Siegfried De'Carde
Siegfried and his men discussing the next step of their local conquest

Race: Human (???)
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: The only son of one local 'businessman' of sorts. 'Protection', 'vermin elimination', 'property deals' all appear to be in the unknown syndicate's repertoire. The man himself appears to be surprisingly courteous and classy for his upbringing and occupation. The agenda, motives and such of his are yet to be determined.

de'Carde Syndicate, boss' son, right hand


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Maximu...m Villainy 05-29-2012 Tried to hit on Arisu… but was semi-rejected for now that is.
2 Enter Aika 06-03-2012 Aika mentioned that the man had some strange vibes around him.
3 The Black Mane 07-29-2012 Mentioned more than few times, remained with the main group.
4 Pharmakon (part 1) 10-06-2012 Bought all of Rick's alchemists goods… which posed a bit of a problem as the man required the them too be delivered swiftly while the 'application' process for the license-acquirement was quite… demanding to say the least. The party later met the 'gentleman' in the dock no13 of the Underport where they were offered a role of intermediares during his next few business ventures. The man appears to be quite discontent with the current attitude of the Seafaring Merchant Guild and similar organizations… deeming them too old-fashioned to thrive in the rapidly changing business environment. In the end the 'businessman' left a VERY shady impression if only for the employment of even more shady characters on his part.
5 The trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 Managed to 'negotiate' protection from the party in exchange for some sizable donation as he was actually trailed/pursued and unable to leave Vermillion Charade otherwise. Fled in during the chaos induced by Raital's sudden… and bloody entrance.
6 Rokugan Civil War (preparations, part2) 01-01-2013 The party was initially under the impression of being invited by the criminal to Old Dragon Hall but then… great confusion ensured. The man took Ophelia St. Laraine as his would-be fiancĂ©e and proceeded with expressing such familiar behavior (which earned the ire of the noble lady of course). In the end, however, when the 'real' interest of his appeared Siegfried ended up both affected by here rather potent… thunder magic. With the antics long gone Siegfried agreed to issue a bit of rather valuable information in exchange for a part of the gains ensuring from the upcoming Rokugan conflict.
7 Elementary Plots 05-18-2013 Managed to gather few selected representatives of power groups, each with its own agenda but in this particular case the shared interest of stopping a planar invasion allowed to forge an alliance, as fragile as it can be.
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