Signas Darkbane
Player: Maul
Race: Aasimar
Class: Cleric 1
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Before you stands a tall regal figure. Square of jaw and broad of shoulder. He wears half plate that has seen some use but is well maintained. A longsword stylized vaguely in a lightning bolt form along its length are etchings of odd characters. His face and head are both clean shaven though his scalp bares an odd scar on its left side beginning at the back of his head and reaching almost to his left eye. His eyes burn a deep molten gold flaring with holy inner light when he is angered.

Personality: Signas is a zealot. He arbores all forms of evil and though he dose believe in the laws of man he knows that the wicked some times use the laws to protect them selves. He will not hesitate to strike down something he sees as evil even if it might mean his own doom. He is not fearless or reckless but his inner "strength" compels him to seek injustice and evil where ever he goes. He has a special hated of undead. Especially intelligent undead that willingly took upon the mantel of undeath. In his mind there is no redemption for a creature that willingly goes into this unnatural state.

Background: Signas was born under an auspicious sign. His birth was blessed and watched over by holy men. Signas father was a Paladin of some power. His mother a Cleric of Pelor. The portents of his birth set him on a righteous path before he could take his fist steps. Signas would begin training in the sword and shield at the young age of five. His father would personally drill him when he was not away on duty. His fellow brother paladins would teach Signas the holy ways of there order. His mother and her sisters would teach him the ways of healing and history of the world and the gods. Around his tenth year a brother would be born. Alexander his father would name him.

In time he would grow to young adult hood and be trusted to accompany his father on minor excursions. One such adventure found them investigating an ancient barrow that had been desecrated and possibly robbed. Upon entering the tomb they were waylaid by undead of a minor sort. His father dispatched them quickly enough only to realize that they had been a distraction for something far worse. A skeletal figure in robes cackled as her hands moved quickly before her tracing runes in the air. The air screamed as raw arcane energy's surged from her fingers to strike Signas's father. He staggered. Then charged the undead fiend. Signas, overcome with fear could merely cower near the entrance to the tomb as his father fought for his life. Again and again the lich threw spells and raw arcane energy at the paladin and again and again the spells were absorbed deflected or ignored. With a final vengeful yell Signas father did cleave the lich. Its body fell to the ground and began to rot to dust. They knew it would not be the end but could not find the creatures phylactery. With no other alternative they collapsed the barrow hoping to contain the evil within.

Years would pass and the memory of the lich would fade. Signas would be a cleric in his own right. Choosing spiritual might over raw force. On a dark evening when both his father and his self were away from there temple home a crone would visit there home. The priests would welcome her within the holy grounds and offer her sanctuary as they do all those in need. That night would prove to be the last for many. The lich had tracked them down after all these years. She killed any one that did not immediately flee. Those that she killed reanimated as undead. When she found mother and Alexander she stayed her killing hand for she had something special in mind for the wife of her slayers. It took days for Father and Signas to be found in the field and just as many for them to return home. The lich had left them a message. Come find her if they wished to see mother and brother again. It took them several months to find where the lich had hidden her self. Blind with rage and vengeance they set upon her lair without a plan or preparations. Some twenty knights descended into the dark depths of those tombs. Only eight survivors would leave. After fighting there way though countless undead. After tripping traps and navigating the maze like tunnels they would find the Lich and she would show them her full power. Eventually Signas, his father and the remaining knights defeated her and set about dismantling her lair.

They did not expect to find Alexander alive or mother in an altered state. The lich in a supreme act of vengeance had changed mother into something undead but still aware. She seemed to have an idea of whom she was. She could speak. She could reason. She begged. Tears filled Fathers eyes as he drew his sword. One swift thrust and her pleading would stop. Signas held his brother. Alexander struggled and screamed for them to stop. He lashed out at Signas knocking him to his knee then striking him upon his head. Negative energy tore though his body at his brothers touch. His brother would run from them into the darkness of the tomb. His father would carry him from the tomb leaving his now corrupt brother to wonder the depths on his own.

Years later Signas would be called back to the temple once again. Something had happened to father. He had died in his sleep but not of natural causes. Poison had been found in his food and water. His body had been mutilated in its sleep. The words "Come Find Me" were scrawled upon the walls in his blood.

Membership: Need to make Contact with the local holy orders

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 2-22-2014 0 900 Traveler’s Outfit, Longsword(MW)
2 Character Creation (buying) 2-22-2014 0 -650 Half-Plate, Heavy Steel Shield
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