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Sirion Character Sheet

Player: Sythesith
Race: Viletooth Lizardfolk (DM pg.9)
Level: 12
Class: Totemist (6), Swordsage (2), Ur Priest (2), Onyx Knight Inquisitor (2)
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Theme Music: Regret Not - All That Remains

Battle Music: The Gates of Hell - The Last Remnant

Personal Quote: N/A (Will Add When Something Iconic/Catchy Is Said.)

'Darkmaw' - Honorary Nickname given due to his heritage by the Leader of home tribe.
Lizard King - Slayed the previous ruler.


Fluffy Chomp Chomp Eat a Bunny/Puppy/Kitty
Exterminator Kill a Roach
Meme-Fu Yo dawg, I heard you like memes. So I put a Meme in your Meme so you can lol while you lol.
Game Over Got Married to Charlinia Coaldragon

Sirion can generally be helpful to anyone with a goal in mind, provided there's something to gain. He has respect for authority, though a lack of trust for their true intentions. His pride and self-confidence is subject to doubt in the light of novelties outside the Mire. If necessary, he will take command and advise others on actions, though he is usually content to observe and aid.

The means to a successful end isn't always about morality; the ethics of the end justifies the morality of the means.

Dark green Scales with gray underbelly and symmetrical patches on the inner thighs and under arms as well as the palms. He has a horn extending from the middle of brow that he keeps trimmed as a symbol of his draconic heritage. The sides of his head and backs of his neck and head flair back with horn-like protrusions that make him almost look like he has a scaled mane or hair. His face is fairly soft featured save for his obvious reptilian appearance. If it wasn't for his acrid breath, he might be better suited for convincing speech. His frame is sturdy, perhaps even a bit stalky, but lacks the thicker musculature of his more commonly blooded brothers.

Behavior: (May change as his command of self and potential improves.)
Condition — Stressed
- Anxious
- Tends to think about personal safety and best interest.
- Has no qualms of fleeing if it would ensure personal survival.

Condition — Casual
- Contemplative and Quiet
- Suggests plans that usually leave a way out for himself.
- Plays to his strengths.

Condition — Combat
- Use of mobility and/or Maneuvers to remain in flanking positions.
- His improved options via martial training make him a formidable opponent.
- If Possible, Exploits Terrain with mobility to escape combat when alone.

Over his hide he wears a Chain Shirt and added armor pieces. Over this he wears a leather Overtunic of Resistance and an open faced (unbuttoned/tied) hooded Cloak of Displacement with sleeves and leather patches over the shoulders and rim of the hood. A Healing Belt around his waist holds up a pair of Leather pants and a short tabard that hangs over his crotch and between his legs to the knees. His 'boots' were adjusted for his foot/leg-type and are also leather. He is often wearing a dark one sided mask with a lens in the hole over one eye to allow him to detect the workings of magic.


Hatched from a clutch of 13, he was the last to hatch. The tribe's shaman had marked the clutch as auspicious, that the soul of a dragon had taken favor in one of these unhatched. Almost disappointed, Sirion's emergence proved their shaman right. Sirion was raised to be their prize in order to gain favor and a place in the larger tribe nearby. Sirion was presented to the Chieftain as a gift of dragon blood. Presented with the opportunity to improve his own renown and power within the mire, he took Sirion as his own offspring, a 'trophy son'.
Trained with what weapons they had available to them as well as hand to hand combat and given a chain shirt by the Chieftain as a gift, he became a well respected member of the Tribe. One of the activities that he enjoyed most was the display of their soft skin catches. It was always a crowd favorite when Sirion licked across their bound faces, melting the skin with his acidic drool.
A long week in the Mire in one of the ruins that were partially sunken into the brackish water was the last time he ever saw his adopted family alive. His gift of Incarnum was manifest from the training with his long-time mentor, the shaman who gave him away as a prize. Excited to return to his family and show off his seemingly magical ability to the Chieftain, his heart sunk as he found his home destroyed… empty… dead. The scattered living who returned the days after to see if there was anything to scavenge said that soft skinned 'adventurers' did this.
There was nothing for him here anymore. The Shaman had work to do, and not even Sirion's blood could keep them safe from the opportunistic surrounding tribes that would devour their territory. His dragon blood called him away from the Mire, to the lands of men. Maybe there he would find the opportunities he needed to grow stronger, even if it meant becoming one of these 'adventurers'. He did what he could for them and and left.. Revenge was never a goal, but if he was given the reason to, he may yet seek it.

