Silver Cranes Guildhall

Headquarters of The Silver Cranes

Location: Dragonport Noble District
(to be completed soon)
Building Layout:

A: Entrance Hall
15' x 15'
External Door: Amazing lock

A round, maplewood table dominates the center of the hall.
Ten basic chairs are arranged around it.
At the center of it is an oil lamp made of blue quartz, carved with a crane design.
In the corners of the hall, near the entrance are two sets of shelves, containing 5 shelves each.
On the lowest shelf of the right shelves is a 5 gallon keg filled with lamp oil.
On the second lowest shelf of the right shelves is a masterwork Kruth deck. It is composed of ivory cards with detailed inlay, is suitable as a focus in the augury spell, and provides a +2 bonus on Profession (fortunetelling), Profession (medium), and similar checks.

B: Sleeping Quarters
20' x 10'
A small table at the center holds a ceramic oil lamp, glazed with a bluish-green glaze.
There are five sets of bunk beds, each bed large enough for a Medium creature.
Each bed has a footlocker (small chest).
One of these is Arcane Marked with a set of three crossed feathers: silver, black, and blue.
Each closet connecting to here has a pole at the top with simple clotheshangers hanging from it.
Five tabards are hung in the right closet.
There is a set of half-plate in the left closet.

C: Studios
15' x 10'
4 x Masterwork Loom: These looms, more often than not, run on their own, operated by an Unseen Crafter controlled by Sidhe Spellweaver. Sometimes one or two will be left unused.
1 x normal loom.
Downward Staircase

D: Small Storefronts
10' x 10'
External Door: Amazing lock

E: Alchemy Laboratory
10' x 10'
Underground (Walls of Hewn Stone)
Equipment to provide a +2 Circumstance bonus on Craft: Alchemy checks. Rinzle Ranzibitz is most likely to be utilizing this.

F: Closet
5' x 2.5'

Every piece of furniture and public possession large enough is invisibly Arcane Marked, which glows as a silver crane under Detect Magic.

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