Kamigawa Shimon

[place holder Character Sheet]
Race: Human
Class: ???
Alignment: Neutral Good

One of the quadruplets of Light and Ahri's children.

Lunar Clan

Ahri - Mother
Kamigawa Light - Father
Kamigawa Kaguya - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (fox girl)
Kamigawa Jade - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (human boy)
Kamigawa Izanagi - Light & Ahri Child- Quadruplet (fox boy)

New born fox boy.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 The 10-fold scroll 09/04/12 Kamigawa took her out for a morning stroll, which Kaguya demands everyday. She got scared at the Bloodhaired One when he suddenly appeared in front of Light. Kaguya spoke her first word which as "Asshole" which was referred to Blooded Hair One when he left Nightmare's domain.
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