Player: Jam730
Race: Young Fey-Creature Kitsune.
Class: Lurk 9
Alignment: Neutral Good

Appearance: This young little 4'6 Kitsune pup appears to be of a dusty pelt in complection from the tip of his toes to the flaps of his ears. His orange and white furry pelt garbed in a rather rag tag assortment of cloth and robes loosely hung from what appear to be discarded attire on the street from apparent stains on it. The young pups doe like brown eyes gazing longingly outward while one can take the noticable detail of information gazing upon his throat where an apparent scar across the juggular can be seen from what might look like an accident.

Personality: Curious and aloof, he is a fox without words to say but a lot on his mind in apparent expression of body language. If anything, his tail does more of the talking than his mouth does out of the norm. He is often not as brave as others would be in the heat of combat, as he often is a pacifist at heart rather than an up front kind of young kit.

Background: At a very young age, Shinji was a rather happy little kit born and raised in a kitsune family. at the age of 4 he ended up curious about a caravan from the burning sands as he tried to explore it for any food inside and items of interest. Without realizing it, he ended up carted away by accident off to the lands of the burning sands without any idea of his predicament. When he had found himself in one of the villages struggling to survive, he had to sprint himself over to a safe cover in tears worrying about where his family was. By now he had spent 4 long lonely years by himself stealing to survive and having to use hand me down apparel thrown away by the common folk as he struggles still to try and survive as long as he had. One day he saw a band of thieves trying to take off with some stolen merchandise from one of the shops in town. Curious as he was, he ended up sneaking up on one of the bandits only to get caught off guard from behind and slit in the throat by another trying to cover their tracks. he lived, but he would never be able to speak again. At the age of 14, who knows what he would be doing at this time.

