Silent Pond


A small and tranquil little town with a few hundred citizens in it's community, along it's side to the west runs a large river which helps with it's farming and fishing. It is a fairly forested area and lies at the foot of the mountains from which it was built upon. Nearby resources are always available for it's citizens in many ways and at the edge of the town lies the mansion of a noble known only as Rias, who has basically assumed ownership of the location and rules it with fair efficiency though very few manage to actually get to see this so called Noble Aristocrat. The town rules itself for all means and purposes and has no ties to any higher authority, though even then it's pretty much just a quiet place where everyone minds their own business. It has a cool and rarely ever extreme climate which allows it's citizens to live in fair comfort and without troubles, besides it's natural and simple beauty there is little else about this town can be talked about.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Shackled Monarch 08-01-2012 The party was called here by Aegis in order to prepare for the their rescue mission.
2 The Seeds of Conflict 2 08-26-2012 Verthragna was anchored near the locale during the game's events.
3 Desirable solutions 12-02-2012 Charlinia Coaldragon was having her short-lived vacations there only to be … disrupted by the sudden appearance of Ambrosia's.
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