomb… also healed him back after t23 'feasted'.
12 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Was dominated by the 3 resurrected illithidae who made him a void-mind ages ago. Used as a tool to capture his lord while he was inhabiting his body in a tsochari form.
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