Shifting Mirror


The Shifting Mirror is a unique lesser artifact. It is a Mirror of Opposition that appears randomly (1% chance) . It differs from a normal Mirror in that it cannot be easily destroyed and the mirror duplicates it makes do not immediately attack their original. The weakness of the mirror is that only those who see their reflection trigger the effect. The duplicate always attempts to flee the immediate area when it is created. If the duplicate manages to escape, it goes on to frame the creature duplicated by committing crimes.


The origins of the Shifting Mirror are unknown. It is speculated that a couple of Mirror Mephits learned the Mirror Move Spell and cast it on each other…causing an infinite loop which resulted in the multiverse saying "No divide by zero errors today." The result of this debacle was the Shifting Mirror.


In order to destroy the Shifting Mirror, one must apply the Moving Blanket of Durge to it. This requires a ranged touch attack roll and the mirror has an AC of 10. The Moving Blanket of Durge and the Shifting Mirror disappear when this is accomplished.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Pull the Bull's Tail 2 4/13/2012 A party of adventurers confronted numerous goblins… [[[Mali Ohba]]'s and even 'evil' Yan Woo created with the mirrors power within The Lonely Tower. The artifact, however, managed to 'escape'.
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