# Adventure Date EXP Gain GP Gain/Loss Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 12-24-11 0 +200-194 = +6 Chain Shirt, Steel Shield (Heavy), Backpack, Traveler's Garb, Bedroll, Blanket (Winter), Candle x5, Chalk x5, Flint and Steel, Bread Loaf, Oil x5, Hemp Rope 50 Ft, Torch x2, Waterskin (full), Alchemist's Fire, Acid Flask, Smokestick x2 None Character Creation
2 Framed ? 12-24-11 300 0 None None Participants were 'apparently' arrested for murder. We decided to escape. After deliberation on the process, I licked the bars to wear them away to make them weak. We escaped with little effort afterward and awoke at an inn.
3 Into the Great Unknown Part 2 12-27-11 15910 xp +5391 None None After being pursued by 'the Hive' and 'saved' by a long haired tall man speaking of a 'Soul Blade', he awakens in a complex of some sort with his new 'companions'. Confronted by a small group of warlock-warforged, he hid due to ineptitude while the others fought. He heard draconic whispers, asking who disturbs 'Avadraxis'. Whoever this mystery person is, they bestowed upon Sirion some sort of power; for that , he is grateful. After entering a portal that led to a vertical pulley room of some sort, they descended toward the unknown. After Provoking a Warforged Titan below, we stood at the entrance to a moist, slime-mold covered cave and beheld Soulblade…
4 Down Time 12-28-11 0 -3275+1 GP Handy Haversack (Made By Balth, -1000 GP), Chahar'Aria (MW) + Dastana (MW), Vest of Resistance +1 (500 GP Made by Balth), Healing Belt (375 GP, Made by Balth), Mask of Detect Magic (1000 GP Made y Balth) Backpack (+1 GP) Item Requisition and Acquirement.
5 The Veiled Society part 5 12-28-11 20600 EXP +13365+2000 (From Shadow) Potion of Heroism None After having seen and been denied any further time with this 'Soulblade' he was teleported away from the area.. the next thing he really remembers is being on this boat. There he met a weird man who gave him money out of some strange pity or charity, and a connoisseur of wine that gave him some. Then.. Paladins.. Graveyard.. Tentacle Monster.. Undead.. Stuff Happened. Things Died again. Returned to Paladin HQ to find it all in ruins, attacked by an unknown force, assumed to be 'Shadows'. The Paladins are all dead.. or assumed dead. Dragonport is Unsafe, We fled to 'The Library', after being falsely accused of killing the Lion Guard.
6 Down Time 12-29-11 0 -17180+10 = -17170 +1 Greataxe (MW, By Balth), Cloak of Lesser Displacement (By Balth), Explorer's Outfit, Holy Water x2 Heavy Steel Shield Down Time , Saw a Oslyuth Hole (-3000 GP = Iron Will)
7 Sweet Dreams 12-30-11 750 0 Journal of Jeril Biggums 0 We found ourselves in a plane similar to the astral plane, maybe a pocket dimension. I found the Journal of a man named 'Jeril Biggums'. After some slaughter, mayhem, and exploration, we awoke with the items we had grabbed while we were there.
8 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 1-3-12 21700 EXP 26935 GP Nothing Oil x5, Alchemist's Fire x1 After Sailing, the party arrived at an uncharted Island infested with aberrations and highly psionicly linked creatures. They found and activated a 'Psychic Beacon' which destroyed and warded against other Aberrations in the area. Afterward we discovered a Simulacrum of Altharid in a stasis chamber and a chest full of stuff. We still have 3 more Beacons to activate. We returned to the Floating Library to resupply and rest before other tasks that the party was juggling were to be dealt with. Sirion's renewed confidence in himself from recent combat has awoken a faith in his ability to succeed.
9 Down Time 1-4-12 0EXP 1378-23172 GP = -21794 Sizing Starmetal Greataxe +1, Truedeath Weapon Crystal (Greater), Demolition Weapon Crystal (Greater), Belt of Battle +1 Greataxe (Sold) Down Time
10 The Lost City 1-4-12 12000 EXP 0 GP None None Witnessed Altharid and Roc defeat an Elder God and realized that he'll never be that good.
11 Down Time 1-9-12 0 EXP -5800 GP Items made by Balt: Steadfast Helmet, Marvelous Pigments, Amulet of Mage Hand, Talisman of the Disk, Bag of Endless Caltrops, Gauntlets of Str +2 None
12 Into the Great Unknown Part 4 1-10-12 21391 EXP 23753 GP None None Gained Achievement: Fluffy Chomp Chomp. Met T23.
13 Altharid's Coronation 1-14-12 2200 EXP 0 GP None None Watched Ivar get crowned King. Scared some Children. Went on a 'diplomatic' mission to the Lizard Kings.
14 The Lizard Kings 1-17-12 3400 EXP 20000 GP NONE NONE Sirion became Lord the Lizard Kings
15 Into the Great Unknown Pt. 5 1-20-12 9227 EXP 36010 GP Psibane added to Greataxe Hive Exploration, No notable Achievements.
16 Down Time 1-22-12 0 EXP 2000-48000-3000-16000-18000-7500-2000-3100-6000-1000-750 = -117350 GP Badge of Wraithstrike, Magebane and Seeking added to Greataxe, Gauntlets of Ogre Power +6, Nightstick x2, +1 and Light Fort added to Chain Shirt, Rod of Bodily Restoration, Orb of Mental Restoration, Healing Belt x2, Dimension Stride Boots Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2
17 Into the Great Unknown Pt. 6 1-22-12 8815 EXP 4078 GP Recovered T23's Diary, Killed her unkillable Pet. More Exploration and recovery of complex map.
18 Into the Great Unknown Pt. 7 1-29-12 7834 EXP 14512 GP Deactivated the Second to last Psychic Generator.
19 Into the Great Unknown Pt. 8 2-11-12 27204 EXP 101815 GP Last Psychic Generator Destroyed. Mali breaks time momentarily.
20 Gathering Allies 2-22-12 2200 + ??? EXP 0 GP
21 The Deep Dive Pt 1 7-14-12 16600 EXP 7500 GP Some hapless adventurers had some task they were working toward. Clearly incapable without my assistance.
22 Deposit Investigation Prologue 7-7-13 600 EXP 0 GP Investigating an old Ergothian fortress.
23 Deposit Investigation Pt. 1 7-11-13 12300 EXP 0 GP Found the fort, found the culprits, found a stash.
24 Deposit Investigation Pt. 2 7-18-13 5750 EXP ??? GP Found some half dragon guy, embarrassed Raital, smashed a turret. All in a day's work.
25 Deposit Investigation Pt. 3 7-24-13 7470 EXP 0 GP Diamond Template Bullettes. Nuff said.
26 Deposit Investigation Pt. 4 34140 EXP 0 GP Trolls.
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