Race: Human

Class: Aberrant Aegis

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: At first glance, Shusa appears to be a handsome young man, with dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes – he is aloof, mysterious, and intriguing. Until he takes off his cloak. Shusa has warped his body through psionic experimentation, leaving him barely recognizable as human. His right arm bifurcates into several flailing tentacles, each ending in the tattered remnants of his right hand. His flesh is thick with scar tissue, and it is rent in some places, giving sight to muscle and bone. For obvious reasons, he typically wears a heavy, black cloak to conceal his abnormal features, removing it only when necessary. Under his cloak, he wears minimal armor; a leather vest and trousers are all he needs, for his flesh is more than durable enough to suit him.

Personality: Shusa is stern and cold; all his life he has kept to himself, and that’s how he likes it. He doesn’t open up easily, if at all, and prefers to keep companions at arm’s length. He is an ambitious young man, with dreams of perfection – he sees himself as an enlightened individual, on a holy quest of sorts as he seeks transformation into one of the very beings which set him upon this path. In truth, he is more than a little unhinged, and his quest may well lead him to disaster. Nevertheless, he walks his path with grim determination; he will ascend, and he will cross any line to achieve that goal. Despite this, he does not revel in cruelty; he sees himself as above morality, beyond it; he does what he must to achieve his goals, nothing more, nothing less. This attitude can often lead him into conflict with righteous or self-righteous individuals, but he is nonetheless an honorable man, of a sort. He is loathe to go back on his word, and few will find a truer, more loyal ally than he – if they can convince him to promise his aid. It is a rare thing indeed for him to commit to another; such distractions are anathema to his goals, but when it occurs, it is a bond for life – unless his friends are foolish enough to cross him first, of course.

Background: The man who would become Shusa was once an innocent child, the scion of a noble house, destined to succeed his father in the rule of their small, but prosperous city-state. He was intelligent, ambitious, and stubborn – admirable traits in a ruler, but tempered by his precocious curiosity. He delighted in uncovering secrets, and often found himself in arguments with authority – he hated being told he couldn’t do something, and always needed to know why – of course, he’d often find ways to do it anyway, especially when the reasons were secret. It was this attitude that led the young man to the old library. It had been boarded up years ago, before he was born, due to the… unsavory hobbies undertaken by the owner; but nobody had dared to tear it down, for most were too afraid to even approach the place. Many times he’d been told not to go inside, to stay away; it was the perfect trap for the curious young lad. When at last he’d made his way inside, he spent hours among dusty shelves, growing disinterested in musty, old tomes, many of which were illegible. As he finally turned to leave, his eyes fell upon a strange book with an aged, yellow cover, bearing a mysterious seal, the likes of which he’d never seen before. The book was wrought with truths not meant for mortal eyes, truths the young lad could never hope to comprehend, and his mind was irrevocably changed by what he uncovered within. He stole away to his room, locking the door and devoting himself to study of this unholy tome and the secrets within – in time, he began to experiment, unlocking his mind and opening it to the whispering things beyond the pale, things that told him all kinds of secrets he never could have found on his own. By the time his parents uncovered the truth, it was too late. The boy’s flesh had been warped and twisted like his mind, and occult power surged through his being. The palace guards seized him, imprisoned him – for weeks the priests did all they could to save him, the purification rituals growing more desperate and more painful with each passing day – but in the end, the evil that had taken hold of him could not be expunged. The priests labeled him “Shusa,” which means, “abomination,” and cast him out – his father struck his name from the annals of history, and he was exiled from his home, never to return. This suited him just fine; for he had learned all he could from the book – to perfect his ascension, to become like the Things Beyond the Pale, he had to journey on, to find new teachers, new sources of power. They called him abomination, and they were right – he was incomplete, only a partial transformation; but in time, he would reach his apotheosis. And they would see the face of perfection.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 5/4/2016 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 5/4/2016 0 -144.1 Longsword, Studded Leather Armor, Longbow, 20 Standard Arrows, Journal, Ink, Inkpen, 5 Sunrods
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