Character Sheet
Player: Alacrity
Race: Celestial Dire Werewolf (Fluff only. Feral, Werewolf, Agathion Aasimar)
Class: Urban Barbarian 1
Alignment: LG

Appearance: Rarely leaves Hybrid form, feeling most comfortable and natural in that guise. Nearly 9 ft tall with a dark reddish brown coat and golden eyes. In humanoid form, a dark skinned woman of closer to 8/5 ft in height, with dark brown hair and golden eyes.

Personality: Assumes on an almost instinctual and primal level that everyone else will defer to her, thanks to her size and obvious physical prowess, though reacts more with surprise and amusement than anger if that proves to be not the case, and occasionally with embarrassment. Growing up around wolves, she grew to expect and assume that she would be the Alpha in any group she happened to be part of. Now, traveling among humans and other species, she realizes that the wolf way will simply not work for most things and has learned to accept that, though sometimes old habits are hard to break. She has a deep, odd and abiding love for coffee, and has occasionally had to stop herself from letting it become a full blown, unhealthy addiction.

Background: Short version: Raised by wolves, largely considers herself one, became a pack Alpha, but her fascination with humanoids ended with her getting caged, drugged, and shipped far away from home. She escaped, killed her captors, but it's been long enough her pack won't remember her. So she indulges her fascination with humanoids, living among them as an adventurer; Rough ways and capacity for unspeakable violence blending right in with the crowd, there.

Long version:
Literally raised by wolves. Regular wolves. Her mother, a Dire Wolf who 'Adopted' the pack and led it as the alpha, died in an altercation with a roaming Displacer Beast when she was still quite young. She has often wondered about the identity of her father… but has never found any indication of who he might be. Growing up, she aged much much slower than the other wolves, and watched as generation after generation of wolves grew from pups into adult wolves and then died of old age while she remained a cub. Early on, she realized that she was smarter, faster and stronger than the other wolves in her pack, but did not fully understand why that might be, until a group of traveling humans made their way through the forest. Curious, never having seen anything like them before, she trailed them for days, well past her packs territory, listening to their conversation, and picking up a smattering of words. Returning to her pack, she thought little of the encounter for many years, eventually growing old enough to hunt with the pack, and then large enough to become Alpha herself. Occasionally frustrated by her pack's low intelligence, she nonetheless helped them to thrive. When humans once again appeared, this time they came to hunt wolves, for her pack had grown to the hundreds. Remembering some of the speech that the last group had used, she attempted to speak with them, to ask them why they were doing this, and to request that they leave. The men tricked and drugged her, taking her alive to sell as a pet or slave. They traveled far, keeping her drugged. When she awoke, she was many hundreds of miles away from her forest and in a strange city. Furious at her captors, but unable to bite trough the lock on her cage, she discovered that she could change her shape to that of a human, and then discovered that she could also become a hybrid form. A bit slower than her 'Natural' shape, but thumbs were worth it. She broke free of her cage, and killed her captors in a rage, leaving the city. Discovering that she had no idea where she was or where her home might be, she lurked around the edges of the city, learning common from overheard conversations and something about humanoid behavior. The concept of Ethics and Religion especially impressed her, notably Erastil, and she has decided that she is one of his followers. Too much time has passed for her to return to her pack; They will not remember her. She has become fascinated with humanoids. She's lived in an urban setting for 5 years now, and has grown accustomed to speech and turn of phrase, though sometimes their behavior still mystifies her. She has taken up adventuring, meeting many new interesting people… also, adventurer's lifestyle is one of the few ways she can safely exert her aggression and violence without mobs and pitchforks getting involved.


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10/30/2013 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 10/30/2013 0 —143g, 4s, 19c Large Greatsword, Large Hide Shirt, Backpack, Belt Pouch, Sling w/ 20 Shots, 16 cups (1gal) of coffee, Jug
3 Krel's Monster Shack - Nov. 15, 2013 11/15/2013 800 600g - - Fought an owlbear in an Arena. Owlbears do not taste good. Too much magic and Adrenaline.
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