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Player: Soft Insanitysoft insanity's to do list
Race: Tomebrow (Silverbrow) Human
Class: Factotum 4/Cloistered Cleric 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: A wispy young lady with long black hair. She is strikingly beautiful. Her eastern origins are apparent and she carries around an ancestral katana, but not a wakizashi.

Personality: She is book smart, but lacks common sense. Application is currently her shortcoming when it comes to knowledge. Mali is fiercely loyal to her friends and deadly to her enemies. Honor is paramount to her, but she may forsake it to seek higher knowledge. The blood of a tome dragon runs through her veins after all.

Background: Mali is an only child of a noble family of scholars, the Ohba Clan. The family has been in charge of a vast wealth of knowledge known as the Floating Library.
Mali's father, Hiroshi Ohba has tome dragon blood, but wasn't born with the luck usually associated with it. Mali, on the other hand, does exhibit this talent. The Ohba dragon bloodline is so diluted, it's hard to tell the family is part dragon at all. Mali's mother, Glory Bookheart is a powerful priestess and leader of the Knowledge Busters.
Mali recently returned from her "walkabout" and has since started training in the ways of a cleric of the Floating Library. She has learned the Pewey Decimal System and can call on the Floating Library for inspirational support while away from it.

Allies: Mali's closest allies are Sidhe Spellweaver and Bor Heavychain. Mali views Sidhe with reverence, for she is a magic user who doesn't make magic her main goal in life. Mali views Bor with admiration. He is the strongest man she has ever met, but is as cuddly as a kitten when dealing with herself and Sidhe.
Mali has also had dealing with Sheldon, who is very quiet and keeps to himself.

Pets: Interceptor

The Book Wurms - Knowledge Buster, Junior Grade
The Silver Cranes - Founding Member

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-17-2011 0 200 Explorer’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 10-17-2011 0 -170 Katana, lamelar armor, adventurer's kit, switchblade knife, thieves tools
3 To Teki-Nira-Ria 10-18-2011 1750 2000 3 trail rations Captured Antonio Radu fulfilling the contract. Retrieved a minor artifact the Orcish natives held sacred. Used the artifact to set up a matriarchy based in hunter gatherer philosophy.
4 Downtime Dragonport 10-19-2011 -1998 Inqustive's kit, masterwork chainshirt, masterwork Dastana, sundark googles, liquid sunlight (2), masterwork katana, crystal of return least, targath arrow, eggshell grenade (flash), Everfull mug, Everlasting Rations Negotiated with a gnomish magical item vendor named Jingles who explained that he had "The Kit" for survival. He sold her some goggles, silk rope, a flashbang, a mug and rations that never run out, a weapon crystal that makes her katana jump to her hand, a single arrow that wards against disease, 2 small marbles that glow like torches till the end of time, and an inquisitive's kit. Jingles explained that this was only the novice kit and he has better ones available. Mali then returned to the Floating Library where she upgraded her katana to masterwork, and was given(paid out of funds) a chainshirt with a preattached shield. This is the traditional armor of the Knowledge Buster. She also received a library card (holy symbol). She is currently in training
5 The Secrets of Temlin's Crown 10-19-2011 2370 500 1 liquid sunlight, given to Bor Met Some new people. Buried a Lion Guard member. Watched Bor become King and beat up our employer.
6 Downtime Dragonport 10-20-2011 -325 saddlebags, puppy, 11' pole Bought a puppy (Interceptor) from the mage's kennel. Helped Sidhe deliver food and toys to the Harpy Babies. Named a Harpy Eh-Dis, and another Ilam. Bought a harness and saddle bags for Interceptor and a telescoping 11' pole. Gave Sidhe 10 gp for the Harpy fund.
7 Painter's Plots 10-26-2011 2610 2646 Art Supplies, 2 portraits: Party and Seeker Got swindled by a painter and almost died in his lair. Found out that Seeker is linked to Io.
8 Downtime Dragonport 11-2-2011 -1500 Came down with the dragon pox. Gave 1500 gp to the Silver Cranes. Painted some portraits of people with the art supplies.
9 There's a Druid in my Citadel 11-3-2011 3000 1777.78 2 books Heroically helped the Kobolds with there druid problem. Failed to help the original client.
10 Shadow of the Library 11-6-2011 Helped Altharid with his possession problem by making an extremely difficult knowledge check using her lore class feature.
11 Swamp Adventure 11-8-2011 1500 945 Attempted to help a gnome but got knocked out by an intelligence damaging torch. Yes, this character lost to a torch.
12 Downtime Dragonport 11-8-2011 -4395 Gabriel Holt forges The Five Peace which Mali Immediately brings to Baltasar Malich for enchantment and a gnomish site. Baltasar also crafts a Reliquary Library Card enchants Mali's katana. Mali buys 40 bullets for The Five Peace, and sells her old armor to buy a nice holster and bandolier.
13 Rydia the Knowledge Buster 11-9-2011 NPC capacity, accompianed Rydia to the Floating Library for her induction into the Book Wurms and Knowledge Busters.
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