Membership: None

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 7-12-2012 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 7-12-2012 0
3 The Monsters Outside Dryad Inn pt 2 7-13-2012 2000 Shinji had managed to hitch hike on a merchant wagon running into Kittiana who had found him within having no other home to be in. By there, He was asked to assist in the capturing of a pair of gold swords that were required to help save an inn from being burnt down. He was unsure which sword was which otherwise but the only thing he knew was it was to save someplace from being burnt down without knowing why.
4 The Monsters Outside Dryad Inn pt 3 7-14-2012 1000 Amulet of Natural Armor+1, Locket of Nymph Hair Shinji felt worried about botching up the gift giving of the edge of Destiny but was lucky someone was around to interpret for him. In return, not only did the curse amulet become a boon to him, but he was also given another item as thanks for his assistance in the saving of the inn. However, now he is stuck again without much to his name and a worrysome path ahead in finding his way home again.
5 Light: Family Reunion 7-16-2012 3000 Having been able to return to the family he missed so many years, they had many questions abound. After Nightmare healed his neck injury leaving him simply shy and working to regain voice, he had spent the time having laughter again living in nightmares domain from now on, as well as having a heart felt feeling of being family with Ahri and Light wanting to take care of him since his past parents had failed to do so by simple accident. It was his choice in the end to stay being he was near of age to do so.
6 Haven Plots: Greenskins for Gold Coins pt2 7-19-2012 1800 1000 Shinji Had followed Belldandy out to the lands of Haven for some time and making his way around till he ends up with a run in with Ishmal. Following on, they end up heading to a camp of Orcs and a Bug Bear who were planning on robbing a coach. With effortless action, he watches as the others handle the enemies before a bugbear nearly slew an ally before he felt urge in him to retaliate and leap at the bugbear for his teammates safety. It was really the first time he ever had to … hurt anyone.
7 Funtastic Festival Day 1 7-25-2012 4000 Shinji took some time from the family to head to the funtastic festival at the dryad inn durring that time. Hyde had kept him company for those events as he had done so, having made well in the high jump and running events, though having done well marginally in the snatch and grab event and a fail at the long jump event. Facing up against Aegis though meant having to handle some challenging situations which would make too much a struggle for fun.
8 A Kitsunes' Tail 7-27-2012 1100 400 Shinji had accompanied kathrian and Maric to take on the task of bringing a statue back to some nogitsune down in the dark forest. Kimiko had dropped in on the party before assisting in saving amazo From sure death by wolven. However, when facing more of the shadow beasts near a dark and foreboding tree, he takes on knowledge of Kathrians past being a former shadow beast once. Yet he was forced to go into trauma having to fight against many wolven to protect Kathrian and Amazo at the same time before feeling weary from doing such muscle work.
9 Trimboles Torture Trifecta Pt1 7-30-2012 800 Shinji had been ported in with the others unaware of the situation at hand while watching the others argue. However, he had heard a ladies cry from within the caverns nearby that they were dropped in and ran right on into the source of the noise. His rush, however, came at the notable cost of trap activations that had nearly taken him down if it had not been for his natural dexterity. Elsewise, all he seemed to do was keep back as the more seasoned heroes had taken on the fighting by themselves.
10 Funtastic Festival pt2 8-1-2012 3000 7000 Shinji paid a second visit to the funtastic festival in the running competition once again at the time. However, he felt lacking in confidence other than that as he enjoyed spectating the others on with their might and ability expressed through their gallant actions in the other activities, as well as a stunning enjoyment of the golem fight they had.
11 Market 8-4-2012 -8325 Mithral Armor Set (chainshirt, tonlet, dastana, chahar-aina, spaulders), ring of protection +1, Mithral Buckler, vest of resistance +1, Armor Spikes Having been in many conflicts so far, shinji had to go far off to try and purchase new apparel to befit protecting himself from getting hurt.
12 Scrolls of Mek'tat pt3 8-4-2012 600 Shinji had a one time appearance in this moment of action when he was at the large boating ship heading back from his island visit for new armor. However, he had run into three odd imps who had planned on spying on the main party when he tailed them in their rat like forms and took them in one fell swoop, holding them captive for the rest of the party to interrogate before being on his way later.
13 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing PT 2 8-30-2012 3500 2300 Shinji was in another mess again at this time. Only he was stuck with the assignment of finding a missing persons listed in the haven guilds mention. As much as he wanted to disappear, he could most likely not do so against wolves while stuck with a rather mob cob group.
14 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing PT 3 9-12-2012 3850 Shinji had accompanied Kimonto on the search for Elria at the time. Having previously been on the case before, he still felt insecure about his own capabilities otherwise. Regardless, he left fighting up to the meleeists in the group while he went and had gone to search for lady Elria for them.
15 Haven Plots: Elria is Missing PT 4 9-19-2012 6350 8000 Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, Bugrubs ring of "Feelin' Bettre!", Guild of Golden Gambits Medal of Heroism, Golden Gambits Guild Gold Necklace none Further on into the depths was enough to get shinji going further into trying to better himself, only to run into traps that nearly take him out and a monstrous viper like creature having had a great displacement of harm onto him. If it wasn't for everyone else being there, he would have lost his life. Especially if it weren't for having Hyde with as an emergency.
16 Shinji and Lights Kids. 9-22-2012 1000 Shinji had to return back to the realm of nightmare to settle himself back at home with the family. Lights children, Kaguya and Jade were there in greeting him as he tried to explain his last adventure before. Otherwise, it had been rather uneventful save for the simplistic somberness that home gave him.
17 Despair Course 11-18-2012 1200 Shinji did much of nothing other than passing through the trap course without even hitting a trap, or even being recognized by enemies on the hotdog log rolling course.
18 downtime 11-25-2012 -6,000 shirt of wraith stalking
19 The legend of Saevox 11-26-2012 8400
20 Hot Revenge 11-27-2012 2800 Shinji had to find where the sword was when he remembered that there was a sword in the desert of the sands. After bidding a farewell to hikari, he had been given teleportation to the dunes via a tragic unfortune by a bad mix of magic. His arrival to the trader village in the desert was met with ill fortune when a bandit had taken another life in the dunes. However, he made a run over at him and into the fray with trying to capture him. With short information, he had to let the bandit go due to his nature. But it didn't mean he wasn't going to use him as a lead.
21 Desert Moonlight 11-29-2012 7500 Shinji had managed to follow the bandit back to the scorpions camp-hold during the night. His only notice was that he was seeing slaves and innocents that were held up against their will in cages. While he was freeing some of them, he noticed two of them were garun and saname who tried to blend in so they can ambush the bandits. Another was a girl who was actually a spellcaster that he escorted out of the camp. But on his return back, he saw the one bandit in a larger tent that made his injury throb from his neckline.
22 downtime 11-29-2012 -8000 +2 ring of protection upgrade, +1 mithral armor upgrade, +2 shield upgrade
23 Unhealing Wound 12-01-2012 5326 Kuxo-ti Shinji was about to finally reclaim the blade when he found himself in a situation where the blade he went to retrieve was being used for a more heinous purpose. Its black corrupted aura being enough to blacken out even all hope until he reached right up in desperation grabbing it. However, upon touching it, the blade reacted to the purity within as he brought its repentance to fruition against the bandit leader. Having brought the family sword back, Hyde had entrusted it into shinji, believing it had chosen him to be its appropriate owner.
24 downtime 12-19-2012 Racial template rebuilding (fey-touched to fey-creature)
25 Adventures of Saevox Part 2 1-5-2013 7650 10,000 gp Shinji had taken on assistance against the delve into the distant dungeon holding a strange flesh like interior to it. Facing against the spellcaster alone was a hard enough task to begin with. But the others catching up helped handle the whole ordeal in question to begin with. Finally going through with the fight against the otherwise difficult opponent, they managed to retrieve a relic back soon after that they would take to Saevox for questioning.
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